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Waiting for HWH and others

Monday September 26, 2011
Forest City, Iowa


Today is Day 5 of Waiting.

Yesterday, Sunday, we went out to lunch at Scoopy Doos

Forest City 004


with Dennis and Holly Ann Rogers
who will be leaving tomorrow to go on their merry way!


Forest City 003A

It’s a cute place with wonderful ice cream choices
including a small malt for $2.85.
More to come in future posts on that.

My lunch was so filling
that I actually skipped the ice cream.
CAN you believe that??
But I’ll obviously have plenty of time for a return trip
though Bill so don’t you worry.


Today, Monday,
we were up and over in the Service parking lot at 7am.
Along with a LOT of other folks.
We were there to get the second hood latch put on.
Like the part for the slide, it wasn’t in stock so
the only one Mitch could put on for us on Friday
was the one we had brought with us.
But he had ordered the part which,
unlike the slide part, did not
have to be made before it could be shipped
It would be in today we had been told
be here at 7am.

So we were expecting this to be a one or two hour deal.


So we went back to Sally’s

Forest City 008 

to try breakfast which we ate
before I thought to get a shot of it.


 Scoopy & the service center 001


Looks like a breakfast club meets here.


Scoopy & the service center 002 

Now I do have to say that Sally’s is sweet and
a real home town place and has great prices
but we have now had both the meals she offers,
breakfast and lunch.
I recommend you just go for pie.


We were back at Winnebago by 9:30
and waited some more. 


Scoopy & the service center 004 


Here is what the 4 leggeds who were also waiting did.

Scoopy & the service center 007  


Are you a “soda” or a “pop” drinker??
Hadn’t seen this since I moved out of the
midwest of my childhood to go away to college.


  Scoopy & the service center 005


At 1:00, 6 hours after we had come in,
they finally decided to update us on with the fact
that the part had not come in on the first shipment.

And so we waited some more.
They close at 3:30. 

At 3:10 Mitch informed us the part finally did come in
and he’d put it on the hood but the glue wasn’t dry.
But of course they close at 3:30.

He could put the hood back on but he
didn’t advise it until the glue dried.
Of course it was raining now and is
predicted to rain today, tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night.

SO we brought Winnona back over to the parking lot
for the night and since it is raining and windy
I insisted that David put plastic over the gaping hole
in the front.

Now we sit and wait for HWH to
make the part we need for the slide
and send it to Winnebago.
The part was ordered last Thursday
we were told.   It might take a
week to make it and get it to us from
Moscow Iowa we were told.

In truth, all of our problems with Winnona
have been due to HWH parts.
Jacks and slides.
Anyone have any idea why Winnebago still
uses them as a supplier?
Is there no one else?
Do all coaches have HWH hydraulics??

Maybe tomorrow we’ll do something other than wait.
Like go eat ice cream!!


  1. I grew up as a pop drinker, but have turned into a soda drinker after all these years in the south :)

  2. If you're looking for a small town Iowa dinner experience, go north and west a bit to Thompson, IA and have dinner at The Branding Iron. It's worth the trip!

    We know how it is to wait in Forest City. Hang in there!

    And, no, not all coaches have HWH hydraulics. Some have Power Gear. (But, we have HWH...trouble free for us so far!)

  3. Skipping ice cream???!!! Sherry, you need the calcium to help your ankle heal (how's that for a good excuse to eat lots of ice cream?).

    There are other manufacturers that make parts for RVs besides HWH, Power Gear is one, Kwikee (the same company that makes the steps) and they have issues, too. Sometimes even worse than HWH.

    Seems like in this bad economy, HWH is making just enough parts to supply RV builders. They don't seem to make enough spares to keep on the shelf. Maybe this is smart business in tight times, but it sure is frustrating for an RV owner.

    I carry some extra parts that might be hard to get in a pinch like fan belts, fuel filters, extra switches, fuses, misc screws, bolts, wire and even a spare tire, DP don't come with them. Too bad I can't anticipate everything.

    I won't complain, though, if sometimes I have to adjust my plans to wait for a part. I'm much more comfrotable in my RV than in the old days in a tent! ;c)

  4. All the furkids look so relaxed. They have nothing to worry about :)

  5. Sherry,
    I read your blog to Bill while he was on the treadmill. (Yes, it is still raining here.) He almost fell off the treadmill when I got to the "no room for ice cream" part!! We both hope the repairs get done on time and you can get one your way soon. But even sitting still in Forrest City beats the Sticks and Bricks ;o))

    Hugs....Nancy and Bill

  6. Glad to know that Grace will have a good place to snooze if we ever have to get serviced there.

    Skip the lunch - eat the ice cream :)

  7. Funny, Sherry...I am soda, and it took me quite a few weeks to get used to people in Michigan coming in the store and asking where the pop is...to me, Pop is in Florida :-). Now I'm back east, and its back to soda!
    keep your sense of humor, girl!

  8. Oh, I so feel your pain. . .what is the deal with service departments that they can't communicate? It's like, oh you're stuck here at our mercy. . .too bad!

    Wishing you success,

  9. Let me tally:

    Not skipping ice cream
    Your ankle is only brokenish
    Your horrible free parking spot is free
    You met some kindred spirits
    Dennis brought a book


    Actually, why go there? I'm glad there are some bright spots here and there, and that there's a place to go where you feel justified eating pie instead of dinner.

    I'm on a roll, thanking bloggers for putting their word thingie on the same page-load as the comment box. Thank you!

  10. We have had issues with HWH parts. Apaarently they not still doing that well
    When we needed a part they had to call someone in to rebuild oneas they had no new ones. Not good, but since that is what we have would hate to see them go under :(

  11. We're pop drinkers even after living in Virginia for 20 plus years. I learned to call it soda during that timeframe so people wouldn't look at me funny, but it's always been pop to us.

    Scoopy Doos looks like a fun and colorful place. I guess you'll have an opportunity to go back again and try the ice cream this time.

  12. Sherry, I saw your post on the other Al and Karen's blog about Crystal River FL. My parents live in Crystal River, and we stay at Rainbow Springs SP. It's about 15 minutes away from them, and we really like it. Pricey, but it is full hookups, and what isn't pricey in Florida in the winter?? If you're going to be on Florida's west coast this winter, drop me a line! We're working at Otter Springs CG in Trenton, on the Suwanee River. And we plan on going to the Tampa RV Supershow while its there.

  13. Patience is a virtue so they say - but, it is so annoying when something you hope will take only a little time takes SO long!


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