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Paddling with Friends

Saturday February 4, 2012


I just love the view out our front window. 

So do Moby and Handy who have set up a slightly elevated spot
for better viewing.
It seems the Aloe plant likes to hang out in the shower
with its skylight rather than on the dashboard
and the Duckie Brothers have taken
over its drain tray, turning it upside down for a little lift.

E.G. Simmona Ruskin, FL Site #65 001


Some of you may already have read about this kayak trip
on Gin and Syl’s or Dan and Trisha’s blogs.  
They are all more on the ball and up to date than I.  
But I want to have my pictures and my memories
as part of my record so I’ll share them with you.
There are 3 sides to this story.  :-)


Due to an oversight, we left the Duckie Brothers
watching us from the coach as we pulled away
from the shore

We could almost see them
there in Winnona but it was too late by then.
They are sure going to be mad missing a water
opportunity like this.


E.G. Simmona Ruskin, FL Site #65 005


Gin & Syl’s site is upstream from ours
so Dan and Trisha and Gin and Syl put in
there and paddled down to pick us up.



We felt really badly when we saw Roamin was
with Syl


E.G. Simmona Ruskin, FL Site #65 010


We saw a variety of birds.
Like these……

maybe my birding friends can help me identify them.

I think this is a little blue heron.

E.G. Simmona Ruskin, FL Site #65 014

And these are oyster catchers.


This is a pink floater

E.G. Simmona Ruskin, FL Site #65 009

And of course the speed limit obeying pelican.
He is idling isn’t he???



There were some races.
Not sure who’s ahead but you’ve got to love the hat!

E.G. Simmona Ruskin, FL Site #65 017


Looks like the hat won.

E.G. Simmona Ruskin, FL Site #65 018


Beautiful Sandy Beaches.

E.G. Simmona Ruskin, FL Site #65 019


E.G. Simmona Ruskin, FL Site #65 026 


Wild life that posed for photographs

E.G. Simmona Ruskin, FL Site #65 040 


E.G. Simmona Ruskin, FL Site #65 039






E.G. Simmona Ruskin, FL Site #65 021


Really lovely spots for congregating.







Just an all around wonderful day!
Thanks to Gin & Syl & Dan & Trisha
and the amazingly beautiful Natural World!

E.G. Simmona Ruskin, FL Site #65 041


  1. Every day is a good day when spent with good friends. What a great paddle.
    Are the duckies speaking to you yet?

  2. Hey, the duckies have to learn that it is not ALL about them;o)) Next time!!

    What a beautiful paddle. Love the wildlife. Especially the rare and unusual Pink Floater;o))

    Nature sure is wonderful!!!

  3. Poor duckies. You were cheating on them with all those other birds. Shame on you :)

  4. good capture of the idling pelican :-)

  5. What fun! Boy you have the best site - right up from a put-in - how fantastic. Loved the bird pictures and especially...the hat!! Great look, Dad :)

  6. Every day spent with friends is a good day. I like the pink floater too!

  7. What a fun, relaxing day with good friends! :-)

  8. I think the scientific name is Pinkinus floaterus. It was indeed a great day. :-)

  9. Wonderful pictures, wonderful day!!

  10. wonderful pictures excellent day and fantastic memories...

  11. The cool thing about my boating hat, fashion statement that it is, is that it will not blow off my head no matter what the wind speed - we learned that in Utah I think it was.

  12. Okay,

    So you have a flock of birds, a pod of whales or a gaggle of geese.

    What, then, do you call a group of RV kayakers?

    I'm thinking...crazy! ;c)

  13. The hat definitely won, and the pelican was definitely idling, as allowed by law. Love your pics, as always. You bring your adventures to life with those pics every time :)


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