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The Show, The Game, The Drumming

Friday January 16 and Saturday January 17, 2015
Oscar Scherer State Park
Osprey, Florida





We went back to the Tampa RV Show to use the second day of our tickets.  The cost is $9 a head and that’s for two days so we thought rather than just dump the day two tickets we’d go spend some more time outside looking at the rigs.

I especially want to see the little retro trailers.  They are terrific.  They are Amish made and the craftsmanship looks excellent.  IF we had a truck, they would be serious contenders for our ‘dreaming of Alaska” trip.  They look like they would also be great for solo full timers especially the trailers that are winterized.  


There were 5 or 6 of them in various floor plans and colors, red and turquoise mostly. This little one was 18’6'” and had twin beds. Looks like the two bears had been sleeping in them. These smaller units have two burner stoves, a shower in bathroom, and a half size refrigerator, similar to a Casita. $16, 811 new




If you are willing to go 19’6”  you can have bunk beds, a separate shower and a large dinette.  $17,811



Smaller?  How about this winterized unit – extra insulation and dual pane windows.  15’11”



This was my favorite.  It’s the same length and everything as the one with bunks above but it has a queen bed.





We are just about to leave the “Retro” area when who should come running up but Terri Young with Mike.  We haven’t seen them in ages.  They are camp hosting at W.P. Franklin, a very popular COE park near Naples, and came up to the show for the day.  We chat for quite a while about their work and some recent big improvements there. If is really great seeing them after so long.




We then stop back by the cute Vintage Trailers.  Lee and Lu Geary of Owensboro Kentucky have completely redone this 1947 Westwood Tahoe.  Love their “mascots” especially the one with the hat.






The entertainment is out again today including a bagpipe group.  Sixteen pipers, 2 drummers and their finely dressed leader.






Not sure where this bush was going carrying his pot.  He clearly needs some soil.




We get a closer look at the new Brave including its distinctive 1960’s eyebrow.  It comes in other colors than “Mellow Yellow”.  You can also get “Crimson ‘n Clover” red, “Woodstock” gray, “Bell Bottom Blue” or “Aquarius” which I think is green.  We thought the names were a hoot!   They are clearly having fun at Winnebago.  Only had the red and yellow are at the show.






This evening we walk over to Nancy and Bills to play Mexican Train on their bigger table.  Bill is the big winner by large margin.  He skunked us all.  I had the largest single hand loss.   Call me L for Loser.   I didn’t remember my camera so the big W took these pictures for me.  Thanks Bill!

02 - Mexican Train02b - Mexican Train









Today is our last day at Oscar Scherer.  We’ve been here a total of 4 weeks and have yet to make it to the Drum Circle so today is the day.  We head over to hang out at the beach for an afternoon of good weather.  It’s a beautiful day on the gulf.  We stay for sunset and about at 4:00 Bill and Nancy join us.








Soon there are rows of drummers.  The best ones are up in front and as usual they are very good.  The Nokomis Drum circle does a drumming down of the sun on both Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Since it is Saturday there are a lot of spectators.






For a while, we have front row seats.



I am surprised that there aren’t as many dancers and costumes as we’ve seen in previous years.  But there are still plenty of interesting people to watch.






The man we call the Shaman who dedicates the circle and whatever else he does seems to have an apprentice.  He has on patent leather Nikes, I kid you not.  They shine in the sun. 






We are on the side of the circle facing the sun which is great for taking sunset pictures but not so much as it is going down and presents a difficult background.   Luckily most of the dancers are off to my left.











Not sure “interesting” is the word Bill would use for these folks.  I think we can safely say this is not his cup of tea. But it can’t be more strange than those mummers, can it?  Do mummers carry blades?










As you can see, we are now in the second row beyond the Shaman whom I’ve been told is in his 80’s.  Can that be true?




The sunset sky is gorgeous.




They drum and dance on.




Nancy and I get up to go get some sunset pictures and this silly selfie.  We can’t find the sun to make sure we are in front of it.  But it looks like we lucked out.  Wish my arms were longer.



Down and down it goes.   I love the clouds streaking the sky.












Once the sun has set and as the after colors increase, the dancers’ lights come out.












The drum circle seems a great way to wrap up our visit in the Oscar Scherer.  Osprey/Nokomis is an area we always enjoy although this  year was perhaps the worst weather we’ve ever had in the 4 or 5 times we’ve been here.  We’re glad we had a nice final day and great company to share the circle with.  Next time Bill, we’ll all get out there and dance. Winking smile
We’ll be moving on in the morning.




  1. I'm glad you finally got to go to the drum circle this trip. The weather seems to be a little cooler this year for sure. I've noticed that even in the Keys where it's usually 80 and 70 at night. We want to get down to the drum circle one of these days. It looks like a fun time to me!

  2. We looked at a few of those retro trailers at the RV show in Quartzsite yesterday. Very cute!
    Nice sunset on your last day there.

  3. Saw the new old Braves in October and loved them - I would have to have the green one I think :-) Glad you got back to see more of the vintage rigs. Your L photo is a riot - so serious! That body builder dude is the Shaman? Hmmmm, interesting. Still, I would loving the drumming and dancing in such a wonderful location......and am glad you got to enjoy one before heading out.

  4. You two sure are having a great time in central Florida. Love those Winny's. Be nice if we were rich enough to swap out RVs every year, so we could try them all.

    Love all those photos on the beach. Some brave men and women out there having fun moving with the music. I am going to make it to that area next winter while my Uncle Doug is still around. He is 89 and I won't have many more years left to make that trip to Largo for a visit.

    Wonder where you're going next. Will have to wait and see.

  5. What a great way to end your stay. Love drumming, as long as it doesn't keep me awake all night. Can't believe you weren't out there dancing.

    Those retros are cute, but a little out of my budget.

  6. So which one of the Braves did you buy? I think you'd look great driving the yellow one! ;c)

    I'll have to remember never to play Mexican Train with Bill. That way I'll not have to wear a giant L on my forehead.

    Those trailers are interesting, I just wonder how good the axles are, manufacturers seem to undersize the axles to save money so they can spend more on bling inside. :c(

  7. Great way to end your stay and great weather also. I love the retro Brave.

  8. I think the sunset photos are the best. Sorry, but I think the yellow & white Winnebago looks like a bread truck! It looks a lot warmer where you are than it is here in Sacramento. I'm freezing!

  9. Looks like you got your monies worth at the RV show. We enjoy playing Mexican train, of course, it is always more fun if you win:)

  10. Great post about some fun times. Of course Bill loved playing Mexican Train!! However, he actually said he is glad he experienced the drum circle, but really won't need to see it again;o)) It really was the most beautiful sunset and I guess that was because of all the drumming!!!

  11. That's the first I've heard of a card game called Mexican Train.

    The sunset shots are brilliant!

  12. I'm surprised they don't have some sort of drum circle here in California. That seems like it would be right up their alley. How cool of you to run into Mike & Terri!

  13. I really don't get the drumming stuff, but that's no surprise. Guess I'm with Bill...

  14. Boy, those vintage trailers sure are small and don't look real livable for very long. But they are cute outside.

    What a great night for the drumming sunset!! The sky was gorgeous during and after. How lucky for you that got such a beautiful last dancing, drumming sunset:)

  15. Making me want a little trailer...I keep dreaming of a little cutie to call my own. I'd really like a true vintage trailer, but want one that someone else already updated. No fixer upper for me, I just want to hop in and hit the road.

  16. It was great seeing you two again! It's been way to long since the last time. The new "old" Brave is very nostalgic, brings back memories from way back. The Retro is pretty cool too, we both liked it and thought it was very affordable.

  17. Serious fun in 'retirement'! Loved every minute of it and the way you captured these days in pictures and crystallized it with prose. Great sunsets! Love the Shaman.

  18. Seeing those little vintage trailers makes me think perhaps we should keep our little Bigfoot for our trip to Alaska. Hmmm. Just what we need, two trailers!! Glad you had such a beautiful day for your last day in Oscar Scherer. The drum circle looks like fun. I'm always delighted to see people like the "shaman" doing what they love, even if it looks crazy to other people.

  19. All sunset shots are gorgeous and I like the last one the best! Drum circle? now I know what it is and this is the first time I heard of it. Looked like you guys have some serious fun from the RV show to the the beach.
    Those retro trailers are excellent for an Alaskan adventure, we have seen a few of those when we were there in 2012. Small rigs are the way to go in the wilderness.

  20. What a hoot! Great pictures of the circle and of Bill taking it in - love it! That is definitely a space of free expression - lovely sunset indeed. Great idea for a send off from Oscar Scherer. Mexican Train! I miss that game - looks like Bill and Nancy have a good table for it - sorry you were the big Loser, Mama! Maybe next time Luck will be in your favor :)


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