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Through Epcot to Beaches and Cream!!

Monday January 17, 2016                                                                               Most Recent Posts:
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Orlando, Florida

**warning, this is a picture intense post, get a snack.

Today is our first full day at Disney World.  Since it is Martin Luther King Monday and a holiday for most folks, we figure all the “Kingdoms” attractive to families and children will be teaming with people.  So we’ve elected to go to Epcot.  Our spot is in the 300 loop a lovely stroll down a sandy lane by the lake to the dock.  Bill and Nancy are in 1900 closer to the buses at the Outpost.  We agree that we’ll go separately in the morning and meet for lunch.
Our walk takes us to Fort Wilderness Landing and a short wait brings the boat to take us over to again pick up the Monorail.



We take the Monorail to the Transportation and Ticket Center where we pick up another Monorail to Epcot.

Upon arrival at the park we head over to The Living Seas and spend the morning first on a clam shell ride with giant jellyfish.


And then seeing the acquariums some of which are large enough for rehabilitating manatee who this morning are snacking on heads of romain lettuce.

Of the smaller acquariums we see my favorites are the moray eels and the sea horses.  In this tank two spotted moray eels are swimming along the bottom.

In the tank along with the spotted eels is one very shy zebra moray eel.  We were really lucky to see her.



And of course there were many beautiful fish like ones we should have been able to see snorkeling in the Keys if we’d had decent weather for it at least once in our two months stay.   Just sayin……….

I don’t think we’d have seen any clown fish in the Keys even if the water hadn’t been turbid but they sure are cute.



Those who were following us in the Keys will remember that I saw a giant Spotted Eagle Ray fly by my kayak at Curry Hammock.  Unfortunately for one of his relatives he won’t be zooming by any kayakers but here’s a look at him in his tank.  The one I saw in the wild was at least twice this size.




Although I’m not a big fan of cell phones and would still have a hard wired phone with an answering machine so I could screen my calls if I were not full timing, they do come in handy when we want to connect up with Nancy and Bill for our trip to Beaches and Cream at Disney’s Beach Club Resort.
They find us at the Showcase Plaza and we wander around the Lagoon past Canada and the United Kingdom before our date with ice cream for lunch. It’s a bit chilly for ice cream with a high in the 50’s but we don’t care. It’s a bright blue sky day.
Notice the hill behind the parliament building in Canada?  Hawk eye Nancy spots just that sitting on top.


Bill’s just checking to see if the call is for him.

The two sherpas cross the bridge deep in conversation.

For me, Beaches and Cream is one of the highlights of our trips to Epcot.  We always come and I would for sure come more than once if we were going to be here longer.  The staff tell us that without reservations it will be a 20 minute wait.  Yes it is that popular.  We say fine, get the menu and see if we want to have something different than our usual.  Bill and David decide yes they do.  Nancy and I say “no way” we’re sticking with No Way Jose. 

When it’s our turn, we take the only 4 seats available, at the counter.

I’m surprised when David does not order the last thing on the mini menu.

Sitting at the counter enables us to watch our ice cream creations being made.  Those are two No Way Joses,  Bill’s Milky Way Sundae and David’s Old Fashioned Sundae.


Ok just bring those babies over here and the extra one too for that matter.


David’s sundae never melts.  It’s cookies and cream ice cream with peanut butter sauce rather than hot fudge.  Of course whipped cream, and toasted almonds on top.  He must have eaten the cherry before this picture was taken.

Bill has the Milky Way Sundae with three scoops of vanilla ice cream (the only ice cream flavor according to him), hot fudge, caramel and whipped cream with dark and white chocolate shavings and of course a cherry.
Nancy and I have the No Way Jose which has three scoops of ice cream, chocolate, vanilla or one of each.  It has both peanut butter and hot fudge toppings and peanut butter and chocolate morsels with whipped cream and a cherry.
David apparently doesn’t hear me tell him to look over.  Either that or he’s so into the sundae he’s paying no attention.

Yup we’re totally happy with this lunch.  Notice we also are having potatoes for some “real food”.

All too soon all the dishes are empty.  I guess  it was just so good I’m still smiling even though it’s gone.  If I could lick the glass I would.  Unlike last time, I didn’t ask David to help me with my ice cream.  I suspect that’s because last time it was the dessert for the meal. This time the ice cream is the main course.  Hope my mother isn’t watching.


But Nancy says Bill had to help her with hers.  Lucky Bill!

All over Disney World are “hidden mickeys”.  They are camouflaged images of Mickey Mouse concealed all around Disney World.  There is even a guidebook to them.  I later look at the guide and find that there are two here at Beaches and Cream.  I didn’t know that at the time and didn’t look for them.  Still I’m pretty sure these ice creams are one of the two.

Of course in Disney World Beaches and Cream looks exactly like the perfect ice cream parlor.

Outside is the pool and there are actually people swimming here (they must be visiting from Canada) and 4 life guards on duty.

The sherpas lead Nancy and I down the hall of the resort and back outside.


So what’s next we ask.  We’ve all been to Epcot before so we know what’s here and that you can do the various countries over and over again and enjoy them every time.  No one has an idea so David suggests that we visit all the outside entertainment.  He has the times guide so he is now our leader.  First we head over to see the Japanese drummers.

I love drumming and these three women are fantastic.


They bring out the BIG drum.  Notice they are playing with the heavy sticks over their heads.  My arms tire just watching.





Next door the Voices of Liberty a cappella group are starting so we grab a seat.

David and I vote this singer “best dressed”.

We really love his shoes.

All through Epcot the architecture is wonderful and specific to each country.  We’re now in Italy where we’re going to see Sbandieratori Di Sansepolcro which means The Flag Bearers.  Sansepolcro is a town in Tuscany.




Accompanied by their brass ensemble, The Flag Bearers march up to what I would call the square. except it’s round.

Their entertainment is described as “energetic choreographed flag throwing to live music”.


I’m really surprised that all the flags go up in the air and land where they are supposed to given that there is a serious pack of 20 something women who have clearly had too much to drink and are quite annoying in their “appreciation” of the men in tights.  The leader of the flag men handles it very well but the women should be embarrassed.

We pass by Germany where Bill stops to get pretzel as his dinner.   I’m going to return to Germany for a bratwurst but that will take too long now.  We want to catch the Chinese Acrobats.


A little beauty on our way.


We arrive in China and are only able to catch the very end of what looks like a great tumbling act.  While we wait for the next show, we go inside the Chinese pavilion and are again amazed by the Tomb Warriors.  They were created to guard the Emperor in death during the Qin Dynasty (221-210BC).  The originals are life size and because their faces are nearly all unique some archaeologists believe that they were modeled after real soldiers. 




Back outside, this time they aren’t tumbling. This acrobat is “juggling” a pottery pot on his head.  He tosses it up and catches it on his head.  He twirls it on his head.  This is a big pot.
How does he do this? 


Each time he tosses it up and it lands right back on his head even at this angle.



Then out comes little Miss Spaghetti bones. 


The audience moans ans she twists herself into these positions.

Are you kidding???


And finally we have two guys with pogo stick stilts sorts of things.  They are jumping 6 to 8 feet up in the air and doing flips and even jumping rope AND doing flips. 


From China we pass by Norway.  They are working on a new big “Frozen” exhibit.  Nancy and I want to check it out so we  go through these gorgeous doors to see what is coming up.  We both find this entry way is much more impressive than what is inside.  The detail work is just astounding.

Our last stop around the World Showcase is at Mexico where we listen to a Mariachi band.  They do traditional Mexican music and even bring up someone in the crowd to sing a Mexican Happy Birthday to her.


Love their music and the detailing on their jackets and pants.  Even their belts have the same theme.

By now David and I are hungry and so we head back toward Germany and France.  On the way Nancy and I stop in for a little dress up. 



The sky behind Epcot’s signature Spaceship Earth is aglow as the sun is setting.

For the three of us, Beaches and Cream is our favorite eatery here but for David it is the French bakery Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie.   Does he look French in the beret?

I stop back at Germany for my bratwurst and sauerkraut which I will have to say was very mediocre.  It was apparently made up ahead of time since it was barely warm.  The bun overwhelms the brat and the skimpy amount of kraut. 



That’s it for our day until on our way up to the exit Bill asks if we have ever done Mission: SPACE.  Well no we haven’t.  He insists that we must experience NASA style training with a simulated space launch to Mars.  We’re game. So in we go.

Luckily we don’t have to suit up but we are each assigned a job.  Bill is Navigator,  David is the Engineer who puts us into hypersleep, Nancy is the Pilot and they foolishly assign me to be the Commander.  What are they thinking??
So here we are, the crew ready to enter the capsule.

We do safely execute our trip to Mars and return to Earth with much laughter and sadly no weightlessness.
It’s completely dark outside when we are near enough to the Spaceship Earth for me to get this picture.  Looks great doesn’t it?

Nancy tries several times to get me to put my arm in the right position to hold it up.  She keeps saying “drop your arm”, “lower your arm”  but obviously I don’t get it.   Finally, with no success, she gives up.  David’s got his side well supported but my arm in every picture is just up in the air. Thanks for trying Nancy.  I really have to return to Epcot and try this again.  And also choose something else for dinner.  But I couldn’t have better company.

Two Monorails later we are back at the Magic Kingdom which is beautifully lit up.  We hop on the boat and in about 10 minutes are back at Fort Wilderness.  We say good-bye to Bill and Nancy.  It’s a chilly night, lows in the 30’s, and I don’t envy them their longer walk home.


We think our day of fun is over except for the nice walk back in the dark.  There is enough moonlight to see by as we walk along.  And then someone yells. 
Are you human?  
I think it’s kids playing around and don’t respond.  What a silly thing to say.  Then they yell it again so in the spirit of fun I yell back
“Yeah, how about you”.  
“Just making sure is the response”
How strange.   We walk a little further and then I tell David “Let’s step off to the side and see what’s up”.
I can hear them almost right away.  But this is the best picture I can get. 

When we cross the bridge, I use the flash which I’m sure is not appreciated by the folks in the back seat of the carriage.

Apparently our shadows or something spooked the horse and my voice and then when we stopped walking calmed him down.


I’m able to get this picture of Winnona and Ruby as the carriage turns right to continue on and we head inside to sleep.
What a fun ending to a wonderful day with great friends.

It’s the MAGIC KINGDOM tomorrow!  
Here we come Mickey!


  1. Guess we need to go to Epcot and Disney. Looks like fun!

  2. I'd suggest that the swimmers are from Minnesota! I took two of my kids to Epcot back in about 1987/8 but I wouldn't go near the Magic Kingdom, then or now.

  3. Wow, I want to go to back to Epcot! What a fun day you had! And my those ice cream sundaes are huge!
    That sunset is stunning!

  4. Well, Commander... I believe you covered all aspects of our fun, fun, fun day;o))

  5. Amazing to visit the world in a day, with ice cream! I loved seeing all the photos. Fun place

  6. Epcot has changed since we were there! Gorgeous pics!

  7. what a great day you guys had. . .I'm making myself a note to get the schedule for the outside entertainment. . .

    A friend once told me the best thing about being an adult is, you can have a Snickers bar for supper. . .guess you guys chose ice cream sundaes. . .way to go!

  8. Is that all you did? I'd have thought you'd have squeezed a few more things into your EPCOT day... :cD

  9. What a busy day:) It has been six or so years since we were there, will have to go back with the grand-kids.

  10. Loving your tour. Amazing the way Disney strives for perfection in every aspect, must take thousands of behind the scenes employees for that. Too bad that the perfection didn't extend to that brat & sauerkraut :(

  11. This looks like SOOOOO much fun! I can't decide whether the gorgeous, otherworldly seahorses are the most magical, or the amazing carving on the Norwegian doors, or the how-many-dozen tiaras to choose from, or those sundae choices, or even just the ferry to get there and back! That's a week's worth of experiences right there!

  12. There sure is a ton of stuff to see at Epcot. When you said you were going on a simulated space trip, all I could think of is that you all had eaten an assortment of things and if they spun you around or upside down you'd all throw up@#@! Glad you had fun! xxxooo

  13. Those are some serious sundaes!

    The seahorses really catch my eye.

  14. What a fun day you had! It's been more than 15 years since Eric and I went to Epcot (!!!). Perhaps it's time for a return visit when we're back in Florida next winter. I would absolutely love the Living Seas exhibit!

  15. The countries at Epcot are marvelous, but my favorite ride is Soarin'. It's like riding on a glider over the California countryside.

  16. A wonderful day! The Ice Cream is the very best!! So much to see, how many days at each park before you felt like you have seen it all?

  17. What a great schedule to see the park - all the entertainment looks amazing! You got great pics of all of them. Nice to see that it wasn't too crowded, 20 minutes for that lunch is definitely worth it :-) Aren't clown fish and sea horses just so cute? Can't believe Nancy saw that hawk up there - what a beauty. David looks very dapper in his beret, and what girl doesn't need a tiara or a crown :-)))))

  18. Those spotted rays sometimes visit our area and they jump completely out of the water- it is very cool. We love Epcot. It is our go to park on crowded days.

  19. I burst out laughing when I saw the potatoes. I hope that you dipped them in the ice cream a la dipping fries into a Wendy's frosty. All the sundaes look wonderful!

  20. You and Nancy both need those tiaras! Was another great day all around.

  21. A 20-minute wait for Beaches and Cream is actually pretty good! Love it there. We used to stay at the Beach Club when we had the Vacation Club, we always loved staying there. What a great idea it was to spend the afternoon enjoying the live shows through the World. We are in Loop 800 right now, and it is a great loop for pet owners. A really nice pet walk area runs all along the back of it, and we are well away from any bus noise. It's our new favorite loop :-).

  22. How fun!! That ice cream looked devine!!! Heavenly :) The entertainment was a great idea - what variety - I'm impressed. Matthew and I watched a documentary about the Tomb Warriors - very interesting - I had no idea they were also in Disney! What a fun day that was - with a mighty strange end? I had to laugh.."are you human?" So much fun to be had in Disney and with Nancy & Bill to share it with - perfect :)

  23. Your look like a child in wonder at the aquarium which makes me smile. I'd wait 20 minutes for good ice cream, especially for lunch, yet don't think I could eat it all. Plus how fun to eat your way around the world while being entertained.

  24. I'm guessing none of those drummers have triceps that flap in the wind like I do! ;)


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