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Picking up groceries and daughter

Sunday November 18, 2012
Site 59 Hunting Island State Park
Hunting Island, South Carolina



 Last Day at Salt Springs (3) We’re up and getting started with our departure lists when I look out the window and see the 60’s Vanagon I mentioned in yesterday’s post pulling out.  That’s what I get for not opening our shades first thing.  Now I’ve missed talking to these interesting people.  SHOOT!

With full hook ups and no need to stop by the dump station, we are on our way in record time.  We’ve decided that David will take Winnona straight to Walkabout Campground in Georgia -117 miles and I will stop by Whole Foods in Jacksonville to get all the food provisions for Thanksgiving and 16 days on an island 20 miles from the closest town.

As you can imagine, on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, Whole Foods is packed.  I’m too busy trying to locate all the things on my list to take pictures but here’s a shot of the receipt for groceries for 3.  OUCH!!  But I’m not complaining.  Safe nutritious food is one of the most important things we spend our money on and yet it is still, in a year,  less than 10% of our income.


The grocery receipt 002


We get to Walkabout which is still the perfect stop over in Georgia just off I95.  We’ve stopped here every time we come up or down 95 for the past 3 years.  Nice pull through, full hook ups.  This time we are in site #2 at the far end.  Not my favorite spot since it’s closer to the highway noise but still for $16.50 no complaints.  We’ll be back here after our days at Hunting Island on our return to Florida.


Up bright and early this morning.  I go out running, we get the coach ready to roll and again split up.  This time David goes straight to Hunting Island State Park with Winnona and I stop at the Savannah Airport and pick up Carrie.  Both decisions, not to take Winnona to Whole Foods and not to take her to the small but beautiful Savannah Airport turn out to be good ones.

Carrie’s 1:51pm flight is right on time and we are soon out of the airport and on our way.  Really sorry I didn’t take more pictures of the airport since it is really nice.  It’s the kind of airport I like, small.  And this one really is beautiful.  Of course it is the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport.  J   This is the courtyard between the airport and the parking garage.


First day at Hunting Island (1)



It’s 62 miles from the airport to Hunting Island.  You pass through the town of Beaufort and drive right by……….guess where


First day at Hunting Island (2)


So of course we stop.  And you should too.  Check HERE and see where the Bruster’s closest to you is located.  I suggest that you enter a state in the search box and check out all the locations so you can plan your route accordingly.  J  But if you only want to know if there is one within 15 miles of you, you can plug in your current zip code.


We arrive in Site #59 which we have taken for two nights since Carrie could get a much better airfare coming and leaving earlier than our original 2 week reservation.  Our two week site, #83, was of course booked for the Sunday and Monday we needed to extend.  But #59 is quite fine.  We have a view of the water which is about 500 steps or less from our door.  MIGHTY FINE!!


Hunting Island with Nancy & Bill (9)


Shortly after we arrive, Nancy and Bill stop by to welcome us and we make plans to do some hiking together tomorrow.  It is their last day as they are moving on to Buck Hall on Tuesday.  We’re so happy we have over lapped at least one day with them.


It’s really great to have Carrie with us to share all this.  The only draw back is she can read and I get to do the dishes.


First day at Hunting Island (9)


  1. Can't believe you actually got to go to Whole Foods without David.... He made the ultimate sacrifice. It sure made sense to do it without your home though before a holiday! Can't wait to see more pics of your spot!

  2. It's really nice that Carrie is able to visit you as you travel. I'm sure she enjoys that more than just reading your blog. :c)

    Brusters again? Tsk, tsk! I'm thinking a twelve step program may be needed...

  3. Looks like nice campsites not too close together. And how nice to have your daughter visit for Thanksgiving.

  4. Carrie picked the right task :-)))

  5. I'd never heard of Bruster's before but I'll definitely be looking them up during our travels.

  6. Sherry, we know you have a built-in Bruster's radar;o))) We road right through Beaufort and never saw it;o(

  7. Looks like a perfect place to spend Thanksgiving and nothing better than to be spending it with familia.

  8. Jeeeez your home is gorgeous.... Bruster's oh lord ... not another something I need to know about... hahaaa... baby girl is reading and Mom is doing dishes... well? been going on like that for eons ... ;) sooooo comfy looking

  9. Oh no! David missed out on Whole Foods AND Brusters??? Is your dish-washing duty payback? :-)

  10. You sure raised you kid well, reads while others do dishes. She is management material.
    Happy to hear you all were all able to spend time together.

  11. So are u on an island? by the beach??? it looks dreary and wet.. is it cold?

  12. Very happy that Carrie is there with you guys. We've been to a couple Brusters..I think you need to buy stock in that company :)

  13. For some reason I'm not comfortable even driving into Whole Foods parking lot here in Sac. I prefer the Sac Foods Co-op which has a much smaller lot but somehow it seems easier to move around in. I think people are more aware of the space and no one moves too fast. We are also lucky to have several year-around farmer's markets in the area.

  14. we love Walkabout..a great easy little place to stop on the way to Florida..its always our stopover the night before we enter Florida..enjoy !! Glad to see your out and about :) and on the move

  15. Haha about Brusters - love that you put that link...Laurie & George may be right - you should get something out of being one of their most devoted customers ;) Nice pictures of me on the blog - it really was a terrific trip and yes, I do prefer reading to doing dishes - who doesn't?!


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