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Definitely a Fowl Place

Tuesday May 21, 2013
Site 44 White Tail Ridge COE Campground
LaGrange, Georgia



Today I discover how spring has sprung here at Whitetail Ridge. 


The birds are out in numbers around our campsite.  They are such fun to watch.  They are apparently building nests as well as taking care of young depending on which bird.  

While I am sitting on the patio, I see  a swallow (I think) with a beak full of nesting material.  


AM thrashers & swallow 022


Then several brown thrashers come with young ones hopping about.


AM thrashers & swallow 047D



Who is feeding whom here?

AM thrashers & swallow 005



The morning slips away easily just watching the things going on in my own backyard.  

After lunch we see the goose family out paddling and it looks like a good idea so we put the kayaks in the water and follow them for a bit.


PM Paddles 002


It is a blue sky puffy white cloud day.  Perfect!  We paddle out to the end of our spit.

PM Paddles 021


You can see how flooded the water is. 

Good thing these are cypress trees.  They don’t mind being up to their waists in water.  Their green is just the color of spring.  It looks so  light and feathery and new.


PM Paddles 024


PM Paddles 026 


We paddle around a lot of campsites on the fingers that jut into the lake.  The sites look even better from the water.  Some are in full sun and some in shade.  Something to suit everybody it seems.


PM Paddles 030


PM Paddles 058


PM Paddles 059 



We paddle out to this island where we find a great blue heron nest with part of the family at home.


PM Paddles 084


PM Paddles 082


When I paddle around the island I find there are actually two nests in this tree.  A sort of mini rookery.


PM Paddles 111



We go on around exploring more fingers and more coves.

PM Paddles 116 

PM Paddles 125



Our site is in the middle of a finger rather than on the end so we are somewhat protected from heavy winds and from some of the motor noise from jet skis and boats.  Winnona is visible from both sides of the finger.  I see her from the back here.




PM Paddles 129 


The sun is beginning to wear us out so we head for the other side of our finger and some dinner. 

Yes the awning is really askew.   I sometimes leave it that when there is even a possibility of heavy rain so the water will easily run off away from the entry.

PM Paddles 147


We are greeted by a mallard couple on our return.  Well not greeted as they hustled off when we approach in the boats.

PM Paddles 153


We get out of the kayaks and pull them up on shore, walk up the steps and who shows up, the Goose Group.  Are they following us now??


PM Paddles 161



After dinner we grab the kayaks and go back out on the water. 


This site with its docking spot makes that so easy to do.  There is a carpet of leaves on the shore so we don’t even have to put a tarp down to set the kayaks on while they wait for us.

The sun is low in the sky when we set out but the clouds are still beautiful. 


PM Paddles 180


We paddle a different direction this time and find an osprey nest in one of the flooded trees in the lake.   Talk about tidy!  If that is a chick, it’s a mighty big one.


PM Paddles 244


I look up in the sky and see a flock of white pelicans winging northward.  They turn and regroup and turn again.  What a beautiful sight.


PM Paddles 183


PM Paddles 182


PM Paddles 184  


After the speed boats finishing their evening zipping around and motoring, it is beautiful on the water.  Much calmer and a lot quieter.  I can’t think of one other place I’d rather be. 


PM Paddles 202


PM Paddles 209



I am hoping to break the string cloudy sunsets but it is not to be.

The sun slips between the clouds and the trees before disappearing.

PM Paddles 223


PM Paddles 227 


There is some nice after glow and then another flock of white pelicans, or I suppose the same flock an hour or so later, flies overhead.   This is the perfect time to be out on the lake.  It is just gorgeous.  I hate to go in.


PM Paddles 251


PM Paddles 253A 


David takes the camera to get a shot of the moon above me just before we go in for the night.  She looked a lot bigger from where I sat than she does in this picture. 

Tomorrow is our last day in this sweet campsite but things will change here a lot over the memorial day week-end so I’m not too sad to be going.


PM Paddles 288A


  1. Amazing how you put your readers right where you and David are. I just can't wait to get out to camp, again.

  2. Beautiful paddle!! I have never seen a Great Blue Heron nest...cool:o))

  3. Loved seeing the heron nest. I've never seen one either.

  4. Great blog title and great photos today. That campground looks like a really fine place to relax and enjoy the water and the birds.

  5. Those look like great, and private, camp sites. And that water so calm, what a wonderful paddle. I've seen rookeries but never the young heron. Very cool.

  6. Love seeing you out on the water on this puffy cloud day. The flight of the white pelicans must have been beautiful to watch. What a peaceful place you have discovered.

  7. No wonder the Canada Geese family follows you around, you're their biggest fan.

    Super pictures of the GB Heron nests, I've learned something new from you (again). When we meet up on the road, the JMC is on me, it's the least I can do to repay you for all the exotic places you've taken us with your blog! :c)

  8. Another great post and beautiful photos, Sherry.

  9. I love the pictures of the Heron and Osprey nests. and the sunsets...... Looks like you had yet another great paddle.

  10. What great pics of the nests..osprey and Herons too! The water shots are amazing too..it looked very relaxing.

  11. So many birds! I agree with Jack B. Nimble that you put the reader right there with you. I look forward to kayaking with you again, hopefully, in as beautiful a place. Spring has definitely sprung - bird families and new growth on trees - even a beautiful sunset despite the clouds. And, a waterfront site - can't get much better than that :)

  12. Another mammal species is following you? What DO you do to attract such a following wherever you go??? :-)

  13. That first bird might actually be an Eastern kingbird ... it looks very much like the ones we saw at our last campground.


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