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On the Rocks more than the Path

Monday July 17, 2017                                                                                 Most Recent Posts:
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After our walk on the Ocean Path yesterday, we decided to come back today and do the whole thing.   Unfortunately the fog that was supposed to lift, did for about 5 minutes.  But there’s not a bad day in Acadia and we had a wonderful time.

This time we started out early at Sand Beach.   It’s before 7am. It’s in the upper 50’s but still there are  folks already here back in a corner.  We wonder if they slept on the beach.







From there we take the stairs up to the Ocean path.  We’re going to do the entire round trip.   Here it is a lot of stairs up to the “Trail Head”..  So unless you want to see the beach first, as we did, don’t go down there from the parking lot.  You’ll just have to climb back up.




The path is mostly gravel and we head through the trees until we come to the first rock face.  As I mentioned before, we walk the rocks rather than the path whenever we can. 




Some bright pretties along the path



Onto the rocks we go.





At this point it’s still foggy.  The ocean is not very visible in the picture or to me beyond what’s right by the shore.




Looking South.



Fog to the north as well.  These Rosa Rugosa seem to be very much in favor of this rocky humid environment.  Can’t wait for the hips.   They make the bees happy too.





Droplets of fog on the pine.




Is it the old man of the sea??



Some of the fun of walking on the rocks rather than just the path is not only closer views but being able to go “down in”.



Of course then you have to come back out.  Turned out this was not the way.  IMG_0053


But I was close enough to get some foggy pictures of one of the many Black Guillmots just riding the waves as casually as you please.






Good thing I’m wearing pink or you’d never see me next to these rocks.  This gives a better sense of how large they are than pictures without anyone in them.



Not a big surf today but just enough to be beautiful.




Close up, it doesn’t look too foggy as I climb back up the rocks.






The colors in the rock are so amazing.  This black is a basalt strip.  All due to volcanic activity and glacial carving.





Sea stacks on a cobble beach.






This is why he likes his stick.  Looks like he’s in rocky no man’s land.




I am just in love with these rocks and their variety.







Looking down and out – can you see the sea?







Everywhere we go, he’s at it again.




This coastline is very dramatic.  We are not going down there.






Wow to the number of cones on this spruce back on the trail on our way to Otter Cliffs.  Wonder if that means it’s going to be a tough winter and they are trying like crazy to get their seeds out there?




At Otter Cliffs the rock climbers are  numerous even on a Monday.




Perhaps a beginner




Not a beginner.



The Black Guillemots are also on the rocks and I’m lucky enough to get one, not well centered picture, of both his red feet and his red mouth.    What a design!  


We watch for a little while and then pass on by behind the climbers.   The fog appears to be lifting.






We can actually see Sand Beach from here.  Amazing all the views we missed in the fog.  Just another reason to walk this path again.




Sadly the clearing doesn’t last long and by the time we’re around the cliffs and headed for the point, it has returned.  We pass by this artist on the trail.







Clearing comes and clearing goes.  At the point, there wasn’t anything to see so we don’t stop and just take the path back up to the road.





We’ve made it from one trail sign to the other.  Over 4 miles on my pedometer but then we did a lot more than walk the path. There is a bus stop right here on the loop road so rather than walk back up the shore path to the Sand Beach parking lot, we catch the bus and head into Bar Harbor.  It’s lunch time by now after all.





We get off the bus in the Village Square and walk down the street headed for the Downeast Deli.



Along the way David gets all excited and we have to stop and take tons of pictures.



A closer look at the object of his affection.



We’re having lunch here because they advertise a “naked” lobster roll meaning just the meat in butter, no mayo.  That’s actuallly how we like our lobster.



We’re more than ready but we have to wait in line.  Everyone else wants lobster too.  Well to be fair, some people have pastrami on rye but they must be locals who are lobstered out.



As you could see, Downeast is just a counter.  No seating.  So we take our lunch down to Agamont Park at the foot of the street by the Harbor and snag a bench.   David gets a picture of me and our view sort of, we are over looking the water.   

But neither of us thinks to take a picture of the lobster roll.  Possibly this is because we were quite disappointed in the amount of lobster meat in this $14.99 roll.  Most of the bun was filled with lettuce with some lobster on top.  Even though it was in butter, there was just too much lettuce and too little lobster.  The smile is before I’d had a bite.  Thumbs down on Downeast Deli’s lobster roll.




I did take a picture of and enjoy the local Old Soaker blueberry soda we bought to go with the rolls.   That was great and really really really sweet.




Heading back up the street to the Village Green to catch the bus back to Ruby at Sand Beach we find more interesting things than I can report.  Bar Harbor never fails to amuse.   It’s a day for artists.   I assume he painted his car as well as the canvas and that he paints pretty fast, it’s 2 hour parking.







We did not stop for ice cream but saw these folks coming out of the ice cream shop. 


If I didn’t have just too many t-shirts already, I would absolutely have gotten this one.



Last fun of the day was as we were leaving and heading off the island.  David is driving and he exclaims excitedly  “I think that’s a moose”.  Well I’m pretty sure there are no moose on MDI any more but I tell him to pull over and let me out and I’ll walk back and see if I can get a picture of the moose.

And here it is.   Nice velvety antler on an obviously very well fed deer.  




We’ve had a great day.  Fog or no fog!   Moose or no moose!
Love being in Maine for the summer!!



  1. I could just sit quietly in the fog all day. The rocks make me hurt all over though!

  2. That is some amazing wonderful geology. Beautiful hike.

  3. I sure wish our smoke was fog instead. I love the fog. Your pics along the rock cliffs are incredible. I've had to go back and look at them a couple times. Those cobble stones and stacks - wow!! Great pic of the not beginner ;-) My mother would love the Guillemot, she loved to wear black and white with red shoes and a red purse.

  4. I am always amazed at the way the rocks seem to have been cut and piled up. Sure was a nice hike you had and I love fog. Great little town.

  5. Just a spectacular hike! I love the fog with all the rock cliffs. What an eerie feeling. The photos of each of you being overshadow by the huge boulders were awesome! Sorry your lobster roll didn't have much lobster:( I started just buying lobsters from a local. I could usually pick them up after a hike and the lobster fisherman would cook them for me. What a lovely day!

  6. Amazing abilities you guys have and thanks for taking great pictures. Those rocks and fog / clouds are inspiring. Great shot of the red footed whatever.

  7. Oh, so beautiful .... Thank you for sharing.

  8. Wow, those were some amazing rocks you were scrambling over! Too bad you got jipped on that lobster roll, because after all that climbing you deserved to have a great reward. Well, at least there was the blueberry soda to make up for the disappointment. ;c)

  9. Rugged but amazing country. I do not care for lobster but Anneke tried in all its forms there and was unimpressed with the taste and amount fo the price.

  10. This time of year in Coastal CA it's foggy and chilly. I love the fog burning off, the bright blue sky showing through the cotton wisps of cloud. Love your end picture of the two of you!

  11. The last photo is a keeper. This is my favorite post for you showed me how many trails and scenery we have missed while we were there. Beautiful and I can only wish to revisit Acadia NP.

  12. Gorgeous hike! I love the combination of the fog and the beautiful rocks. I'd be with David, picking blueberries along the way. :-) It's interesting how similar the Black Guillemot and Pigeon Guillemot are (that's what we have on the west coast). I can see how that deer could be mistaken for a moose —those are definitely some big velvety antlers.

  13. The mist really adds to things there! Beautiful shots!

  14. Early morning, in the fog, on the rocks...makes for a very special hike!!! Since most of our days there were bright and sunny this year, it makes for a nice change of pace;o)) That is the greatest T-Shirt ever...wish I had seen it!!! Love David's MOOSE!!! Hope to hear your choice for the BEST lobstah' roll:o))

  15. Beautiful fog or no fog..although the views that do come through...wow! I bet the waves sound amazing if you can hear them below that expanse of rock. Sorry the lobster roll was a disappointment...your seat for lunch was not :) Another great selfie!!

  16. Such great jumbles of rocks and the fog adds to the ambiance. Bonus picking berries along the way. Your photos are magnificent.

  17. It seems the fog is a fairly regular event here, so a trip to Maine just wouldn't be complete without experiencing it. ;) It is also amazing to see it lift, so still a great day for me. Another appreciable aspect is the way fog forces us to pay attention to what is close at hand, which makes everything a bit different than it would be on a beautiful, blue sky day.

  18. Great photos even in the fog. Bet you had to take a bunch of photos of the black guillemot.

  19. I actually think that the fog adds to the pictures. It's beautiful! All those rocks are pretty spectacular but I got the whim whams when I saw people too close to the edge. No rock climbing for me- no thank you. The flowers on the rocks were really colorful. I hope you were wearing your hiking boots. Climbing the rocks looks like it could be a challenge. The last picture of the guillemot showed his red mouth. The painting the person was doing in the woods was very good. I also liked the leaves in the shade in front of the "moose" and, of course, the dog in the snugli. I hope they put him down once in a while and let him be a dog. xxxooo

  20. I didn't read all the comments so don't know if someone added this already, but occasionally a moose does swim over the narrows to the island apparently. I remember the ranger telling us that on our visit many years ago.


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