Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.

Henry David Thoreau

And to top it all off



Given the current state of multiple problems in my life
as I know it, this was NOT what I needed today.


After taking off the recently made totally annoying verification
on the blog, I added a new post last night,
turned my machine off, went to bed,


Apparently google didn’t like that I dropped verification
because they shoved the “verification” idea right in my face.
I got up this morning to a message from google
saying I’d put in an incorrect password and they’d closed my account and taken my blog down until I “verified”.  

What does that mean??
I was asleep.  I didn’t put in any password.


For them, Verify means that they send you a little screen
to put your phone number in and then they call you
with a verification code. 


How do they know the phone number they send the code to
is the right person?


I just sighed and went through the drill and just
that my machine isn’t compromised somehow.


Google is beginning to feel like Microsoft as another
 big brother in one’s life.


In any case, if you tried to read my latest post
and couldn’t, that’s why.
If you’d still like to read it, it’s below this one.


  1. Sherry,
    Here is a test of the American Comment System;o)) I will tune in to the regularly schedul blog when I return from Mom's later today!!

    Your Lean Upon........

  2. Glad you're back on. I wondered what had happened...and I am SO glad you turned off word aggravation!

  3. Didn't have any trouble reading "More Fun With Friends" when I got up this morning, but trying to read comments on Judy and Emma, it took me to Google maps! Darn Blogger! I better hurry up and make books out of my blog before my blog disappears!

  4. I just turned my verification off this morning. I was worried when your blog vanished.

  5. So sorry for your problem with Blogger but I am so GLAD you turned off word verification! Since they changed it to the new version, I have not been able to leave many comments on blogs. It keeps telling me that I've typed in the words wrong! GRRRR! After awhile, I just give up. Glad I don't have to give up on yours :)

  6. A number of us have suffered a the closure of the blog. This is some sort of glitch, but thanks to a guide from Rick, I was able to get it right back also.

    welcome back to blogland:)

  7. Whew..had me worried this morning...I didn't think you'd disappeared! I agree with you about Google..they are starting to make me wonder..

  8. I turned off my word verification last night, and I woke up to some comments so I guess I'm still "on the air". I'm so glad you are back - I was very worried when your blog disappeared without any explanation except something about being pulled by the owner.

  9. I tried to read it in the wee hours of the morning when I can't sleep and it was gone. I don't like it when blogger tries to fix something that ain't broke.

  10. On the bright side, at least you've proven you're not a robot...

    We were ready to drop everything and head straight to Florida to check up on you!

  11. So glad to see you back ... I was worried when I couldn't get to your blog this morning.

  12. If Google is so smart, why can't they detect and block the spamming that word verification is supposed to control?


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