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Wonderful Day at the Beach

Saturday November 24, 2018                                                                     Most Recent Posts:
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Flagler Beach, Florida                                                                     Enjoying Atlantic Beach Campground

Today is our best day on the beach so far.  It began, for me of course, at dawn looking out over the ocean.


Things begin to look ominous.


Nice waves are rolling in.


Windy enough for salt spray as the waves roll over and crash down.


I’m not the only one out at dawn this morning.


Love the puffy clouds even with their dark hues.


Few things better than a deserted beach.  The clouds are really trying to squeeze that color down to a sliver.


At some points on the horizon, they succeed.


Numbers of beach goers have increased.  They never seem to get caught in the waves.


Reminds me of the cliques in high school.  Were you ever the odd man out?


Things are starting to lighten up.  No real sunrise but a beautiful morning just the same.


The flyers show up.



The waves pick up.


I suppose all this activity means there are many fish beneath those waves.


The pelicans are amazing the way a long line of them will just skirt the waves.

Love them against the pastel colors of the skies

More and more pelicans as the waves are really rolling.

Almost seems like a rainbow of colors in the background.


I think the blue skies are going to win out.


Another group gathering.



The blue ball of the Flagler Beach water tower in the distance.


In the afternoon the skies blue up and it is warm enough to sit on the shore.

One of my favorite authors, one of my my favorite places.


David thinks it is a bit breezy so he sits out of the wind by the steps for a while.


The sun comes out and warms him up enough to shed his long sleeves and move a bit closer to the water.  He has trouble walking in the sand with his cane but does manage to go down by the water one time with my help.


I get my feet wet and pose for him.


I hear this one coming in and turn to take a look.


I decide to stay put and see what happens.


David didn’t get a picture with it slamming into me and getting me wet to the top of my thighs.    But it’s up to my knees here.  Hey it’s only water and isn’t really cold I don’t think.


Great day on the beach in Flagler Beach Florida.



  1. Gorgeous ocean, big waves. Oregon rule "Never turn your back on the ocean". But I guess our Pacific Ocean is a bit wilder than Florida Atlantic. Favorite book and favoriet shoes! I live in mine almost year round.

  2. What fun to watch the beach come alive in the early morning - so glad you get up early for me! Watching the birds read the waves from the sky and on shore is always fascinating. Glad you got some warm time to enjoy a good read in the sand. I'm with David for getting out of the wind :-)

  3. You've captured all that wave action beautifully.

  4. It's fun to see such big waves. Enjoy your weather, you know of course we have snow.

  5. Love this post and enjoyed seeing you kids having a great time in one of your favorite places!!!

  6. Ah, the wonderful beach. How it recharges the soul (with the pelicans thrown in for comic relief). ;c)

  7. Those early morning pastel colors of the sunrise are so beautiful—such a peaceful beginning to the day. I like your choice of reading material (but you already knew that!). Nothing better than relaxing in nature with Mary Oliver! Sweet photo of the two of you enjoying the beach.

  8. If only the temperatures were a little warmer when I was visiting... Love the waves and love the pictures of the pelicans flying over the surf. Good pictures of David on the beach. Loved seeing him this week at Anastasia State Park.

  9. I am so thankful you get up for sunrise. This one was a luscious set of pastels with good company on shore. So nice to see you both in such a happy environment. I'd be a little concerned about a rogue wave.

  10. I'm glad to see you both enjoying your ocean time. We had early December reservations there but decided to stay in Georgia longer so we had to cancel. Story of my life.

  11. What a fun day!! Some nice rollers there, we've been under gale warnings the last 24 hours, our surf never rolled that much.

  12. Love the muted colors of the sky and how it changed as the clouds came in. I love to watch pelicans- they do look like they are going to get smacked by the waves. The waves look fairly big and frothy. Looks like a beautiful day. Beautiful day, beach, good book and a beverage makes for a perfect day!

  13. Thanks for saving the starfish. They turn gray when they die so I think he was definitely alive. Your pictures were beautiful. I haven't seen an ocean for months and I think it's time to remedy that. I'm wondering if this might be a cold winter in Florida this year. I remember thinking the same thing last year though. I think December was really cold then it warmed up the rest of the winter. I guess we'll see.

  14. I love the wave and bird pictures!! They froth and roll. Such chatacter the ocean has (and birds too)! A perfect spot to just enjoy life ❤


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