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Pete Takes the Prize

Sunday September 11,  2011
Mountain View Campground
Sundance, Wyoming

We were up and nearly on our way on this morning
when I went to bring in the rear slide and it moved about
6” and quit.  I tried again…the pump made its noise but
nothing else happened.

David was at a loss.  I googled the problem and found lots
of suggestions.  David did this and that and some other thing
and then went up to check and see if the front slide would
work and found he’d left the keys
in the ignition in auxiliary position
ever since leveling up the afternoon before.
This is NOT a good idea.

But at least it wasn’t another solenoid or another fuse or
the half dozen other things folks suggested when your HWH
system is on the fritz.  Now all we had to do was get the engine
battery charged up enough to start the motor and we could
bring the slides in, unlevel and be on our way.

And ultimately that’s what happened.
We were late on the road again but
after another 200 miles
we landed at Peter D’s RV Park
in Sheridan, Wyoming.
Bye bye Montana.

Hmmmm what is it with these RV parks
with Men’s names??
Dick’s – Peter D’s???
Are there more men with RV parks
or am I just picking RV Parks with men’s names?
An excellent thing to ponder in all my free time.

After spending Sunday night here,



I have to say that
His was
Interstate park of the past 3 nights.
The worst for the cost of laundry.
$2 for a small washer
and $2 for an hour of drying
but who needs an hour to bake your clothes? 
Give me $1 for 30 minutes and if I need more,
I’ll give you another $1.

But mostly Pete was the worst for
Not only the freeway and trains
Really loud trains that blew their whistles
every hour on the half hour
ALL night long.

Even ear plugs and the Air Conditioning fan
running all night couldn’t cover them up
I was dead tired when I got up this morning.

Part of the problem I know is that I have lived
half of my life in a very quiet neighborhood.
I like to sleep with my windows open and the
night sounds all around me.
I hate motors of any kind and all kinds including
but not limited to…….cars, buses, trucks, trains and fans.

Ok I hear you saying ENOUGH already….get on with it.
Anyway, today was another driving day.
It really does take FORever to
get across Montana.

But this time there was a good end in sight.
We drove “only” 166 miles and made it
to Sundance Wyoming.
And yes this is the home of
the “Sundance Kid” who was really
from Pennsylvania and his name was
really Harry Longabaugh.
He left home at about 15 and was
arrested at about 18 as a horse thief
and spent 18 months in the Sundance Jail.

So now, thanks to Robert Redford and
Paul Newman, the town has a statue of this
horse thief as one of its main claims to fame.

sundance kid 

But that’s not why we were here.
We picked this spot because of its
proximity to Devil’s Tower National Monument.

We had intended originally to boondock there
but at this point, ankles being what they
are, we thought heat and lights were
probably a good idea.

And that’s a shame since we later
saw the campground and it is
really beautiful.
Views of the tower from every site I think.

But we’re camped here at
Mountain View Campground,
a Passport America Park.
Full hook ups for $17.82

Mountain view

And a mountain view!

(David says, "Hardly a Mountain, Looks more like a Hill")
But Hill View doesn't have quite the same ring does it???


  1. Never, ever, ever go to Goshen IN and stay at the Fairgrounds! It takes the prize for most trains in a 24 hour period.
    Glad the slide issue was just operator error :) Those can be much cheaper than the "I'm totally broken and need a $100/hr mechanic" kind :)

  2. The park in New Orleans was backed up to a 16 track train changing place. They blew, banged, clanged & hissed the whole week i was there. Nothing in literature or ads EVER mentioned that little detail when i made reservations :)
    I am also a window open sleeper!

  3. Now you won't be able to sleep because it's too quiet!

    Phew, glad you figured out that slide issue and it didn't cost you anything.

    Sometimes you got to have a winnning hand. :c)

  4. Now let me be clear... Your saying you don't like train and motor noises, correct??? LOL

    But you will love Devils Tower :o))

    Even if Pete's wasn't noisy, the photo looks like it was the PITS!!

    Glad the slide was just a hiccup and nothing major ;o))

    Speaking of your ankle...how goes it?? What is the game plan...just time heals??

  5. We loved Devil's tower. Last year we got to go there..it's an amazing place.

  6. We are a bit too close to I-40 here at Enchanted trails. Handy for seeing Albuquerque but I can hear the traffic.

  7. Glad the slide issue turned out to be something minor. Now get a good night's sleep!

  8. Yucky campground - glad it was only a night!! Yes, mountain has more of a ring - even in the farm's name - just not the same ;)


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