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ANOTHER Thanksgiving??

Thursday November 22, 2012
Site 83 Hunting Island State Park



I go out running on the beach this morning. I have it pretty much to myself.  It’s a great wide running beach at low tide.


Carrie's last day 017


David comes out looking for me, camera in hand, just in time to catch me doing my stretches at my favorite gym.

Carrie's last day 015


Carrie's last day 022


I thought only the military and hospitals had chaplains.

Hunting Island is the only park I’ve ever been to that has its own chaplain.  He has a water front site that I covet.  I know coveting something of a chaplain’s is a no-no but it’s a fabulous site.

Anyway, at Thanksgiving, he and his missionary ministry put on a Thanksgiving dinner for the folks in the park.   They smoke 18 turkeys and provide everything.  Not sure who pays for this or why they don’t do it for folks who really need it since those of us here can clearly afford RVs and the park fees.  But it seems it’s a tradition.

Since we had moved our Thanksgiving up to Tuesday in order for Carrie to help out with the leftovers, we decide to have lunch with the chaplain and crew.


We have a front row seat for all the preparations and decorating of the picnic tables in his side yard which is right in front of us.  He’s the rig in the far right.  That’s Winnona on the left.


Carrie's last day 023


Carrie's last day 024


Long lines going through the serving tent

Carrie's last day 025

the line wraps around the outside 

Carrie's last day 026


Including us and the guy behind David with his plate going back for seconds.

Carrie's last day 035


Lots of people and plenty of food.  Don’t know how they pull this off.  But apparently they feed 200 or so people each year..

Carrie's last day 028

We bring our “potluck” plates so we will not have to throw away paper or styrofoam.

Carrie's last day 037



Time to go walking off our second or is it third thanksgiving dinner?

Carrie plans the route


Carrie's last day 038


She takes us down the Lagoon Trail about a mile and a half

Carrie's last day 047


Carrie's last day 050


Carrie's last day 051


We then take the Nature Center Scenic Trail so we can cross over the lagoon.


Carrie's last day 054


Carrie's last day 055


We stop on the bridge for this shadow picture.

Carrie's last day 059


We are so grateful for that David is looking and feeling so strong coming off the bridge.  However long it lasts, right now it feels like a miracle.

looking strong


Because it is the “official” Thanksgiving day, the nature center is closed.  And because it is Carrie’s final day with us, she will have to return to see it.

But also because it is “official” Thanksgiving we saw almost no one else walking off their feast and have the trails to ourselves.

We turn up the Maritime Trail and hike another 2 or so miles back to our starting point.  It really is wonderful having so many varied habitats so close together to experience.


Carrie's last day 053


Carrie's last day 063


Carrie's last day 064


Carrie's last day 070 


We think we might be able to get to the marsh boardwalk in order to see the sunset but not quite.  We just barely see it slide down out of sight.

Carrie's last day 074

Carrie's last day 078


Still it is beautiful.


CCB best sunset


Carrie's last day 080


The light disappears quickly and we use the flash to get these pictures of us.


D and C Sunset



Carrie's last day 084 


Carrie's last day 086


Busy day and by the time it is over this is how many steps I’ve taken.
This is a very good thing considering this is our 3rd or 4th day of Thanksgiving food.

Carrie's last day 073



The End!

Carrie's last day 087


  1. Maybe the chaplain and missionaries think you RVers are an ungodly bunch, more so than the down and out! :~)))

  2. That many steps on a pedometer is what we call a "Disney Day" ;o))

    It is so good to see all you enjoying each other and that beautiful park. You all have much to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving!!!

  3. Well all that walking should be the perfect way to deal with all that eating. Almost startling to see all the different ecosystems in such close proximity to each other. You all look happy and healthy.

  4. I think you probably worked off all 3 or 4 of those dinners in one swoop with 12+ miles for the day! Looks like you had a great time.

  5. Beautiful sunset pictures. They are always so pretty with the water. Glad I didn't have to cook 18 turkeys!

  6. Funny, I know exactly where you were stretching. I'm so happy that David is feeling so well. If any two people can pull off a miracle, it's you and David. Monday, I'm hoping will start my path back to living and walking. I think you just inspired me to get a pedometer. I don't know if I'll ever make 25K+ steps, but I could use it to help increase the number of steps I take each day. How I long to walk on those trails, again.

    So glad Carrie got to spend Thanksgiving with you, and how nice it was to have such a nice group to spend time with at Thanksgiving. That's what it's all about--people. I always look forward to your posts--writing and photos.

  7. Great steps on the pedomoter! Beautiful sunset and great family pics. So glad to hear David is having this time of feeling well and strong.

  8. Another great day at Hunting Island ... do you think we'd have any problems getting an FHU site if we just turn up there without a reservation sometime shortly after December 5. More and more I'm liking the idea of some time on this park as we make our way to JAX.

  9. It gives me a happy face to see David looking so strong! Your days have been so full of total energy and with your recent surroundings it has to be making everyone so enriched with happiness! I'd love to be running that beach with you...has to be so refreshing! That's one fine tray of yum!!!

  10. Lovely day.

    That many steps would make my bad knee all swollen, which makes me crazy. Treasure your durability!

  11. I guess turkeys run very scared down there...

    Really nice family picture! :c)

  12. Great family photos. Really happy that David is doing so well.

  13. We definitely have much to be thankful for - Dad looking himself, the beautiful nature all around and the three of us - those sunset pictures brought a smile :) Nice summary of the day; it was almost like I was there re-living it!

  14. Look at all that family fun! Nothing like the family being together for Thanksgiving - eating and hiking... eating and cycling.... eating and enjoying sunsets..... David looks so much healthier and seems to be enjoying these good days. We had Thanksgiving in San Antonio - and ate OUTSIDE; it was warm and sunny and KK has a beautiful covered porch. You are encouraging me to get a pedometer... should have had one when I went to NYC recently... did a lot of walking and sightseeing... and my conscience might have felt better knowing how many steps I had taken vs how many calories I had consumed. Thank you for taking the time to write this blog... we love sharing your family celebrations and your love of nature.


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