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Lesser Known Outings on MDI

Friday  Morning, July 14, 2017                                                                          Most Recent Posts:
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IMG_6731Today we visit a couple of places that aren’t very often visited by tourists.  The first is Lake Wood just off of Crooked Road outside of Town Hill on Mount Desert Island.  There is a nice parking lot and a bathroom provided by Acadia National Park.    It’s a small lake, just 16 acres and 11 feet deep but we have it all to ourselves and it’s beautiful.  They do seem to have trouble around here deciding what’s a lake and what’s a pond.  I’ll just call it both as the spirit moves me.

Whatever it is, it’s well back from the parking area and even further from the main road so it is quiet and secluded.  The well back from the parking area means you have to carry your kayak/canoe a fair distance or have wheels like we do.  It’s the only lake/pond on the island to which we have to cart our kayaks.

The gated road to the pond itself is all down hill, nice coming in, a bit of a haul coming out.

Probably here we could have just left the carts on the shore while we paddled the lake but coming back to find them gone would be a real problem so we take the carts apart and stow them in the kayak’s dry wells.

David’s taking the wheels off here so he can fold up the cart for storage.


He stows the cart in the back well and is soon on the water.



Another beautiful day.




The lake is tree and rock lined with no structures and plenty of reflections today in the calm water



I love the rock ledges around the pond.







The small hill in the background is probably Youngs Mountain to which there are no trails.  I call it a hill, the map calls it a mountain at 680 feet.  Wonder what the criteria for a mountain is?   These folks have never been west of the Mississippi obviously.   Hills/mountains, lakes/ponds??





There’s not a better way to start the day than with a relaxing solitary paddle on a quiet lake.




I love the clouds above and the lily pads below.   I feel like I’m in a beautiful painting.





David surrounded by white water lilies.











Wildlife sighting #1.  Seriously big dragon fly.




Among my favorite pictures of the day is this spadderdock flower in its final stage.




Coming through the lilies, I spy a beaver lodge.  So far, we have seen at least one on nearly every pond we’ve paddled here in Acadia.






The water is so clear I can see the underwater construction.  Boy would I have loved to see one of the engineers come swimming out.





This just made me laugh out loud.  I need a title or a description or a story for this.  Help me out.





Wildlife sighting #2.   He’s just zipping along through the water.  He does an absolutely perfect frog leg kick.  He’d win the breast stroke competition for sure.



He whipped over to this lily pad and turned his back on me.  Maybe he thinks I can’t see him if he can’t see me.  Sure am glad I did see him.  Just can’t believe how fast he was swimming.  Somehow I didn’t expect frogs to be that fast.





Almost all the way around.  The take out is just around the corner. 




Once back we get the carts out, strap the boats on and start up the road.





The up hill pull isn’t too long and our two and  a half hours on the water was wonderful.  Lake Wood is a sweet place that very few people frequent it appears.




I’ve managed to make an entire post of our morning paddle.  I know I’m not being true to my “outings” title but I’ll do a separate one on our afternoon at the equally unknown Blue Horizons Preserve.


  1. Great froggie picture - love the eyes! I think your water stick is looking back over its tail to see what has them stuck in time & place. ;) Wish we could see one of those beavers, even if only briefly. Lovely pond!

  2. That looks idyllic. Kind of a hidden gem perhaps! The frog and dragon fly pictures are great! I also like the one of Dad among the water lilies. That wood looks like an open mouthed dragon with an unfortunately long tooth? Maybe...? :)

  3. So calm and peaceful. Your photos are great and I can imagine myself being there.

  4. That log looks like a fat cartoon duck on his back holding a fishing line :) Love the Lily pads, so relaxing as the move as you float through them.

  5. I see a gator on his back with a walking stick, in my mind anyway. I always love your kayak ride pictures.

  6. The reflections are beautiful, and I'm envious of the clear skies! Great pic of David in the lillies. That log would make a great creative writing prompt for junior rangers :-) Initially it was a water fairy atop a wave - using a tall pole to pull her towards the smaller waves.....but then the wave became a mouth and a whole new tail unfurled. A good life when one can spend time spinning yarns from dead wood. :-)))))

  7. The road construction on MDI has sent us down roads less traveled this year!! That pond was a great find:o)) I'm with you on that Spadderdock photo. Although the frog takes a close second!!

  8. Rivers/creeks I don't think the northeast knows the difference. Looks like a great paddle. Just like the frog our 120pd dogs didn't think we'd see them if their heads were hid :)

  9. Lake/pond, whatever you call it, you had another amazing paddle. The beaver lodge picture was something else, never saw the underside of one before. Another great find of your adventures! :c)

  10. Love those frog eyes! I see a duck paddling in a jagged log canoe.
    Your previous post had us chuckling about being out on a hiking trail by 6:30 to avoid the crowds. We think we're doing good if we're out there by 9, and lately we've been lucky to make it by 11. Different strokes, as they say!

  11. Your frog photos are wonderful! Those are some big eyes. And the calm water, lily pads, and pretty skies look like you're paddling in a Monet painting. Beautiful water lily photos, too. Looks like such a peaceful day. And no gators. I have to say, I prefer paddling without gators. :-)

  12. Well done! You are so active and cheerful, guys! Keep it up and keep posting!

  13. Beautiful!! Love that it is so calm so you could get some pretty reflection photos. Never heard of Spadderdock! Looks like little lanterns. Great photos of the frogs!

  14. On the North Rim we call puddles you could spit across lakes so this looks like a real lake to me. I love when you paddle and the water is so calm showing mirror reflections of the dreamy landscape. I saw a gator paddling the lake with you.

  15. Beautiful looking lake. Love the frog picture. Nothing like a peaceful morning with no heat, crowds or wind.

  16. Very peaceful place to go out for a paddle! Terrific shots.

  17. Beautiful pictures as usual. Loved the frog on the lily pad. Also the beaver


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