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How ‘bout that Moon

Monday January 5, 2015
Oscar Scherer State Park
Osprey Florida



Back at Oscar Scherer for our second two weeks, David does some work on his kayak seat.  Even though he’s had the kayak for about 5 years now, Necky sent him the parts for free.  What a great company.





After that, he tries out a gift that Santa left for the two of us.  It’s a tortilla press and the Corn Masa Harina to go with it.  Below he is cooking one tortilla in the ungreased cast iron skillet and keeping others warm in a towel. 

You can see him getting ready to press another one in the background.  He’s got his hand on the handle.  The tortilla is rolled into a ball.  That’s parchment paper on the top and bottom sides of the press so nothing sticks.  LOVE parchment paper.  Thanks Carrie!




How about a close up?


Now give it some muscle and voila you can peel them off and put them in the pan for browning.  No oil necessary in the tortilla ingredients, the press or the pan.  Can’t you feel his cholesterol numbers going down?



The tortillas are quick and easy to make.  They turn out thin and perfect.  Thanks to Nina of Wheeling It for giving Santa the idea.  Of course I was too busy eating the delicious tacos made with them to take a picture.  Bad me.  


I have no idea how we frittered away the rest of the day. But we did head down to Nokomis Beach for sunset which didn’t disappoint.





Nice waves in the front shadows.  The water was great for skim boarding.  The boarders skimmed away until dark but were too far away for pictures.




It’s interesting how many times the birds seem to fly by just as the sun rises and just as it sets. 





It always amazes me how the blazing orange sunset can soften into such lovely pinks and yellows before it gets dark.




Tonight as we came back into the campground the full moon rivaled the sunset for the title of stunning.   I know, too many pictures, but it was just too gorgeous a night and too spectacular a moon not to remember it in detail.  They are taken from three different spots.  Which one is your favorite?? 

















  1. Always amazing to me when I see gorgeous sunset/moon pictures to think that we were all seeing the same sunset and same moonrise whereever we happen to be in this world. Just at different times, in different settings of nature and through different eyes! What a wonderful world we live in and how few take time to be grateful for it.

  2. Love the moon photos! Beautiful!

  3. Ditto to what Sharon said above. We're having cold nights here, but the upside is a clear night sky and I love it. I think I like the 3rd moonshot as well, but the colors on David's kayak rival the sunset. That one is a close 2nd. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

  4. I like the tortilla press. I'll bet they were delicious. All the moon shots were beautiful, but I am partial to sunsets.

  5. Wow! I like them all! The last one and the fifth one are fabulous. What a great moon! And that sunset-how beautiful too. Can't wait to try the tacos when I'm there again :)

  6. I'm going to have to go with the last one.

  7. I much prefer corn over flour tortillas but have never had homemade. Definitely need to consider a press in our future. The contrast of the slow setting sun with the churning waves in front is a very cool shot. Every moon pic was my favorite the first time I saw it, but going back it's the sea grass one that grabs me the most. I missed her this month so thank you for sharing :-)

  8. Those are beautiful moon shots...too pretty to pick a favorite! ;-)

  9. aww man. . .those corn tortillas look great. I have been making flour tortillas with my press. . .so I can see I need to find some corn masa. . .as I prefer corn to flour. . .can't wait. . .yum! The homemade ones really are superior to store bought. . .amazingly so. . .and so simple. . .masa - water - press - toast - eat - delicious!

    Read something interesting about the birds when at the observatory. ..they like to migrate at night. . .less wind currents. . .less chance of being attacked by larger prey. . .and they navigate by the moon and stars. . .isn't that fascinating? You gorgeous pics of the moon, and then the birds at sunset reminded me.

  10. I've never tasted a fresh corn tortilla. If and when our paths cross again, I'm going to have to ask David to make one for me to taste.

  11. We have some amazing sunsets that turn the sky pink and purple. But the other night when I thought everything was a bust because of the clouds, the sky lit up all red!! What a show! Looks like both coasts are entertaining us:)

    Great moon shots, enjoyed them all:)

  12. I like sunsets into the ocean, sun rises are good too but harder to see as I'm both a west coast person and I'm usually asleep when the sun comes up.
    For years I lived at the beach (Pacific ocean) & tried to see the "green flash" as the sun set but never did. A couple of years back on the beach in Santa Cruz I finally saw it!
    Seeing your sunset pictures brought back the memory.

  13. I have never eaten a homemade tortilla but it certainly sounds good! Now the bigger question, can I fit it into Lolita? I am glad you included ALL the sunset pics as we have been shrouded in clouds and fog and we missed the full moon this month. My computer is filled with pics of sunrises and sunsets and I cherish each and every one.

  14. I like the 4th one the best. It is great to see the Sun rise and set in the same day. I did it once for this year and that is enough for this guy who likes to sleep in. Sunsets are amazing, I have 8 days of Key West sunsets I did not post, but really enjoyed and did keep the pictures. On the beach this week, I did notice how magical and peaceful a sunrise over the water is with no people around, just birds.

  15. I'm glad you like the tortilla press. Someone gave me one back in the 1990's and I could never make decent tortillas with it. I spent a month in El Salvador with my 2nd husband, and his cousins tried to teach me how to pat the tortillas. I would try and then we'd all have a laugh at how I just couldn't get the hang of it. From young girlhood on those kids are as good as their grandmothers!

    I think all the moon shots are so good I can't pick a favorite!

  16. My favorite moon shots are the 3rd and 4th from the bottom!!

    Sure hope to taste one of those fresh corn tortillas. Hmmm... perhaps fresh corn tortilla chips are the next step:o)) Need to check out that press!!!!

  17. Amazing sunset shots, and beautiful captures of the moon!

  18. Who hoo! You made fresh tortillas! I'm so glad you tried them out. They're super tasty.


  19. You have inspired me to buy a tortilla press. And I like the last moon shot.

  20. Such an ambitious cook. Me I'm lazy. Always a good day that finishes with a sunset and these are spectacular. I like the second and last moon pics best, but all are good.

  21. I like moon shot #3 the best. Great to observe the ending of the day and the start of another night. Neither to ever be taken for granted!!

  22. I think a tortilla press is on my shopping list! Love your moon photos.

  23. Homemade corn tortillas to start the day and a gorgeous full moon to end it. Love those simple pleasures in life!

  24. I like them all. Too many clouds to see the moon here. :)

  25. Before the recent cold snap we were enjoying the sunrises, the night before full moon we had a bonfire on the beach so enjoyed the moon that night. Like your last moon shot with the branches in it.


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