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“Paul” is reassigned and other Good News

Tuesday  February 21, 2012


Things have been looking up
since the end of the hiccup saga.

On Sunday David was  really hoping to get out
in the  kayaks but it was rainy and windy.
Not a good day for being on the water. 
He  felt fine and thought it was a shame
to waste feeling great and not being able to DO something.


Monday was treatment day # 3. 
We left here at noon.
Got to the office where they took more
blood and put him in the treatment chair.
I went off to try to run some errands.
I needed to pick up some really exciting items like
a bottle of tank cleaner, Purr water filter cartridges,
and a copy of Turbo Tax.
OH Boy!

Everything went well and we were home
by 5:00 waiting to see if the hiccup shoe
would drop tomorrow.

Tuesday was a lovely day, high about 76.

I went running first thing in the morning.
The campground has really cleared out now that the “holiday” is over. 

There were only 10 folks still camped  when I ran by all 40 sites this morning.


See her there in the distance?  

Winnona looks all alone.  I LOVE it this way!!

But that will change as the week goes on.





David got up, while I was gone,
got himself some breakfast, got dressed
and went out for a walk. 


He spotted the resident Heron hanging out by the spring run
which is where the spring begins its trip to the Alafia River.


Water rushing to the river


He's not rushing anywhere


A pair of Ibis were feeding along the shore


Does she see her reflection?


Ibis are SO easy to recognize


After enjoying the spring run activity,

Notice the Lifeguard house 


he walked on around the shoreline to the Lifeguard house


See lifeguard house??



Getting closer


At the Lifeguard station, he found
the second BIG news of the day.


Life Guard House!!

Due to the previous astute observations by former Agent
Paul Dahl, lifeguard “Paul” and his ball capped drinking buddy
have been reassigned to Wall Duty.
Well done Agent Dahl!!


The Demoted Duo

Lots of excitement with that big news this morning
but the afternoon didn’t turn out to be quite
as much fun.


The kayak idea got pushed back again
since we really had to take advantage of this
feeling well time to try to get the car repair set up.
We’ve had a “temporary fix” on our
fuel return line for nearly a month now.
Today, David was able to finally figure out what the
part needed is, order it through a Honda Dealer
and get someone who charges less than $100 an
hour and doesn’t “charge by the book” in terms of
how they bill you to put it on.

For those not in the know (like me), “charge by the book”
(aka flat rate), means a shop charges the number of hours
this job is “supposed” to take according to their book.
Whose book?  Who does the book?
No idea.
But for this repair, the dealer quoted 4.5 hours.
At $100 an hour that’s $450 to put on a
$37.95 part.



We chose to have a local well reviewed shop,
Precision Auto in Brandon Florida,
(thank you Car Talk Mechanic ratings)
do it rather than the dealer because they charge by the hours it
actually takes them to do this. 
In this case probably really one or two.

Crossing our fingers this can happen on Thursday.


And for those of you waiting and wondering…….


The most fun today and the number one
BIG news is no hiccups!!

 Feels like we won a prize.
On with paddling tomorrow for sure!!


  1. Just love the pictures, so peaceful, WISH WE WERE THERE (LOL).
    Have you ever heard of Angies List ? I found
    everything I need, dentist, auto mechanic, furniture refinisher etc., only about $40.00 a year for our area, I wonder if it would benefit you ??
    Also, I saw on T.V. a few weeks ago drinking water up-side down gets rid of hic-ups ???? Just sayin......Just a thought, wish you both well.

  2. AWESOME day, awesome news, we're all celebrating with you!

  3. No hiccups ... rooting for this trend to continue.

  4. Glad to hear that David is doing well and able to get out, hike and not scare the birds away with hiccups! Answered prayers. :c)

    Glad to see that loafing lifeguard has been taken to task and put in his place! ;c)

  5. OH, I'm so relieved to hear this.

    Next, I'll be relieved to hear that the part took 8 minutes to replace. That won't cost an hour, will it? Well, in that case, I'll be relieved to hear it took 59 minutes.

    The Good Luck Duck

  6. Oh, and what's "wall duty"?

    The upside-down water trick really works for garden variety hiccups, but it sounds like these were some kind of teenage mutant ninja hiccups.

  7. Sounds like a pretty good outcome with the hiccups staying away. Hope the car repair goes well too.

  8. WOO HOO...Great News on many levels but the top of the list is NO HICCUPS :o))

    Just nice to hear David is out and about doing things that you enjoy. Hopefully, that paddle will take place tomorrow!!

    We'll keep the positive thoughts coming along with all you are getting from everyone out here in Blogvillle:o))

  9. we should be driving by Brandon,Florida tomorrow on our way to Bushnell... will wave to the both of you as we drive by and wish you both well...

  10. Pretty sure Angie's List requires you to join in "an area". Pretty hard for full timers. I find great reviews of things without spending the $40 a year.

    AS for upside down drinking it makes me laugh! I always have this picture of someone hanging from some monkey bars trying to drink a glass of water upside down. But Rox is right, no home remedies would phase those Heavy Duty Darth Vadar type hiccups.

    Wall duty is where you hang up and dry out! :-)

  11. Hey there team Boyd! Sounds like a successful day! I hope Winnona gets all fixed up! Uncle Dave, glad to hear the hiccups have stayed at bay. Love you guys!

  12. Hey there Justin, Carmen, Norah and ???? - Glad to see you are out there. Luckily it isn't Winnona who has to go to the shop it's Ruby (the Honda). Otherwise it would be a BIG bill!

  13. I got on hoping to hear this news about David. Wonderful! So glad he's doing well with the treatments, too, but the fact that the hiccups will let him get his rest is the best news of all.

    The park you're in looks wonderful, and the pictures are gorgeous.

    Keep on keeping' on, as they say. You have many people who care about the two of you.

  14. So very happy for the "no hiccups"! Hope things progress a bit more smoothly for you both.
    Good luck to Ruby! Hope they can fix her fast! :)

  15. So glad to hear the 'no hiccup' news....good luck with the car reapirs...highway robbery when they charge for the house they feel the job should take..instead of the actual working hours..what is our world coming to...have a super weekend and I hope your both able to paddle tomorrow...

  16. Thanks to you all for checking on us and commenting. Your comments are a highlight in our lives. We really look forward to them. That you care about us and are wishing us well means SO much. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  17. Thank heavens! Just the thought of David's hiccups was making me feel sick. I can't imagine. I send positive thoughts southward every day.

  18. Hope the hiccups stay buried forever, Ruby is fixed quickly and inexpensively, and more good news keeps coming your way!

  19. Great news about the hiccups.

    Enjoy your kayak trip. It's looking like it's going to be a nice day.

    I was just reading the Good Luck Duck Blog and saw a link for "health care for poor people" When I clicked on it, there was a link for low cost prescriptions. You already know about it.

  20. Sounds like a good and a productive day. I love the birds. Such a peaceful place . . .. Thanks, as always, for sharing. Thinking of you all the time!

  21. Here's another comment for you!! I enjoyed this post! Lovely pictures and good news :)

  22. Yeah for no more hiccups! Having hiccups for that long must sap ALL of your strength. Hopefully, those things are behind you, David, and better things are on the horizon. Glad through all of this that both of you can take time to smell the roses/watch the birds and river dwellers. Thinking of you both every day.. and always watching for a bright spot in this "war" you are waging. Love, carol


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