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Town Lights & Country Lights

Monday December 19, 2011


Thought you might enjoy seeing what some folks do in town
for holiday decorations and what others do in the country.

This house has for years had more lights and decorations than any other in Charlottesville. 

And each year is more extravagant than the last.
You can hardly even see the house anymore.
It even has its own facebook page you’ll notice. 

I went by just before dark.


Holiday Lights 023


Here’s the fence around the yard.


Holiday Lights 010



Holiday Lights 015

The gate into the yard through “Santa’s House”

Holiday Lights 011


The garage


Holiday Lights 016


Holiday Lights 018


Holiday Lights 019


The RV sitting just beyond the soldiers and in front of the “real garage”


Holiday Lights 020


And then after dark.

The fence and gate.

Holiday Lights 033


The “drive” to the garage


Holiday Lights 032 

Inside the yard


Holiday Lights 036



Holiday Lights 042


This is actually his house. 
How does he get in there for the entire month of December?


Holiday Lights 038


Not sure which he has more of blow up figures or lights


Holiday Lights 037 


The circus tent lights above blink on and off so
they don’t show totally in some of the pictures
but they do in this one.


Holiday Lights 042


Ok enough, time to go back out
through the Santa’s House “gate”


Holiday Lights 044

Can’t imagine what his electric bill is.


In contrast,
here is the lighting of one of our local folks
out in the country. 
What to do with a broken down pick up sitting in your front yard.


Truck 2


Tis’ the Season!


  1. There is a house in Livermore CA - Deacon Dave's - and he has the place lit up and things to see everywhere just like the one you are blogging about. I think donations cover a lot of his electric bill, and I don't remember what it is but he has a sign posted that gives statistics. I think it is beautiful to see, but way over the top when the world is in such a state, and also a waste of energy. I guess I'm an old grinch. The kids all seem to enjoy it though, and it's a long time since I was a kid.

  2. Wow, i was speechless,some people really go all out and spend LOTS of time and effort on Christmas!!

  3. Whew. Does it mean I'm a redneck if I like the decorated old truck out in the country? I don't yet have my name on the back of my belt, but Texas is young yet.

  4. Sometimes less is more. In this case, I prefer the lighted broken down pickup truck. The other is just too over the top for me.

  5. That's really nice but makes me glad I have a generator on our motorhome for when this guy overheats the power grid and causes a nation wide blackout.

    Hopefully all those windmills we passed on our drive West will help take up the slack... ;c)

  6. "Joy To The World" ... that has to put a smile on a lot of faces:o)))

    By my count, it is 10 days including today :o)))

  7. Nice, but definitely a waste of energy! Oh well, tis the season! :)

  8. yes...tis the season. The lights must amazing in person.

  9. Oh wow ... by the time he takes down the decorations, it will be time to put them back up again.

  10. Love the pick-up truck! Thanks for sharing the pics!

  11. Woweee! Wish I was there to see them! I took my girls every year at Christmas Eve to see the lights in a wonderfully lit up entire neighborhood with luminaries up and down the streets of a subdivision in Mishawaka, IN. Eldy and I were going to see the lights in Naples on a trolley tour, but they wanted 25.00 a PERSON to do that! Forget that! We'd drive around ourselves if we knew where to look!

  12. People are crazy- but you gotta love their passion!

  13. Too much stuff!! My mom lives in town and the folks across the street have their truck lit up like that country one. I like "subdued joy" but that pretty much describes me. :-)

  14. I agree less is more and prefer the broken down pickup truck. However, I'll bet kids really love all the lights at the other place. I can't even begin to imagine how much time it must take to put all those up!!

  15. Looks all pretty but it sure goes to the extreme. I would hate the electrical bill but I would also hate setting all that up and taking it all down. And where would you store it all for the rest of the year?

    Kevin and Ruth

  16. Too much if you ask me - that has got to take some major time! Wonder how he got into all that in the first place... There is a whole street here in the Hampden neighborhood that goes crazy with the lights. If you move onto the street, you have to be willing to light up your house and let people walk up and down for 2 or 3 weeks each winter to view - neat tradition. They are row houses so they can't go as crazy as that guy in the post. He's over the top he is!

  17. Well, Sherry, you got me. I don't think that I've seen this house, but will have to look for it. I wouldn't mind putting all of this up, but saints protect us when it all had to come down. Oh, me.

    Hope that y'all had a nice relaxing day.


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