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Catching Up with Friends

Thursday  November 3, 2011
55 days to On the Road Again

Terri left a comment on my last post
that we were lucky to have a front row seat
for the beauty they annually drove to
the Skyline Drive to see. 
And she’s right. 


The farm is located
just on the East side of where
the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive meet,
in the foothills.   We’ve enjoyed years
of fall beauty although we weren’t here for
it last year and wouldn’t be this year
were it not for the extenuating circumstances I’ve
already talked about.  
Still it is magnificent and I’m looking forward
to perhaps being in New England next fall
which I’m told is even more beautiful if that’s possible.

In addition to enjoying the colors,
this past week we’ve been researching insurance.
What a nightmare!!

If you think it’s bad when you are looking for
a policy after you retire or while you are still
working just try to figure out Medicare and the
endless loopholes, gaps, supplements and programs.
We have to have this taken care of by December 1
so we went by the HR office of our former
employer University of Virginia to talk
about their plan with the always helpful
Theresa Deramo.
At least she looks happy.
At her suggestion, we will be talking  with someone
at our local JABA Office (Jefferson Area Board for Aging)
where they offer free counseling about Medicare options.
Aging??  Me???
We’ve also been catching up with friends.
First stop was our local neighborhood friends and blog fans
Bob and Nancy.  They read the blog nearly
every day although they don’t comment.
We talk to them nearly every week while on the road.
Bob keeps an eye on the farm for us and
Nancy keeps an eye on Bob for us. 
They’re the best!!  So good to see them.
Thank for everything Bob and Nancy, we love you both.
Bob Nancy & David (Large)
Antique car fans should check back next blog
for some cool pictures of something
Bob and David have in common.

Helen and I picked up where we left off
with the monthly lunch at Savoy
which has now turned into an annual/semi annual
event although we may be able to make it
another time or maybe even two before I’m off again
if we increase the frequency.
I forgot my camera this time so I
”borrowed this picture”.
Helen Lunch 001

And I met Martha at Basil
MJD & Basil 001
as I had last time I was in town. 
She’s a former co-worker
apparently happily still working away.
It’s a wonder to me for sure!
But it was great to catch up.
She and her husband were in Yellowstone
and Teton in mid September.  We missed
them by a month.  But they want to
go to Arches and Canyonlands so maybe
we can catch them there.

MJD & Basil 002A

David who isn’t actually the ice cream lover
of the two of us had a date for just that with his friend
and sometimes blog commenter Pam.
Thanks a bunch Pam,
you are actually about the only
commenter of the folks from our
“home town”  who read
the blog so a BIG shout out to you!
Although the blog is really for me so I don’t forget every
wonderful place I’ve been,
it is always nice to know folks are reading
and fun to hear what they have to say.

 P1180962 (Large)

Here’s David with a friend from the really “olden days”.
He’s known Stephen longer than he’s known me.
They hadn’t seen each other in several years.
So they had a LOT of catching up to do.

P1180963 (Large) 
Doctor’s appointments, more chores
and more friends to see in the coming weeks.
Hope we get all of the first two done before
Thanksgiving and then we can do nothing but
until we’re
♫ On The Road Again ♫


  1. You may statistically be approaching the age of Medicare, but you'll always be the "Eternal Teenagers".

    No way is a couple of more years in age is going to slow down your lifestyle! ;c)

    Hope us "youngsters" can keep up with ya'.

  2. The view out your window is fantastic!

  3. great colors... i still have a few years left on the Texas A&M health insurance plan before medicare can kick in...

  4. Wowee! Those leaves beat New England any day! Eldy and I were just talking to some friends this evening about their journey through the Medicare maze. Good luck and you'll help us with our plans when we get there, right? 'Cuz you'll have all the answers, lol! Just kidding!

  5. I am not looking forward to being forced into medicare next spring:(

  6. The blog may be for you, Sherry, but it's a wonderful blessing to me to be able to vicariously travel with you! I'm not trying to rush you out of town, but I can't wait for the next series of adventures. :-)

  7. Yep, that looks like what we used to see up on Skyline Drive. Just breathtaking! You're a lucky, lucky girl.

    Have fun catching up with your friends!

  8. We're both a way off from Medicare, so have to start looking at health insurance . I still throw away the AARP envelopes..aren't I still 18?? :)

  9. Thought I had posted a comment yesterday, but guess blogger ate it;o(( So I try again...

    Glad to see you two catching up with your friends. Also glad you are knocking off the tasks list ;o))

    We can relate to the insurance struggle. Not sure why it has to be so difficult. You would think they are giving the coverage away while we wind up paying an arm and a leg for it;o(( Let us know what you find out about Medicare... we are right behind you:o))

    We really are enjoying the beautiful fall pictures. Nothing like that around here... Keep them coming :o))

  10. Missed the fall colors this year ... in the part of Turkey that I am visiting there's little fall foliage. A few years back, we did a hot air balloon ride with a C'ville company ... it was so fantastic.

  11. I can't wait for the HOLIDAY part of it all... of course ;) Then I can be featured in the blog again - Carrie C. Boyd - guest star!! It's great how many people you're seeing - many of whom I know!


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