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David’s Happy Birthday

January 8, 2016                                                                                           Most Recent Posts:
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We arrived at Hillsborough River on Wednesday January 4 after driving 175 miles down I-75 from Wellborn where Winnona stayed while we went to Maryland.  On the way we had to make a stop at the local chevy dealer to see why our Check Engine light was on.  It seems Throttle actuator control module (TAC) needs to be replaced.  Has anyone else with a gas RV ever had this happen?  Despite that delay, we managed to arrive at the park before dark. 

We’ve had a cold spell since then and this morning  the low was 34 degrees when we woke up.  Well then……..

Of course it was 13 in Maryland where Carrie is so we shouldn’t complain but we are.  Last night David actually got out the electric blanket which is unheard of.

So what does he do to celebrate his cold birthday?



First he opens his present from Carrie, the CD set Everglades Trail which has music, stories and an Interactive CD-ROM, all in support of one of our very favorite places in all of Florida.  It’s narrated by Charles Osgood and has songs from artists like Gamble Rogers and Jimmy Buffett.   He’s mighty happy.  Well done Carrie!!

Then it’s a white chocolate chip/peanut butter chip oatmeal pancakes with fruit topping breakfast.

We don’t do gifts for each other any more.  We give each other a day of whatever you’d like to do. 

After breakfast we take a hike along the Hillsborough river to the rapids.  He’s dressed like Nanook of the North


The river looks like a mirror today but I’ll bet the water is cold.



Doesn’t seem to bother this little blue heron.








There are two bridges over the river along this Rapids Trail.   You can only get to the rapids on this side of the river and you cannot kayak over them from either direction.  We’ll go up to the rapids and then on the way back we’ll go over the suspension bridge and come back this one.   There are many trails here at Hillsborough River but today David’s plans only include this shorter hike.




There are also bridges over the tributaries to the river.  It appears a lot of trouble was taken to weave the bridge through the vegetation without disturbing it.   I love this!




Like many parks created in the 30’s, this one was built by the CCC including the cement picnic tables and shelters, the trails and the suspension bridge over the river.




We can hear the sounds of the little rapids before we can see them.  There are two small rapids beyond this island and several cypress standing totally in the river.  Their ability to live surrounded by water always amazes me.










On our way back from the rapids, we cross the river at the CCC Suspension Bridge.  On the other side are over 4 miles of trails but we’re just going to walk the trail between the two bridges and head back for the rest of David’s birthday plans.




Huge trees anchor the suspension bridge on both ends.  We’re both really glad the park has kept the bridge in place over all these years.








It’s a great bridge over a beautiful river.



After the hike we drive down highway 301 and take I-75 north to Dale Mabry Highway to have lunch at David’s chosen spot,  Taste of New York Pizzeria.

I volunteer no input into the pizza choice.  It’s his birthday, he gets to choose whatever he wants.  He studies the menu carefully.




Guess the pizza must have been really good or we were very hungry since neither of us thought to take a picture of it so hot out of the oven we couldn’t eat it for almost 10 minutes.  Leftovers will be lunch on another day..





Now it’s on to the movies in the most elaborate movie theater I’ve ever seen, the Muvico Starlight 20 in Wesley Chapel Florida.  There is really nothing commercial any nearer the park than Wesley Chapel.  The theater is less than half a mile from the  pizza place but both are 17 miles from the park.

We haven’t been to a movie theater in ages and this one makes our eyes pop out.

They sell food, beer, wine and have Sony 4K digital which David seems to think is a big deal and I haven’t a clue.



They had him at the door with the cars both inside and out.







They must be trying to get our business back to the movies with their prices. There are some serious discounts if you are willing to come on their schedule. In the afternoon the prices are $6.20 each as compared with night when they are $9.60 for adults, $8.02 for seniors and $6.45 for children. Even better than that is Tuesday when all shows are $5.35 all day. WOW! I can’t remember prices that low.

Notice it says Drive In, the road leading to one side of the 20 theater building is just too funny.




David decides that even with all the food he’s already eaten, he needs popcorn for his movie and becasue it’s his birthday, he’s willing to pay $9 for a large tub.  Maybe this is dinner.
Another thing about the bargain basement Tuesday price is that popcorn is half off.  $4.50 for the large. 



The movie was LaLaLand and we both enjoyed it.  Today we learned that while we were watching it, it was winning Golden Globe awards.

Next stop of the Birthday is to pick up a quart of JMC that David had ordered a few days ago from Brusters.  Ice cream at 40 degrees?  No wonder he’s shivering and his teeth are chattering!




The final stop is at the ABC store for some beer.  Last week Carrie and Matthew were talking about how good beer would be with THE CAKE.  Sounds terrible to me.  They’d probably like beer and ice cream too.

Back home he shows off his choices.  The Terripin Beer Company in Athens Georgia wins the most popular birthday brew with their stout but since it didn’t come in 6 packs, he also bought the Paulener from Munich.




Doesn’t there look like there is something wrong with our refrigerator???  And that doesn’t even count what’s in the door.

Good thing his birthday only comes once a year.



  1. Looks like the perfect day to me. I really like those movie prices. Never heard of any that low anywhere. Well done!

  2. Looks like it was a very nice birthday. I'm impressed you have room for that much beer in your refrigerator!


  3. Love that birthday idea of choosing the outings for the day. Your pictures are fun Sherry. Kelly

  4. Happy Birthday to our birthday boy. Looks like he knows how to indulge and have fun on his special day. We were thinking of him all day and hoping for a very special day. I am always impressed with those that can eat popcorn after a meal... you go, David.

  5. Wow!! Now that was one fantastic birthday celebration!! Happy Birthday!!!

  6. Reading your last few post it looks like you had a wonderful Christmas/New Year with your granddaughter and family.
    Happy Birthday to David! I think getting to spend the day doing exactly what you want is a perfect way to celebrate.

  7. Belated Happy Birthday David, I like the way you celebrate. Great pics inside the movie house. Still kinda chilly in Disney tonight.

  8. Didn't know David and I share the same birthday! Looks like a fantastic day for the young lad, lots of smiles on his face for all the fun he had. Hope he actually got to taste that JMC ice cream, I know it's someone else's favorite... :cD

  9. Happy birthday, David. Good choices all day long. And good beer goes well with anything!

  10. Every birthday is a joy!

    Virtual hugs,


  11. David really enjoyed his birthday! Love the name of that stout. Hmmm, JMC for him or you?? :)

  12. Happy Birthday. What a great way to make it special.

  13. looks like a great Happy Birthday despite the cold weather...

  14. A wonderful hike, I love those boardwalks. What a great theater - and the prices are wow!! I love going to the movies and we only recently took the time to go a couple times. We'd do it more at those prices :-))) I'm sure I would love that oatmeal stout, sounds super yummy!

  15. Happy Birthday, David! Looks like a very fun day, indeed. What a cool theatre—we've been wanting to see LaLaLand, too. That beer looks like it has become a primary food group. :-))

  16. It sounds like it was a very good birthday!

  17. Wow, David, does know how to celebrate his birthday. Happy Birthday David ! and here's a cheer for more birthday celebrations.

  18. Happy Birthday David!!! I too believe on spending time doing whatever you want on Your Day!! Great choices starting with the hike. Haven't been to a movie theater in decades, maybe because of the outrageous price. Hope you got some of that JMC. Cheers!

  19. Happy belated Birthday David, look as though you had a great day!

  20. He got to do what he wanted to do! I'd say that's great! I haven't been to the movies or had movie popcorn in forever! Lovely breakfast and hike to start out with despite the cooler temps, which for here are pretty seasonable. Happy Birthday again Pops! The tart cherry oatmeal stout sounds interesting. Tasty I'm sure ;)

  21. Happy Birthday, David!! What a great day! Your CD from Carrie sounds wonderful. Enjoy:) You are a man after my own heart...hiking, pizza, ice cream, movie with popcorn, and a stout beer. What a day!

  22. Happy birthday, David! I guess I behave like every day is my birthday, doing what I want, etc.

  23. Very fine birthday indeed from the pancakes to the ice cream. I was pointing to the red T=bird as what I want next year for my birthday, although I would be happy to do all these things again as well, including MY favorite ice cream which was a birthday treat from Bill & Nancy Mills 5 years ago on this date in Ocala. When I announced it was the BEST ice cream I had ever tasted, Sherry had to taste it and it immediately became her favorite. She is good about sharing it too because she knows I am not really an ice cream lover like she & Bill, except for JMC.


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