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The Cohab Trail–The Rest of the Story

Sunday August 31, 2014
Fruita Campground
Capitol Reef National Park
Torrey, Utah






When we left our dynamic duo yesterday they had gotten themselves squeezed into a slot canyon.   If you did not see the beginning of this adventure and would like to, you can read it HERE.

Of course you know they made it out, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this and couldn’t see the end of this fabulous hike.  But here’s how it went for David.  He started out inside.  Just SO COOL!







And then he walked down the narrow passage, and then the passage got narrower  ………….

Even skinny hips won’t fit through this way.  What do I do with my feet?


                 How about this way?



   Now let’s see, if we push back this way and move this knee.  But then what does the foot stand on??


I know I can do this.  I got in here.


         Got the foot almost down but am I stuck???








Now wasn’t that fun????

I actually had an easier time getting out than David who had an easier time getting in than I.  I waited and took these pictures of him coming out and yes I did laugh.


We head back out onto the trail.  What a great time getting in and out.






A little bit of information about Cohab Canyon that I should have mentioned yesterday.  It’s a hidden canyon.  You can’t see it at all from the campground, just a little notch in the towering orange cliffs.  Legend has it that Mormon Polygamists or Cohabs took refuge in this hidden canyon when pursued by US Marshalls in the 1880’s after Federal Law made polygamy illegal.   Boy if I had been them, I wouldn’t have come out of this beautiful place. 

The Cohab Canyon hike continues to be amazing.  The trail is amazing, the colors are amazing, the formations are amazing.  Well you get the idea that we are really really enjoying this hike.






Giant footprints coming up and down?






Hmmm  a stiletto heel?




Have we found another slot?




Not a slot canyon but a dead end room complete with a small pool behind a tree.  You really have to look carefully not to miss anything.




Along the trail are such marvels that it seems we must be in some other world.




Looks like an inner ear to me. 






These prickly pear cactus are growing down the side and out into the air but what is that bright green ball??






The trail continues to show us marvel after marvel.


























Our only wildlife sighting of the day.




We come to two Fruita overlooks that add 1.2 miles to the hike.  We decide to take a look.   The climb up to the overlooks is quite steep and after having done it near the end of the hike, I’m not sure I’d recommend it. 




We bypass the longer spur to the south.  The North Overlook is a panorama with a view of the road and the Fremont River.   The wind picks up as we are at the overlook and nearly rips my hat off my head even though it has tie under my neck. 






We turn back to take the South View spur where we hope the wind will be much less.



On the way to the view the trail goes right through this wonderful red rock amphitheater.









We hike down to the main trail where I give a nice warm rock a hug. 




We get a good look at the Capitol Dome, part of the reason for the name of the park.  But it doesn’t’ really look like the National Capitol dome to me.  I guess it is white and it’s a dome.









I cannot get over how the fallen debris is so beautiful.  Nature has no trash; every shade of pink, red, yellow, tan.







How did these round rocks get there?   Did the large piece fall onto them?   How did they come to be on the top of the bottom rock?  How did they come to be rounded?   It’s just such a wonder.





The hike is billed as one for which you need a “shuttle” but our plan is to follow the river back. We walk down the road to one of the orchards and back through the picnic grounds to the campground.   It adds another 2 miles to the trip.




On the way we stop for a short visit at the Pictographs with the vow to come back when we are less tired.







As we walk the last bit along the edge of the Freemont River, Winnona is a welcome sight after this most fabulous hike. 




Because of David’s test results, tomorrow will be our last day here in Capitol Reef.  We’ll be hiking in the Grand Wash.  We had planned 10 days in this magnificent park but are grateful for the 5 we’ve had.  


  1. Isn't it amazing that you can hike to these lovely areas, with not one sign of trash or graffiti!? I'm amazed :)

  2. What a great hike. I love hiking through those slot canyons

  3. Jealous - that's the only word I can think of right now! I'm so glad you were both able to see all this beautiful scenery. What a blessing. And thanks for sharing it all.

  4. I am so happy that you have had such a great time in Capitol Reef, and love seeing photos of the hikes. Your photos remind me so much of being there, they are sooo soo good, Sherry. I am sorry you have to leave so quickly, and even more sorry for the reason behind that premature exit. Still, you got this far at least, and you will have great memories to sustain you. Love and hugs to you both.

  5. I sure wish that there were comment boxes by some of your photos. By the time I get here, I cannot remember the questions, thoughts and comments that run through my mind as I read. That green ball looks like a bead that has been implanted into the cactus. The slots look like a ton of fun. and yes the color is marvelous.

  6. I'm reading this on my phone and even on the small screen, these pictures are fabulous. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm not sure how I'll ever see all of the places your blog has made me want to visit. it's all so wonderful.

  7. Great pictures of David showing how it's done between the rocks. How does the average size person get in and out of there? I guess they just don't. I do love your imagination with the rock formations. I saw the footprints and inner ear. Seven pictures below the inner ear where you're standing next to a big rock -- looks like the profile of a man's face and you're standing next to his nose.

  8. Gorgeous country--I hope you're keeping an eye on the weather channel though--the weather moving up from baja is projected to seriously impact AZ and NM in the next few days with eventual impact on CO and UT as well. Take care!

  9. I can clearly see that we need to return to Capitol Reef so we can do the Cohab Trail! I just love squeezing through slot canyons, I can see you guys had a ton of fun!

  10. I would love to hike that trail. What a magnificent landscape.

  11. Your wonderful pictures are such an awesome reminder of our time in that wonderful place. I found a wash that explained the small round rocks deposited in unlikely spots are the result of the violent water moving rocks and leaving them strewn about as a result of flash floods. Certainly a good reminder to stay out of washes even after the rain seems to be gone (the water can still be rushing on its path downward). There is another Slot Canyon that I want to do near Goblin State Park, (Little Wildhorse Canyon) When we were there there had been rain a day or so before so the canyon was closed) I have seen pics and it looks gorgeous. Enjoy your hike in the Grand Wash.

  12. Nature is wonderous, that Is for sure!

  13. Love the shadow picture and the steletto heel :) The colors are wonderful and I can definitely imagine you puzzling out how to make it through the slot and having a great time full of smiles and laughter. What a good day! You are truly living life to the fullest :)

  14. AMAZING!!! What a FABULOUS hike!!!

    You two had us smiling as we watched David struggle to find his way out;o))

  15. We didn't do this trail. I will definitely mark it for our spring visit. Thanks!! I LOVE the colors!! At lot of the formations remind me of Sheetz Gulch that we hiked there.

    Good luck to David with his test:)

  16. Awesome! The rock formations are mind boggling. Slot canyons are like a hidden mystery. Funny seeing David squeeze this way out.

  17. Each trail was wonderful and full of surprises, especially this one. Spectacular pictures - so much color!! Now I am wondering what all we missed on the other trails that we had to save for 'next time'.

  18. Those photos of David exiting the slot canyon are just hilarious! What a fabulous hike and beautiful memories you've created. Thanks for taking us along through that very narrow canyon -- not sure I'm up for doing that one!

  19. I'm surprised that your camera didn't get worn out on that hike, so many pictures of the amazing beauty of nature!

  20. Amazing hike, so glad that you enjoyed it. Hope the next one is a good one too!


  21. an inner ear… hahaaa… beautiful hike, Sherry… gorgeous pictures of a hike this old girl will never take … and I never say never …

  22. Wonderful pictures of a wonderful hike. I am so sorry for the reason your visit to this area is cut short.

  23. With the storms heading that way I'm glad this hike was almost three weeks ago - those canyons will be like the chutes at Disneyland! Loved the extraction from the slot canyon. Must have been like revisiting the birth experience :-). Many of the formations remind me of the sea caves you toured and kayaked through earlier in the summer - and yet in such a completely different environment. Fabulous! We often speculate on the "how" of boulder and log placements in nature, and those plants that grow out of solid rock, and enjoy the stories that develop from there. Many conclude with giant aliens being the only plausible explanation :-))))

  24. Hope you are having a safe trip back. It must be so difficult. Facing the unknown is so hard!

  25. berrys rv adventuresSeptember 19, 2014 at 12:04 PM

    That's just become one of the top places on my have to hike list ! Thanks for the pics and great narrative ! Prey things work out so y'all can get back to the adventure !

  26. Love all that golden color you got on this hike. Those shots of David look like how I get past the island countertop in the rv when the slides are in. I have to hike up onto my tiptoes to get my booty over the table if I need anything out of the cupboards!

  27. Absolutely beautiful colors. Mother Nature sure has done a great job! I have not yet been to this park. It's on the list!

  28. Another fabulous hike with great story telling. Love it.
    Our list are getting longer every time I read your great hikes. I don't think we can match what you guys had been doing. thank you again for all those great detailed narratives especially David's squeezing in the slots.


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