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On the Road Again – HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Saturday night  December 31, 2011
Zooland Family Campground Site 16
Asheboro, North Carolina


Santa brought the Hullavator but
he didn’t install it.  So one of his elves did
on the day AFTER Christmas.
How nice!

Always read the instructions first even if you are an elf.

But now the Farm workamping job is over and
Winnona is off for more fun and adventure. 

Just in time too…..temperatures are predicted to drop
to 13 and 14 degrees next week.

A parting shot from Greenfield Mountain Farm
as Winnona leaves the barnyard.



We came 215 miles today. 
With only one stop at the North Carolina Welcome Center
where they were definitely all set up for the holiday.
Looked like someone’s multi treed living room.




Winnona is currently all set up at Zooland Famly Campground
outside of Asheboro North Carolina
where the Passport America rate is $14 for full hook ups
and all the sites are pull throughs.  
Nice sites in the tall pines.
Perfect place for an overnight if you need to go
on I-71 or I-73 or US 220 S.


On the road again


We’ll see how much New Year’s partying they do here.
As for us, we’ll be takin’ it easy and likely asleep
long before midnight.

Here’s a toast to my Darling Carrie who
gave me this bottle of Bailey’s for my birthday!
Happy New Year Sweetheart!


On the Road Again 002A

And Happy New Year to all of you too!!
Thank you SO much for following along with our adventures.
And for all the great comments that let me know you are out there
and not offended by all my hot air.

Off to South Carolina tomorrow. 
See you there.


  1. I'm thinking Bailey's is just right for New Year's Eve! :)

  2. Happy New year! Bailey's is perfect :-)

  3. I wish you all the best for the New Year, and I'm with Judy that Bailey's is perfect!

  4. Oh goody, on the road again. Like your farm and things u do there, but u guys do so much and see so much and share!!! It is fun! Travel safe!

  5. That Bailey's reminds me that we were going to have an early toast for the New Year with Amarula. Oh well; we'll have to do it next year as one of is already tucked away for the night :-))) Happy New Year and Happy Trails.

  6. The country farm is great, but it is like a breath of fresh air to be finished with the workcamping and back rolling down the road - especially one heading SOUTH! Goodbye Winter.

  7. Happy New Year... and may 2012 be happier than 2011...

  8. Happy New Year Sherry and David! Glad you're out here again, and I hope we cross paths in FL. We'll be going to the Tampa RV show Thursday 1/12, and staying at Hillsborough SP 1/10-1/13. Otherwise, we'll be found either at Otter Springs, or the family home in Homosassa!

  9. Alright, finally rolling again!

    Happy New Year, may 2012 bring you many more adventures (and no more broken ankles!). :c)

  10. On the Road Again ;o))

    I was thinking about you two all day at work. I kept waiting for you to pass through the Home Depot intersection ;o)) Just kidding!!

    2012 if going to be another terrific for you and us!! Save some of that Bailey's for another toast with us in 6 days ;o))

    Happy New Year!!!

  11. Happy New Year-Try a shot of that Bailey's in some hot chocolate mmmmm...

  12. Happy 2012!! We'll see ya at Hillsborough River. Ours will be a short visit since we have a date to meet TAWANDA!

  13. Aww - I'm glad you're enjoying the baileys! Happy New Year to be best pair of parents on the planet :) So glad you are 'on the road again'!

  14. We stayed at Zooland back in October! Glad to hear that you guys are headed south. We leave on Thursday and it won't get here soon enough! Safe travels and Happy New Year!

  15. So glad you're on the road again :)

    Looking forward to following your new adventures.

    Happy New Year to you both!

  16. Happy New Year.
    Ella and I did manage to stay up until past midnight, to the surprise of our kids and grandkids. But the truth is, it was only because we were "working" taking pictures at a dance at the ballroom our friend owns.
    I'm glad you are on the road again. I'm looking forward to reading more of your 'adventures'.

  17. Woo Hoo -- on the road again!! Can't wait to follow along on new upcoming adventures.

    Happy New Year!

  18. Happy New Year! Hoping you have a great year ahead.

    Kevin and Ruth

  19. Wow, y'all don't waste any time. South Carolina sounds really good right now. I have been spoiled by this mild weather and am really dreading this week of cold temps in C'ville. Boo hoo. Have fun in the sun!


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