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A sweet little town-Apalachicola

Wednesday April 17, 2013
Site 46, St. George Island State Park
St. George, Fl


My morning routine includes biking to the sunrise.




My day begins with another fine sunrise.  I’ve been riding my bike down to the beach path each morning at dawn and propping it up at the end of the path while I go out and experience the dawn and sunrise.  All the regular gang is here.  My sunrise pal is a bit late but he shows up and I’m glad. 





Sunrise and Apalacicola 003


Sunrise and Apalacicola 054Sunrise and Apalacicola 058 

Sunrise and Apalacicola 059

Sunrise and Apalacicola 060 


Sunrise and Apalacicola 061


Sunrise and Apalacicola 062 



Shortly after this photo of the sun rising, the clouds take over.  It turns into a gray day and stays that way all day long.


Sunrise and Apalacicola 047



Sunrise and Apalacicola 087

On the way back for breakfast I manage to get a picture of the heron nesting in the pine tree next to the pond.  I don’t see the nest. He has the same far off stare.  Despite the strong winds blowing the needles he sits perfectly like a statue.

After breakfast I head down for a day at the beach.  But it has turned completely cloudy and cool with a strong wind on the water.  Although I have on a beach shirt to protect me from the sun, I soon get chilly.  David joins me and brings me a sweatshirt.  Soon I am sitting in my chair reading with my hoodie up and the beach towel wrapped around my legs.  Well this isn’t much fun.  


We decide to head inland to Apalachicola, a town numerous people have told us to be sure to see.


Sunrise and Apalacicola 093

And right they are. 

We take the Gulf Side highway, Route 98, cross the bridge over the Apalachicola River, a BIG river, and come right down into the town.  We turn down water street and park at one of the many many FREE parking spots.   These folks know how to attract tourists and keep them around for a while spending their money on things other than parking.  


First stop is along the river to see the boats tied up.  David is looking for an historic boat our campground neighbor said he should be sure to see but it is not here.  Other boats are though.  The working watermen’s boats.

Sunrise and Apalacicola 107

The two main streets in the town are wide with plenty of room for nose in parking.   One of them has a raised side walk.  This definitely reminds one of a 19th Century town.  The only problem with all this parking is that it is very difficult to get pictures of the great old buildings.





Sunrise and Apalacicola 142

Sunrise and Apalacicola 141



As we walk around town, I’m searching for oysters.  Apalachicola is world renown for its oysters and I’m an oyster lover.


Sunrise and Apalacicola 105


Yelp has highly recommended The Hole in The Wall restaurant.  I find it and I also find  two signs which say ‘the oysters rest on Wednesdays’  and CLOSED.  I even knock on the door.  Nobody answers.  Well phooey!





Sunrise and Apalacicola 144

So of course I go down the block to Apalachicola Chocolate Company and ask the girl behind the counter where she would go if she wanted something like The Hole in the Wall.  She sends me to Boss Oysters.  I thank her and assure her I’ll be back for dessert.






Sunrise and Apalacicola 113


Boss is a great labyrinth of a restaurant on the river.  They bill themselves as the “Oyster Republic”.






Sunrise and Apalacicola 115


What a neat place.  Right on the river with dining areas snaking in every direction.  We are here late for lunch and early for dinner so there are only 3 or 4 others when we come in.


Sunrise and Apalacicola 121


Sunrise and Apalacicola 122 



Boss has a menu with pages of oyster possibilities.


Sunrise and Apalacicola 129

While I’m not a raw oyster purist, I don’t want lots of sauces or other seafood detracting from my oysters.  I really love seafood of all kinds but I like them singly so I can savor their individual flavors.  Thus I order baked oysters with butter and parmesan.  David, who has never had a po’boy (even I was amazed) orders the oyster po’boy fried.  Now that his cholesterol has dropped like a stone due to the Vegan diet we eat pretty faithfully at home, he can have deep fat fried once in a while.   Both dishes are excellent.  I could lick the shells.


The waitress sees David taking my picture and comes out and offers to take one of us both.  Perhaps she’s angling for a big tip.  If she is, it works.

Sunrise and Apalacicola 132


ENJOY YOURSELF the sign in the window says as it reflects the two of us back when I take our picture.  And we surely are!!


Sunrise and Apalacicola 124 


Time to keep my promise and head back to Apalachicola Chocolate Company for dessert.

We walk down several interesting streets on the way and I take some pictures for Carrie.  One of a law office that might need a partner here on the watery coast.  We are up on an elevated sidewalk with numerous cute shops when we meet a local kitty looking plump and happy.  Carrie loves kitties.


Sunrise and Apalacicola 133


Sunrise and Apalacicola 134


Sunrise and Apalacicola 135


   Sunrise and Apalacicola 136



A colorful “botanical garden” also catches my eye.

Especially the planters for sale outside.  But Winnona has no room for plants beyond her dashboard herbs no matter how “funny” their containers.

Sunrise and Apalacicola 138


Sunrise and Apalacicola 139


Sunrise and Apalacicola 140   


Nothing in Apalachicola is very far apart so it is an easy walk to the Chocolate Company on a nearby corner.


Sunrise and Apalacicola 145

   The owner and major chocolatier shows me his wares and when I ask what sorts of milk chocolate coconut he has, he launches into a story.  Seems when he was a boy, he was only allowed one candy bar a week and he loved coconut.  Mounds???  Almond Joy??  He always wished he could have one little bar of each but they weren’t packed that way.  So he says he started his own candy company so he could have his coconut with milk chocolate and dark chocolate and as often as he wished.  I look through the case and pick out one milk chocolate coconut, one white chocolate with pistachios and one piece of chocolate peanut butter fudge  for which I pay dearly.  They turn out to be just under $3.00 each.  WHAT??   WAY over my usual budget for candy but today is our splurge day so he wraps them up


Sunrise and Apalacicola 146 



David decides he wants beer for dessert probably because we have passed by the Owl Cafe and its adjoining tap room. 

Back we go.   They have a happy hour special $3.00 a pint on selected craft drafts.  (beer lovers will know what this means, I don’t.  And if I ask, I’ll get more information than I really want to know.  :-)


Sunrise and Apalacicola 099


Sunrise and Apalacicola 103 


He goes inside to make his selection.  I take my chocolates and wait for him at a table outside.  We can enjoy our “desserts” together.


Sunrise and Apalacicola 147


Sunrise and Apalacicola 151


Sunrise and Apalacicola 152 



In addition to our “desserts” we are enjoying their cute window decorations.


They are designed, of course, for beer lovers.  David particularly enjoys them although I think the first one is right on.

 Sunrise and Apalacicola 100


Sunrise and Apalacicola 101


Sunrise and Apalacicola 102  


At the end of our fine day in Apalachicola we need to stop by the local grocery. 

Would you say this is a former car dealership or auto mechanic garage??  Can’t say this is the same quality of experience as we had in town.  Actually I feel sorry for the folks who live in this area if this is their only choice other than an IGA. 

But there is a vegetable stand just before the bridge from Eastpoint to Apalachicola.  It may not be open tonight but there is always tomorrow on our way to St. Joseph’s Peninsula State Park as we continue to make our way up the Panhandle Coast..  “The Pig” as I heard one woman inside refer to it can’t spoil  a very nice time in this cute little town.

Sunrise and Apalacicola 155


  1. Another fine place to explore. Love the 'beer' sayings ;)

  2. I can do without oysters, but that chocolate looks good .. even at that price!

  3. We like the first beer saying the best, too! That is such a nice area, especially for a beach lover like you.

  4. Sounds like a terrific day...desserts and all! Eldy wishes he was there to enjoy craft beers with David. Did you see our blog about the beer app "Untappd"? If David signs up, he and Eldy can be "friends" on Untappd. It's the beer lovers "Facebook". :-)

  5. Amazing the price of that candy. I hope they lasted a long, long time. Were they better than J-M-C?

  6. Oysters, Chocolateand coconut and a Piggly Wiggly! Boy did you hit all my favorites today. Those pieces of candy .......I'd probably pay $3 a piece for them mmmmmmgood. I love my oysters, but they can't be done enough for me. A few days a go I found a place that cooked them just like I like them. I grew up with Piggly Wiggly and my first set of China came from a Piggly Wiggly store in Tacoma, Washington :) I love the little towns you visit that have names I can't even begin to pronounce.

  7. love it... just love it. I thought I was the only one who referred to nature as m'pal... nature is my best pal... ;)

    Well and what a day you've had yourself... just good stuff... not a seafood eater any longer... for some reason, I just don't like it. Being southern, I'd lose m'southern license if I didn't eat fried catfish with all the trimmings... but that's about it.

    Used to love it ~ never oysters though ~ used to didn't like squash ... now I like squash... no accounting for getting old taste changes...

    AND Mounds are my all time favorite forever candy bar.... can't eat 'em anymore because I'm off sugar and I'm fat. dammit

    I hope people who see fat people and say... why don't they just stop eating... get a feather up their tiny little not have to worry about eating sugar bottoms...

  8. Great tour of onw of our favorite panhandle towns:)

  9. I think your desert choice is better than David's. I'm drooling over the oysters, which unfortunately I can no longer eat due to some kind of food intolerance. Sure glad I can still dream of how good they taste.

  10. What a wonderful tour!! We drove thru Apalachicola during our first race across America. This time we really will be stopping to enjoy that place;o))

  11. Looks like a nice place to spend a day. Those Oysters looked great.

  12. What a fantastic day! I'd pass on the oysters but would probably have both the beer and the chocolates! Haha...not at the same time :)
    We'll have to put this place on our list.

  13. We enjoyed visiting the town as well. We found that several of the restaurants rotate their day off so that there was always several others open.
    We also met that cat in one of the shops. Notice the notched ear?
    Nice place and I think we may have to visit there again some day.

  14. Love your morning sunrise ritual and your heron friend that joins you. Glad you enjoyed Apalach as much as we did. It's so refreshing to find a small town with that much charm that is not overtaken with tourists. I can still taste those oysters and a cold craft beer is an ideal accompaniment--IMHO. The photo of David with his beer says it all.

  15. What a fun day! Sorry I missed it :( The sunrise picture with the orb just above the water is beautiful. Oysters and chocolate and beer, oh my! Sounds like a scrumptious day all around. Glad Dad got to enjoy a craft draft - I would have too ;) Thanks for the pictures especially for me - pretty kitty!!

  16. Sherry, We are glad you love our little town. Please remember those restaurants and shops you mentioned exist because of visitors like yourself...and we are very grateful! But, please do not feel sorry for us about our little "Pig". I have lived in and traveled to other cities and I still love our "Pig" the best! We may not have the freshest vegetables (we simply do not have the volume), but the staff special orders things for us anytime and all of the time. As to the owners and management, they support every community fundraiser, every school group, all of the non-profits in a way that those larger chain markets never could compare too. I shop there every day and am proud of it. If you knew the real "Pig" you would be too. Please come back and see us and when you do go the the "Pig" and ask for Lee or Daphne, they take care of us and they will take care of you too.

  17. Really cute and I loved the flower garden. Are you ever going to get tired of birds and park photos? More ocean please. Not quite sure where you are, but expect up and inland. when do you go back to Tampa?

  18. Oh boy, I love me some oysters! Cute kitty. Reminds me of an orange kitty we used to have.


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