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Henry David Thoreau

Third week is a BUST

Well here it is Thursday again and no Canasta.
This is 3 missed weeks in a row and I’m going into withdrawal.

On Thursdays I play canasta with Lynda
We’ve been friends for 30 years
(yes from diapers on)  :-)
And get together for dinner
and cards every Thursday night

Well every Thursday night until 3 weeks ago
She was sick and then last week,
well you Know what I was doing
And today she emailed to say that she
thought she was coming down with the
head cold that is going around her office
And she was kind enough to let me know
So I could bow out if I wanted to.

Well I didn’t want to but knowing that this
is a pretty powerful respiratory thing
going all around and
having just been sick,
I thought “better safe than sorry”

SO I guess I’ll cross my fingers for next week
Although it’s at her house and there
seems to be a home court advantage.
She wins at her house
And I win at mine

This is how much fun we have

Sometimes my face is actually sore from

Now you can see why I’m not smiling on this Thursday night.
Hope you feel better Lynda.


  1. Sure looks like a lot of missed FUN!!

    Any word on the tires? I've been watching the highway down here and haven't seen a thing ;o)

    Stay healthy!!

  2. Yes, stay away from all that sickness, we want to see you at the rally! And be careful you don't hurt yourself with all that laughing! :c)

  3. OOOOMy!!!! Syl and I love to play Canasta. We will have to make time to play at the rally. So sorry to read about your past sickness. Glad to see you are doing better now! Trust me you do NOT want the nasty cold that is going around. Sly has had it for 2 weeks and I have had it for a week... Play on... ;o


  4. Ohhh, that brings back memories of years ago :) I used to love to play canasta. It's been so long, I don't remember how! :(
    Wise choice to skip this week though. Hopefully you'll both be back healthy next week.

  5. That is so wonderful that you and Lynda still have such a great time together - you do look happy : ) I hope she gets back in the game soon and that sometime, when I come home, we can all play together!!


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