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Flying to Maryland to Visit Carrie and her Family

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We had to get out our vacuum bags from under the bed to pull out our winter clothes for our trip to the frozen north.  Well it wasn’t actually quite that bad.   It was actually in the 60’s the day we arrived.  We said we brought the warm weather with us.  It did get down to 26 though and that’s plenty cold for me.

David’s cold is mostly over after 16 days as we leave Winnona in Wellborn Florida and drive the 90 miles to Jacksonville to stay in a hotel the night before the flight.   Why?

Becasue the flight was at 6:30am which means we were up at 4:15 to make the shuttle to go through security and board the plane on time.  The sun rose behind us as we flew to Atlanta of course but there was some color.  Not my favorite way to watch the sunrise but the puffy clouds below were great..

Delta flew 400 miles out of their way to go from Jacksonville to Atlanta and then to Baltimore rather than just fly straight up the East Coast. I thought all the airlines were struggling and concerned about fuel costs.



It’s happy times when we arrive.  They are to meet us.  Celia looks pretty solem at the gate but she perks up shortly.








Carrie and Matthew have moved into a new to them house which is much closer to the airport than the one they were in when Celia was born.   She and I get reacquainted on the drive to their house.



The mirror is a great gadget to allow Carrie to look in the rear view mirror and see what Celia (and I) are up to.   They really have improved baby “products” these days over what I had when Carrie was little which my mother thought was amazing compared to what she’d had.  I can’t even imagine what another 20 years will bring.


Celia shows off her first two teeth that have just barely broken through.



Once home Celia proves to be a whirlwind, kicking her feet, waving her hands, doing push ups and rolling all over the floor.  She’s on the verge of crawling and when that happens her parents are going to have a time trying to keep up with her.   Many of the pictures both David and I took were blurry with her feet and hands going a mile a minute.


Daddy comes home from work and she’s got all eyes on him.


I’ve wrapped the patchwork Christmas stockings for Matthew and Celia and give them to them so they can be hung on the mantle.  Lots of time, stitches and love went into those.



Matthew’s stocking looks good on him.



At first, Celia is more interested in the tissue paper.





The 5 stockings look wonderful by the tree.



We spend 2 days in transit and 5 days with them which go by quickly as you might expect.

We do some hiking, some eating, some present exchanging and lots of baby playing.





Celia tries peas for the first time.  She gives me quite the looks.  David catches it on the camera.









One night Celia and Grandpa and I wrap presents while Mom and Dad have a well deserved dinner out alone.  At first she plays on the floor but then she wants a closer look at the action.









She puts on her Santa hat for the occasion, just like Grandpa.



She’s a wonderful wrapping supervisor but happy to see her mama when she returns.


On Friday we go in search of a bakery.  A real bakery with Danish, not just a donut shop and finally find the Village Junction Bakery in Arbutus.  We are a little late for a full selection but there are plenty of things to tempt us.  Sadly though, they don’t make sticky buns.



Didn’t get the picture before the treats were all gone.  It didn’t take long.



In the afternoon, Carrie and I get our haircut while grandpa babysits.  He takes Celia shopping.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmm




Well, it’s New Year’s Eve which is Christmas Eve for us and the second Christmas for them.
Santa has filled the stockings and left prsents under the tree and in front of the fireplace.




Tomorrow is our party.  It and our last days will be in the next post.
HAPPY HOLIDAY coming up!


  1. Wonderful grandparents, lovely mom and dad, adorable baby. wow, you have it all at the moment. So glad that David is feeling better and looking so very happy. Hugs to you both.

  2. It seems like she was born only a short while ago and now she is getting teeth! She is growing up fast, and it's a good thing you can spend some time with her. She is a beautiful little girl! Glad David is feeling much better.

  3. Grand-kids are the BEST!, and Celia is a keeper, what a cutie! Glad David is feeling better.

  4. Oh Celia is just precious, looking so much like Mom already! Love the beautiful stockings - I love the tradition. Her shopping day with Grandpa looks like lots of fun :-))))

  5. What fun you had ! Celia is such a sweet baby ....... wonderful you and David were able to spend this special time in Maryland ....... everyone looks so happy !!!

  6. That's my reaction to peas also Celia. I love to see your family celebration, no matter the day. All look happy, healthy, and wise. Maybe beyond her years if Celia is helping David buy beer.

  7. Yep, Christmas can happen whenever the family gets together!! Looks like you are beginning some new traditions. What a sweet, adorable little girl Celia is and very photogenic:o)) She has the most beautiful and expressive eyes!!! Love the photo of Celia, Carrie and you with the new stocking.

  8. Wow has Celia grown. Very pretty baby. So glad you two were there to enjoy the holiday with them. Looks like all had a great time. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Celia is a beautiful baby. Glad Gramma and Grampa got to visit her. Happy for Carrie and Matthew. Adorable family. Nancy

  10. How nice that you got to spend five days with precious Celia and her parents:) What a gorgeous baby:) Looks she half enjoyed those peas. Lots of wonderful memories to carry you for awhile:)

  11. I bet being with Celia made the holiday even better! She's getting so big!

  12. You're doing a great job spoiling that adorable little lady! That's what grandparents are supposed to do. Nice that you've been able to spend Celia's first Christmas with her, wonderful memories for all. :c)

  13. This post is full of Celia cuteness! How adorable. Im sure this holiday is more sweet and wonderful now that Celia is getting bigger and you can spoil her like no other grandma!

  14. Celia is just darling! I can't believe she's already getting teeth! And drinking beer! :-)) Looks like you had such sweet family time together, carrying on all of your wonderful traditions. Loved Celia in her Santa hat (and you two on the plane in yours....haha! You guys are great).

  15. Nice selection of pictures to remember these days when we first saw their new home and shared Celia's first holiday in her new grand play room. Such fun! Many thanks to Carrie & Matthew for hosting us!

  16. Such an exciting visit....a second Christmas, seeing how big Celia has grown, and enjoying Carrie and Matthew ' s new house. Giving the new parents a night out is a treat for them..and for both of you. Glad you are enjoying the grandparent phase of life. Happy New Year to both.

  17. Fantastic pictures!!! She is just the world's cutest baby, am I right?? ;) Those stockings are truly wonderful! Thank you, thank you!

  18. Babies grow up way to fast, so happy you were able to make the trip and enjoy a second Christmas with you Family. Celia is a real cutie

  19. Oh, I am so so that David was so sick and am so thankful that you had such a wonderful time with Carrie and her family. Celia is adorable. She looks like Carrie to me. I love that age and know that you had a wonderful time with her. What a blessing! Thank you for the pictures. I am so happy for Carrie.

  20. Happy New Year! I'm sorry to hear that David was sick and hope he's back to himself now. AND, so glad you were able to spend the holidays with Carrie and baby Celia!! What a precious little girl. I'll have to see what's next to see if you made it out before the deep freeze we're in now... though it's supposed to warm up in a few days.


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