Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

Henry David Thoreau

DoG DaYs

And I’m nOt TaLkInG  weather.

It’s still COLDER than a………
Here in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains

But in addition to all the tossing and sorting and packing and
Well you know…….

I’m still running every other day
(even in 26 degree weather)

and on a
I went on a LONG walk
with my friend Helen
and her two lovely golden labs

Here’s Helen and Piatt and Paxton
(LOVE that hat Helen)
While we were walking and walking and walking and…..
TrYiNg tO kEEp WaRm

we talked about the trip she is taking
to hike around the Ring of Kerry in

Boy does all that GrEEn look GrEaT and WaRmmmmm

I don’t think Piatt and Paxton get to go
(Shhhh don’t tell)


I absolutely
Y loved Y
when I was there

and the west coast in particular.
I would love to hike for a week
or 10 days or 2 weeks or….
around the Ring of Anything
in Ireland

there’s always those FUND$$$ in the way.

I can’t see the USA in my Chevrolet Winnebago
hike the Ring of Kerry.

More of life’s choices…
I’m particularly lucky to have so many!!

The very next day

my friend Pam brought over
the latest addition to her family to introduce us.

Zach is the elevendybillionth golden retriever
she has had in the 25 years I have known her.

Currently there are Abby 9, Jasmine 6, Caleb 3 and now Zach 1.
Nice spacing for children I told her.
it has actually taken 4 goldens
to fill in
for her 2 grown children Kate and Peter.
But she was and is a wonderful mother to them all.

Now I was AmiSS (shame on me)
 in not getting a pic of the 2
when they were here but
thanks to the
long suffering doggie-daddy
I have this great one of
Pam and her GOLDEN gang.

Hmmm where does doggie daddy sleep???

Now I ask myself


am I

getting enough done
around here?

My life is going to the dogs

That’s why!


  1. Ok, cute story about the dogs. Actually we truly enjoyed it, but now you have to get back to sorting, tossing and fixing so you can get back on the road.

    We have been home less than a week and we are bored...

    Tag... You're IT!!

  2. I love labs! but not the doggy hair that comes with them!

  3. We had a wonderful Golden Retriever, Cutter. He was a great dog. We lost him suddenly about 5 years ago and we still miss him. Someday, maybe we'll get another Golden, they are wonderful friends.

    Loved the picture of the four goldens in the bed. No need for an electric blanket! Although a King size bed would probably give Dad a little space! ;c)

  4. Isn't it fun to blog when you get to jazz up the letters!!! Love it! How many miles do you usually run every other day? I'm impressed! Do you ever push a snowblower in front of you as you run? LOL!


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