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Movin' and Partyin'

Site 209
Fort De Soto Park
St. Petersburg, Fl

Busy last 3 days and no time to write a post.  Thursday we took care of a lot of business with our accounts and expenses and arranging things for the birthday party in Largo and trying to arrange Meals on Wheels for my father.  Nothing very interesting at all but necessary in real life which is also what we are living along with this wonderful RV Dream.  We did some pack up for leaving on Friday to move from Silver River State Park in Ocala to Fort De Soto Park in St. Petersburg.

On Friday I ran 4.9 miles at Silver River before we did the final closing up for moving on.  I left in the car at 10:00 to drive to the Tampa Airport and pick up Carrie who was coming from Baltimore for the party.  She’ll be staying with us in The Brave.  That will be interesting.  3 of us for 4 days.  But a lot of the time will be spent away from home with the family.

David took the RV straight to the Bay front park and met us there about 2:30.  We moved Carrie in and rearranged to make room for her and her things and then went through the set up routine including taking the dolly off to park it out of the way.

Our site is #209 right on the water and has a nice view but not nearly as unobstructed as sites 203, 204 or 205.  I booked it on line and couldn’t tell.  I would highly recommend this park but do get one of those 3 sites since they have a wide open view to the bay.  We walked along the shore and took some pictures of the shore birds before driving to my father’s house and picking up Subway sandwiches for dinner on the way.

The Bay view from the rear of our site 209

Partial View of the Site before full set up

Site 205

A couple of shore birds we enjoyed watching

Sorry the pelican is small, my camera isn't as good as either Carrie's or David's which he has already replaced if you can believe that.

Here is one of his

My brother and his wife arrived from Denver Colorado and we chatted until everyone was tired especially my dad.  So we came back, got all the beds set up  and hit the sack.

This morning, David prepared a wonderful scrambled breakfast using venison he brought from the farm and which, as you can see, we ate at our bayfront picnic table  Then we headed out to join the family for the party.

Today was the official birthday so we went for the dinner at Crabby Bill’s in Tarpon Springs.  

The folks at the table from back left to front and front right to back are.  Me, my sister in law Cindy, my brother Dave, daughter Carrie, my father the birthday man, his friend Jeanne and David.  The choices of food ranged from popcorn shrimp, to salmon grilled, salmon blackened, Florida crab cakes which supposedly had mango salsa but I sure didn’t taste it, and a couple of sea food platters.  The waitress brought my dad a complimentary piece of delicious key lime pie which was very nice.  Of course her tip for such a big party was pretty nice too!

We returned to the my dad’s where we had the official birthday cake and presents. This is what 90 looks like.  Not bad I'll say.  Hope I live as long and look as good.

 And at the end of the day we returned to the rig and a beautiful sunset.  

Plans are to get over to the gulf beach tomorrow.  Check back to see what happens.

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  1. Glad to see you arrived at Fort DeSoto and had a nice party for your Dad. You certainly had a busy schedule to make the party on time ;o)

    Your Dad looks great for 90! By the way, my mother's 88th Birthday is Oct 4. I keep hoping I have inherited her genes!!

    Hopefully, now you can really just take your time and enjoy the journey!! Give a holler if you come back through Murrells Inlet.

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails.........


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