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More Favorite Things

Saturday November 5, 2011
53 days til’ On The Road Again

On of THE first things I did when returning to Charlottesville was get my Spudnut Fix. 
(click Spudnut if you haven’t read about it) 

 My second favorite thing is the local library. 

Being on the road means I have to use the “libraries” that some campgrounds have for passing on books you’ve read and taking those of others. I know, I know about the ebooks and the Kindle but I continue to be mostly a Luddite and want to smell the glue and hold the pages in my hand.  
ANYWAY…I started putting books on hold as soon as I knew we’d be coming back here. 
So off I went to pick them up.
Isn’t this the cutest library you have ever seen???? 
It’s the Gordon Avenue Branch of the Jefferson Madison Regional Library. 
(notice we’ve gotten 2 of our 3 local presidents honored here.  Not sure what happened to poor James Monroe. 
ALL things Charlottesville are about TJ)

Ankle & Library (12)

Ankle & Library (9)

What a great children’s room in this cozy neighborhood library!

Ankle & Library (8)

Ankle & Library (5)

Ankle & Library (6)

Ankle & Library (7)

They have two book sales each year from donated books and the selection in this #1 book reading town is tremendous.  The “holiday sale” is coming up and I may have to just stay away.
But the real question is – CAN I??    Books are my weakness!!

Ankle & Library (10) 

Another of my favorite things is playing Canasta with my friend Lynda who is skunking me here.
Notice her GLEE!

Thursday 11_3 Canasta with Lynda 005

BUT when it was all over, I had the last laugh!   Better luck next week Lynda – if you Dare!  :-)  
She’s such a good sport!  (notice I ply her with wine, it’s my secret strategy, don’t tell)

Thursday 11_3 Canasta with Lynda 004

Do you have favorite things in your former or current home town that I might like to see
 if I were to go there???


  1. Sherry,

    You're making me think on this one. I'm hoping the best thing that I want to see of my town is it in the rear camera monitor as we head out full time. ;c)

  2. Even tho i have the Kindle, i too, can't get away from the feel & smell of books. Just having them stacked up waiting for me. Have 3 large bookshelves in my home filled with favs. Stacks here and there. Can't help it! They are my weakness and joy!!

  3. You must be a hard core canasta player to keep Hoyle so close at hand! :)

  4. You've been and I know you will be back to our favorite thing... Huntington Beach State Park!!

    However, we would be glad to leave it for others to enjoy if we could just sell the house;o))

    But in the meantime, it not such a bad backyard to get to visit regularly:o))

  5. My favorite thing in my house, now, is Jack!

  6. I feel like I now have the best of both worlds with my Kindle. I can now borrow books from the library just like you, but mine don't weigh anything and I can return them from my chair :) I know all about the "feel" thing :) You might want to look into a happy medium. Just sayin :)

    I stated to tell you what to go see if you came to Durham/Chapel Hill NC and then remembered you used to live there!!!

  7. We have lived in so many places, I would not know where to begin with what is the best thing to see:(

  8. Love this post! Can't wait to be home :)


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