Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

Henry David Thoreau


You ask.....
(didn’t you??)

What HAVE I been doing
in the wonderful
peace and calm
following my narrow escape
from the Arch Villain Malware?  

practicing making choices.

I have finally  managed to make
all the choices in what to

 and what to
in the clothing department. 
Keeping all shorts and bathing suits –ocean here I come
And my favorite polar fleece (just in case Florida acts up next winter too)

Sure I hope I have weeded out enough. 

Took a  l o n g  time
but wasn’t nearly as hard for me
as packing boxes of books
to be either donated to the local library book sale
or to be stored

depending on how near and dear they are to my 
Donate or store??
Donate or Store??
This is taking FORever!

I know I know….can’t take them all with me….too heavy
but I can’t bring myself to toss them all either. 
And I’m having a hard time with the choices. 
I have a huge personal library that I also
Here’s one of the twenty bookcases that have to be emptied.
Some built in, some stand alone……..
Lots of them really do have empty shelves, just not this one YET

So the moral of the story is I’ll
 take my best and leave the rest
for my daughter to do.
As you can see from this picture taken on the day she was sworn in to the Maryland Bar,
She won’t have nearly as
much trouble as I’m having.  
Actually She won’t have
any trouble at all……..
and anyway
isn’t that why we have children
to ultimately pick up after us
for a change???


  1. LET IT ALL GO...

    Get out here and KAYAK with us...
    you can't read a book in the kayak!!

  2. I late 2008 I sold my house and began fulltiming. I had never had anything to do with an RV before that, and I got rid of a lot of stuff that I now regret. I did rent a small storage space to keep a few things, but now I wish I had stored instead of disposed of. Among some of the things I got rid of were some of my books, although not all. Think twice and then think again about tossing. It's worth paying storage until you see if you like the life and can live in the small space. I had a pretty big 5th wheel to begin with and it held quite a bit. Now I've gone smaller, but have resigned myself to storing some things while I'm traveling - not fulltime again though.

  3. I still have a storage shed FULL of stuff I can't bear to part with. I know they say if you haven't missed it in a year, toss it! But I have things of my mother's, a little bit of furniture of my mom's (who's passed away) so think I will need to hang onto it for awhile. the last time I went to look in it to find something, I couldn't find it, it is stuffed to the rafters! But at least I won't regret throwing something away just yet. Now if I could only find the things in my motor home that I have stashed in every nook and cranny and now I can't find THEM! PS Would like to respond by email sometimes. Would you be willing to send your email addy to me?

  4. @ Nancy & Bill Can't wait to get out there in kayaks with you guys - April??? BUT those hours after dark, that's when I need a good book.
    Hard to toss ALL your treasures. :-)

    @ Gypsy & Jeannie Thanks for the cautions...it makes me feel better about not tossing absolutely everything! See there Bill, 3 against one!

  5. I sa invie some pan handlers over o our house and ell hem he have 20 minues o ake as much suff as he can fi in heir grocer cars!! hen ou can ge on wih he bikini sunbahing on he beach :)


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