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Henry David Thoreau

The Work Day

advance note **  I'm having A LOT of trouble with picture uploading in blogger these past few days and am having to publish in order to get it to let me add more so if you've read this before Sunday morning, you haven't read it all. 

Yes, today was a work day.  Or as much work as gets done these days :-)   So how about at least a slightly shorter blog.   Are those cheers  I hear???

Here I am sitting on the patio "working" on the blog.  Hi ya'all!!

I promised a picture of the full "parking lot" on a Friday night and here it is.  That's us on the far right if you can see us.

Our neighbors are a youth group from Christian Ministries who like to talk loudly, laugh and giggle until long after midnight.

 Quite a large group

These are some of our more favorite neighbors.

Look which way???

On to the work part of the day.   The handyman came by to take a look at the mirror mishap that was not reported earlier in the blog out of consideration to the driver who cut it a little too close when backing in to the narrow site at Fort De Soto.   Beware!

The handyman seems concerned about both the mirror and the kayak cart tire that won't hold air.

Actually he's pulling his hair out.  Can he afford to do that?  Will replacement hair be part of the bill? Although, since he never actually fixed anything do I have to pay?

and then the laundress arrived.  Doesn't she look happy?

 And well she should.  This is the nicest laundry in a park I've ever seen.

 She's very cost conscious.  Hanging out the clothing that didn't get quite dry after one go around in the dryer. I definitely appreciate that.

While the laundress was at work, the cleaning crew came by.

What a thorough job.

And finally a great evening meal provided by the resident chef

Shown here enjoying his creation.

The dishwasher refused to have her picture taken saying that wasn't included in the price.

                                  Another Great Day - What a Life!!

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