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Going to the Clouds Road

Thursday September 1, 2011
Glacier Campground  Site F10
West Glacier, Montana


It rained most of the morning but stopped at noon
so we set out to take the Shuttle bus
up to Logan Pass on the Going to the Sun Road. 
Not a great idea given their altitude and the weather.  
What were we thinking?
I guess something we could do “indoors”.


Here are some shots of the conditions.





The road is VERY narrow.
Can you see the tiny cars??




and is in year 5 of a 10 year major repair.
So there were several stops in the fog.





We made it up to the Logan Pass Visitor’s Center
where we had originally thought we would hike
but given the weather……a lot of other people
were also chilling given the temperature.



It was still beautiful fog and clouds and rain
and hail and all.  Apparently the predicted snow
had fallen on AUGUST 31st, but was off the roads by the time
we got there.  We were told by some friends
that Glacier had 150’ of snow this past winter.
If so, that’s just AMAZING!




We walked around in the visitors center,
saw photos of the snow up over the roof
in June of this year.  Talked to the rangers
and headed back down to better weather
with the vow to come back on one of
the 85 degree days predicted for this week-end.




Really beautiful in any weather isn’t it??




We arrived back to Lake McDonald under cloud
but bluing skies.




What a difference a couple thousand feet make.




  1. Great photos of the drive and that's an especially great one of Lake McDonald. I miss Glacier, but we sure are enjoying Yellowstone! and we miss you guys, too!

  2. Yes, it is spectacular even in the rain and clouds!!

    What an amazing road, can't wait to see more and read more about it. Looking forward to seeing where your hiking takes us;o))

    Wonderful Photos:o)))

  3. Simply spectacular! We might just have to stay there for a couple years once we get out that way. It just seems there is too much to see in one short summer :)

  4. The wispy fog makes it all seem more mysterious.

  5. Great pictures - especially the clouds reflected in the lake :)


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