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Henry David Thoreau

Flowbee Day

Holder Mine  Site 22
Withlacoochee State Forest near Inverness, Florida
Not sure what woke me up at 4:45 this morning since I was wearing ear plugs to avoid the dust road traffic but I didn’t actually get up until after 7.   My non-running days make for lazier starts.

We packed up and headed out for the 30 mile drive east to the Holder Mine Campground in the state forest.

We’ll stay here through at least Monday and the Weeki Wachee kayak trip and possibly for a few more days to visit Crystal River and Homosassa Springs.   But, I’ve definitely had enough of restaurants and take out and even of socializing for a while.

Here’s our site at the campground which is nearly 2 miles down a dirt road and way out in the forest.  Love the seclusion.

After dinner it was time for a haircut.  Got out the flowbee and here are the before/after and doing it pictures for those of you who might want to consider do-it-yourself haircuts.  I never thought I would,  but when I saw what a good job it did for our friends Gyn and Syl and considered what a hard time I have had finding anyone to do my hair the way I liked it, I thought I’d take a chance.   You can be the judge.

The sites are large and it’s lovely, dark and quiet here.  Just the way we like it.  We should note that we are having no trouble using our Verizon air card and cradle point router but we have no cell signal from Sprint.  Just a note for those of you who might want to camp here.   So far Verizon has been 100%.  We have always had internet service.  This is the first time we’ve not been able to use our cell phones.  We opted to go with Virgin Mobile's $25 a month for 300 minutes and no contract plan rather than locking into 2 years and about $35 more a month with Verizon as well as their activation fees.

Not sure what we’ll do tomorrow on this lazy week-end.  But every day is a great day!!  See you then.

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