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Hi to St. George, Pam, Vic, warnings & watches

Saturday April 13 & Sunday April 14, 2013
Site 46 St. George Island State Park
St. George, Florida


It’s shocking to faithful readers I know, but this post actually is about TODAY!  Not about days ago or last week.  Well it does have yesterday in it too.  But that doesn’t count if today is also in it.  Now you can recommend all the things I should do and see BEFORE I leave the place I’m writing about.  I find out the best things from my readers.



Saturday (yesterday)


We say farewell to Ochlockonee and the bugs this morning and drive anIMAG0106 easy 42 miles RIGHT along the “coastal highway”.  Its closeness to the water shows the effects of the 2005 Hurricane which did a lot of damage here on “the forgotten coast”.  With the next hurricane I think the road will be history but it was a pretty drive today.  There is about 3 feet of shore line past the road at this point.




St George area map


The island is 7 miles off the western coast of Florida by causeway at Eastpoint.  Apalachicola is a bigger town 15 miles from the campground.

This map shows the island and the green section at the far end is the park.  The white area is the resort section comprised of residents and rentals.



St George Island map


The park is located on the Eastern end of St. George Island.  We drive about 5 miles down the island to the park entrance and then 4 more miles to the campground.  Our cell phone and internet signals decrease with every mile.







Site 46 St. George Island 005

The campground is a loop.  The sites are good size and fairly close together with some vegetation separating the sites.  Some sites back up to the pine forest and others to the dunes.  There are a few nicely secluded sites and my guess is these are the most popular.


Site 46 St. George Island 004


Site 46 St. George Island 009


We pull in to site 46 which is across from the rest rooms.  Not my favorite location but the site is nice and it was the only one available for more than 2 nights when I made my reservation.  That’s the restroom in the far right of the Duckies’ view.


Site 46 St. George Island 002


After dinner we discover that the phone works fairly well here but the internet not so much.  Even with our antenna and booster the signal is weak and everything is V..E…R…Y   S….L…O…W. 

Publishing the blog on leaving Ochlockonee is a real challenge and I almost go to bed and give up but at the last minute it posts.  Sure hope no one has as much trouble commenting as I did posting tonight.



Sunday (TODAY)


This morning we meet Vic and Pam of Travelin’ in the BigEZ.   Pam and I have been working on a get together for a few days.  We were coming to the area on Saturday and they were leaving on Sunday so we agreed to meet up at 2 Al’s At The Beach, in Carrabelle where they are staying, for breakfast.   There aren’t a lot of places to choose from on a Sunday morning but this works out great.


Pam, Vic & Tornado 009


We’ve read each others blogs and done some email correspondence and it’s like meeting old friends we didn’t know before now.  We discover that we have a lot in common in addition to full timing and its adventures and misadventures. 

The time flies by and before we know it two hours has elapsed and they really have to get on the road.  A severe storm has been predicted for our area today.  Thank goodness Vic is paying attention to the time or I might have kept them there all day.  The conversation was so absorbing that I totally forgot to take any pictures of the great biscuits at 2 Al’s or of any of us inside the restaurant. 


Pam, Vic & Tornado 006

As we walk out to their car to bid them farewell the guys are talking about their cool sit upon kayaks which have peddles, a rudder and a sail.  So American, have it your way.  You can peddle, paddle or sail.  Very neat!!  You can tell David is SERIOUSLY considering.

Pam, Vic & Tornado 008


Just before we bid them safe travels, they graciously posed for this great picture.  Really hope we can arrange to spend more time with them somewhere down the road.  Thanks for a terrific morning Vic & Pam.


Pam & Vic


We return to Winnona to discover that we are now under a severe storm watch and tornado warning.  Well all righty then.

Things are pretty calm so we delay battening down the hatches and I take a short stroll up the road and over to the Gulf shore to see what’s going on.  Along my way, there are two lovely ponds, beautiful sand dunes and spring beach wildflowers to enjoy.  This is an extremely lovely natural area.  Even as the skies darken, it makes me smile with joy just to be here.   How blessed am I??



Pam, Vic & Tornado 014

Pam, Vic & Tornado 016


  Pam, Vic & Tornado 050

Pam, Vic & Tornado 017

Pam, Vic & Tornado 022 

Pam, Vic & Tornado 019

Pam, Vic & Tornado 021


Pam, Vic & Tornado 018

Pam, Vic & Tornado 023


Pam, Vic & Tornado 032

Pam, Vic & Tornado 034  

 Pam, Vic & Tornado 025



The drama starts to pick up as I make my way along and by the time I am walking down the sandy path to the water front the winds have definitely picked up.  Things are starting to happen so I can’t stay long.

I remember the signs from those all too few years when I lived one block from the Atlantic Ocean in the North End of Virginia Beach.


Pam, Vic & Tornado 052 

Pam, Vic & Tornado 053


Pam, Vic & Tornado 056


Pam, Vic & Tornado 054


Wow, big waves for the gulf.  Feel that wind.  My hair is a testament.
I LOVE it!!


Pam, Vic & Tornado 062    

Pam, Vic & Tornado 068


Pam, Vic & Tornado 072



As I walk back, the rain increases.  It is time to bring in the awning, stow the chairs, put the bikes out of harms way.  Back safely inside I take this picture out the window of the rain.  Coming down heavily now.


Pam, Vic & Tornado 081


NOAA is getting more serious about the storm being 9 miles off the coast of St. George Island and moving toward land at 40 miles an hour.  We debate about going over to the bath house.  Things seem under control for now.   We’re not worried about a severe thunderstorm but we are worried about hail after our encounter with it in Oklahoma in 2011 when poor Ruby got severely damaged.  We have been in numerous tornado watches that same spring so we sit tight as the rain increases.



Pam, Vic & Tornado 085


We really never feel that the storm is becoming severe. The rain slacks off, picks up, winds die down, start again.  We keep the radio on and fix dinner.  We have now passed the watch/warning time window. 

Ultimately only a gentle rain continues.   I open the door and find we have waterfront property.  There is a pond at the foot of the steps.  The mat is under water.  Glad this is a sandy site.  By tomorrow we’ll be on high ground again.  Although more rain is predicted for tomorrow,   I’m hoping for a sunny beach day.  Guess we’ll see.

Pam, Vic & Tornado 086


Pam, Vic & Tornado 087


  1. The big storm is passing over us right now. We have been in tornado warning for hours and now it has expired, but we still have active lighting and heavy rain. Thanks for posting on the day things happened, we would have met in Disney if you had been doing that then. Glad things are still going well for you guys.

  2. We spent a week on St. George in 1998 so I know YOU are in your element, Sherry. The beach looks so inviting to me, even in the rain. I've ducked into bathouses several times while camping--one opened up the top of my last a-frame trailer. Lizzie, Jack and I were the only ones at the campground. They didn't mind a bit. I feel less threatened at the beach during a tornado--don't ask me why, but I do. Glad you are okay.

  3. Yikes, that's a lot of water. Happy to hear that the storm didn't get worst. Hope you get to see the sun tomorrow.

    On Tuesday we are headed out of Winter Park, Colorado and are headed to Cheyenne, Wyoming and they say there is a big snow storm on it's way with up to 14" of snow. We are starting to rethink of putting our drive off by one day.

    The weather is pretty crazy everywhere this spring it seems.


  4. Hey, nice to know where you really are Today :) Looks like a cool place to be too!

  5. Glad you two are ok. That looked like a scary storm to this little whimp!!

  6. Glad it wasn't any worse. But sometimes a big storm can be quite exciting. Depending on much rocking ensues.

  7. Showoff...doing a current blog;o)) I know I will never get there!!!

    Well, St. George looks like a wonderful place. Love the beautiful wildflower photos!!

    Glad the storm only lef you a pond and your both safe!!!

  8. Check out the Apalachicola Chocolate Company Pet Friendly in Apalachicola
    homemade gelato and lovely candies! Such a lovely area...we never got as far as Carrabelle but hope to on our travels...

  9. This place looks fantastic! Hope you stay dry and are able to enjoy every day there.

  10. Into every life some rain must fall, but it looks like you got it all at once!

    Glad to see you've caught your blog up to today, but be careful...at this rate you may be blogging about tomorrow before you even get there! ;c)

  11. This is such a tricky time of year for RVing. The Florida Panhandle beaches are the best and you will really love it there once the weather settles down.

  12. All the flowers definitely herald springs arrival even if you are ahead of the rest of the nation in that regards. Stay safe and enjoy your waterfront!!

  13. We had some pretty strong wind and rain here in P'cola yesterday too. Enjoy the beach and I loved the wild flower pics too.

  14. I really really hate it when I write a brilliant comment and hit delete instead of return... hate it.

    EVEN your storm pictures are beautiful! and did you hear about the giant snail invasion farther south?


    and what fun you are having .... what else did I say ... I dunno.. enjoy reading about your stuff... that'll work ;)

  15. My son has a Hobie MirageDrive kayak..... yes, with the sail, and the rudder, and the pedal power. And he absolutely loves it! Obviously the big concern is the fins fetching up in vegetation, but this becomes moot when you become adept at pulling the drive up in time to clear any debris or obstacles.

    Think versatility. Having the option to sail or use the drive system (or not) makes it even more fun and challenging to be out on the water.

    David, if the Hobie has caught your eye, it behooves you to take one out for a test drive. Personally, I think you will really enjoy it and probably never go back to the hole-in-the-water you're paddling now.

    You'll leave Sherry in your wake, dude!! (And don't be surprised if she soon wants to borrow yours or even buy one for herself.)

    Scull on!

  16. I suspect the up-to-date blog post had something to do with the stormy weather? We sure enjoyed meeting you--if only for breakfast. The time passed way too quickly. I am sure envious of your time at St. George. Love the photos of the spring flowers. I used to think Florida had only one season. I was so wrong. Enjoy every moment and do Scull On! (Grayton Beach State Park has a 100 acre coastal dune lake for kayaking)

  17. Wow that was a lot of rain!! Waterfront property - love that ;) The wind and waves where getting a big crazy there - glad it wasn't too serious of a storm. Nice picture of Vic and Pam - it's lovely when you meet people you've written to and find you feel like friends already. Beautiful flowers - wonderful that spring has arrived :)


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