Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

Henry David Thoreau

My Day

Wednesday December 7, 2011

Thanks to my younger twin sister Nancy
who at 5:23 AM this morning
set up this great birthday party for me!
It was a blast Nancy, wish you’d been here
No actually, wish we’d all been there especially since
Roamin could have come too!
And maybe those other folks who went kayaking without
me and Moby and Roamin. 
ducky party

But the party had started the night before when
Birthday cake 002A
David baked my favorite cake which many of you
have seen on other occasions.  It is THE special family recipe. 
CHOCOlate and THICK butter cream icing. 
He told me  it was supposed to say RV DreamER   but,
“sometimes” you just don’t plan far enough ahead.J

Birthday cake 004

Still it was as magnificently DElicious as always.
My friend Pam, David and I
each had two slices and
by noon on my birthday,
here’s what it looked like.
Better hurry over if you want any!

Carrie called me at 8am to be the first Happy Birthday Call I received
and then she called again at 8pm to see how my day had gone.  
What a SWEETIE!!

I received emails, face book notes and cards. 
It is so nice to be remembered although I realize face book gives new meaning to “remembering” 
And I don’t check it often but knowing that a lot folks I know use it frequently,
I did check today.

Mother Nature’s gift was a full day and night of cold rain
but at least she skipped
the previously predicted snow.
Certainly didn’t need that kind of “icing on the cake”.

In years past, I took EVERY birthday off.   My own personal holiday.  I FIRMLY believe every employer should give every employee a holiday on her birthday.  It’s just a nice not so costly gesture of appreciation that too few do. 

But – lucky lucky me -  now every day is a holiday and I’m happy to be alive and experiencing the full meaning of freedom. 

alarm clock1

So I celebrated not having an alarm clock wake me up.

chocolate chip1

Having as leisurely a breakfast as I wanted. 

But then I do those things EVERY DAY!  What a life!

Then since the weather didn’t cooperate for any outdoor activity, 
and speaking of not planning far enough ahead,
I continued on with my quest to find some places for us to stay in Florida beginning when my current plans end, January 25th, and going on through February.  So far I am batting
unless I want to spend upwards of $40 a night.

birthday presents 
Anyone with suggestions of places to stay warm for those 6 weeks?
Those would be GREAT birthday presents!!

I finished up my day with my friend of over 30 years,
Lynda, who insisted on taking me out for dinner and a movie.  
Both rare activities for me.
Birthday dinner

Special thanks to all the people in my life who make me glad I was born and particularly to my mother, Margie Eileen Hoff Lloyd,
whom I miss every single day
but especially on our birthdays.
Hers was 2 weeks to the day after mine.
Margie Sherry & Earl circa 1948A


  1. Happy Birthday, Sherry! And many more.

    Hope you went to the right kind of movie, not one of those kind where you would have to have an adult with you to go in!

    Wish I knew of a reasonable campground in FL for you. Keep trying, you'll find something.

  2. Facebook may be one thing , but we certainly thought about you today! Happy Birthday!! (You're so cute in that last picture.)
    Syl & Gin

  3. Try CEDAR KEY FL. Less expensive, if looking for a rv park.

  4. Happy Birthday Sherry! If you wouldn't mind a bit further north in Florida, Otter Springs where we are working is between $410-$440 monthly. Drop me a note if you want more info!

  5. Well it looks like you had a real nice birthday!! But like you say, you now live a life of everyday birthdays ;o))

  6. Happy Birthday, Sherry! (To your twin also.)

  7. So glad that you had a good day! That cake looked yummy.

  8. we just started looking ourselves for places to stay warm - if we score on we will let you know what we find... otherwise we are destined for a colder winter in northern Florida that we had hoped...

  9. Happy Birthday - the cake looks yummy!

  10. OH and your daughter called you at 8 am and then again at 8 pm! :) I want that cake!!! Great post.

  11. Thanks for that update - you are a sweetie too!!

  12. Happy Birthday Sherry! Wishing you many, many more! Despite the cold weather outside it sounds like you had a nice warm and cozy day. Nice family photo!

  13. Okay, so I'm trying to leave a comment. We'll see what happens. I love the picture of you with your parents. What a cutie. And the picture of the 2 of us isn't bad either!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday, sounds like you had a good one. Happy to hear you enjoyed it.

    If you look at our blog and click on March 2008 and March 2010, with some looking you can find some of the places that we have stayed at in Florida that were fairly cheap. Not sure if they will be quite what you are looking for but maybe it will help.

    Kevin and Ruth

  15. Sherry, all of Galbadon's books center on Jamie & Claire, somehow or minor characters like John Grey, the Scottish Prisoner IS Jamie, I think Claire is back in current times having her baby, it is after Culloden
    Happy Birthday to you!


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