Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

Henry David Thoreau

Today's Episode

And so we return to our saga of  yesterday where the
beautiful young heroine  was
very unhappy

As the result of an attack by the
Arch Villain 

Monsieur Malware

Beautiful young heroine  steps into Vicki's Secret closet and steps out as SUPERHEROINE

She fights valiantly with every weapon at her disposal

to no avail.

But wait..............here comes  her superhero
to save the day

Handsome isn't he??

In a flash
 he starts up in safe mode,
slays that INTSEC
and after FIVE days of warfare
all is once  again well in Blogville.

 Hooray !!!!!!!!!


  1. So glad you have stamped out the villian, but we sure are going to miss the superhero blogs;o)

    Blog On..........

  2. OK!!! Now give me some cartoons, and I'm a much better audience :)

    SO glad you're back online!

  3. Wow - 2 comments - I hope Combofix works as well for me as for you! Do note, Ms. Lover of Comments, that this was written in January 2011 - a year & a half ago - people were still catching on to how cool the blog is ;)

  4. lol.... yes, Carrie... I decided to go back in time to read and here I am... just loving it... I'm kinda stuck in a motel room and your Mom is someone I want to 'know' better... she kills me... ;)

    I don't like the fact she eats all the pastries and ice cream and has her figure... something about that just ain't right.

    AND ... I haven't seen one of those horrible screens in a couple of years ... since I got a Mac ... just seeing that screen gave me the heebie jeebies.. nasty stuff


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