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Silver Glen and Juniper Springs

Tuesday November 6, 2012
Site 81 Salt Springs Recreation Area
Salt Spring Florida


We packed a picnic lunch and headed out to check out some of the other springs in the area.


Silver Glen Springs was the first one we came to about 11 miles down US 19.  It is a day use area only and the fee is $5.50 a person.  With the National Parks discount pass it is half off entry not free.  American Land and Leisure runs the Ocala parks and concessionaires do not have to honor the passes at all and may do so however they wish.

We asked it we could just take a look around after they told us their only trail, The Lake George Trail, was closed for maintenance.  They gave us a 10 minute pass which is about all we needed to see that the area was lovely but there wasn’t much to do.  The kayak launch was looked fine but a long way from parking and difficult to get to.  It’s a 4 mile spring run into lake George and even today it was clear that there are large boats with motors that come up and down.


Path to the picnic areaSalt Springs Monday 032


Lovely spring watersSalt Springs Monday 033


Kayak put inSalt Springs Monday 034


 Glenn Spring Run

Salt Springs Monday 037


The Glen Spring would be wonderful for swimming in on a warm day when it wasn’t packed with people.  I particularly liked that it had no cement wall around it and looked much more natural than many we have been to including Salt Springs.   Glen Springs appears to be a local swimming hole in the main and would be very busy on week-ends especially in the summer. 

Since I have spent so much time in Florida these past 3 years, I may set myself the goal of swimming in every one of their springs.  Although there are 700 known springs I’m only aware of about 34 that have public swimming.  I’ve been swimming in about to 5 of those so I will have a long way to go.  But that quest could bring me back to Silver Glen.

After our 10 minute look, we decided not to pay $5.50 to eat our picnic lunch at their many picnic tables and headed out for the 11 more miles to Juniper Springs.  Juniper was completely different than Silver Glen.  It is a full use area, much larger with a mill, several lovely trails, 3 very nice campground loops and what looks like a great 7 mile spring run paddle.


We had our picnic down by the Juniper Spring which is again cemented around.  I guess there must be good reasons why they do this but I much prefer the natural banks.  See the mill on the far side?


Salt Springs Monday 049


Salt Springs Monday 048


After lunch we went into the mill building which had an exhibit on the CCC.  Those young men built most of this park including the mill which provided electricity.


Salt Springs Monday 052



You can click this picture to make it larger if you’d like to read it. Salt Springs Monday 056



David is a big fan of the CCC and always likes to spend time in any of the exhibits in the many parks which they constructed and maintained.  We both think such a program would be an excellent use of government monies for young people between high school and college as a type of National Service or as an alternative to welfare monies.


Salt Springs Monday 058


The Juniper springs Nature Trail begins just beyond the mill wheel and so we spent most of the rest of the afternoon enjoying it.


Salt Springs Monday 066


Salt Springs Monday 064


Along the trail I finally found a bench that is not too tall for folks with short legs but David isn’t so sure it’s the right size for sitting.


Salt Springs Monday 072


The trail winds around through beautiful sub tropical vegetation

Salt Springs Monday 073

Salt Springs Monday 077


Salt Springs Monday 090


Salt Springs Monday 083


Salt Springs Monday 086


Salt Springs Monday 087



At the end of the nature trail, the sign suggested that we retrace our steps back to the mill, but from our map, we could see we were close to the campground loops so we went on to check them out.


There were very few people here during the week.  This site was at the end of a tent’s only loop just steps from the beautiful area pictured above.  It would have been my #1 site desire back in my tenting days.


Salt Springs Monday 088


In addition to the tents only loop, there are two RV loops.  The sites have no hook ups although there are water spigots and a dump site.  From looking at the map, I was interested in seeing Site #15 and when we came up to it, we found it was already occupied.


Salt Springs Monday 104


Salt Springs Monday 112


We continued on to check out the kayak launch spot which is a good walk from its parking lot but the park has carts on which you can tote your boats and then return them for others to use.  The boardwalk from parking lot to launch is a good 1/4 mile we think so to use their carts would mean one trip down, one back to bring the cart back and one back to get in your boat.  We may just use our carts instead even though we have to put them together, strap the kayaks on and then undo and stow them in the boats. 



Salt Springs Monday 121


There obviously has not been a major rain event lately.

Salt Springs Monday 122


In spite of this caution David wants to come back and do the run next week some time.  It sounds and looks like our kind of paddle.


Salt Springs Monday 125


Salt Springs Monday 123 


If we move Winnona over to Juniper Springs we would avoid the $5 launch fee.  Not sure about that.  We’ll see.

It was a fun and informative day.  We’ll definitely be back to Juniper Springs with or without Winnona. 

Hope the folks in site #15 will welcome us.


Salt Springs Monday 114A


  1. Sherry, my dad couldn't pass the physical for the military during WW11 so he served with the CCC's. How about that. He was always very proud of that.
    The springs are beautiful. What a place for a picnic. And I'm really happy that David feels up to the two of you kyaking again. Be safe and enjoy. Also pretty nice of those campers in #15 to let you check out their site :)

  2. You rock it with your photograpy - just beautiful....felt like I was right there. And what a handsome fellow you got by your side! Blessings...I lov'ed it all except that one mucky covered wet spring...RAIN please :O)

  3. You find the coolest springs..I need to start taking notes... :-)

  4. Your Spring pictures are beautiful!!!! Love those turkeys....In Oregon we have alot of trails and buildings/bridges done by the CCC.. so good to see David out and about and wanting to do kayak trips :)

  5. I haven't spent much time in Florida, but you always seem to find interesting places to visit. I may have to go back to FL to visit my friend and check out some of these places. Cute neighbor in site #15.

  6. That is a great idea of service instead of welfare. Wish it would be implemented.

    Maybe they put the cement around the springs to keep those gator guys out, Florida needs all the tourists it can get and can't afford to lose any.

    I'm sure you'll set that goal of swimming in every one of the springs, that is so you! ;c)

    1. Yeah, Paul and Marti...Florida doesn't have enough tourists! :)

  7. Glad to see you're out and about enjoying the beauty that you seem to have a knack at finding. I can't kayak because of neck surgery years ago, but you sure made it tempting. I could "feel" the peace and tranquility of the springs--especially this time of year when it isn't very hot.

  8. Oh, I love the look of Juniper Springs. It looks like a lovely spot. The water is so clear, I just love it!

    Kevin and Ruth

  9. Seems those springs survived a long time without cement enclosure yet with human use probably reduces erosion. That image of the mill wheel and creek is beyond superb. (I pinned it) All the springs shots put me back in the Mexican Caribbean. Sure wish there was a CCC of this day as so many public lands and beyond need the help and many need to learn skills and have jobs. Looks like a nice campground, and a run even I could paddle. Nice neighbors ;) The last shot is a hoot, I mean gobble.

  10. I have never been to Florida, so it seems if I get that direction I will have an excellent tour guide since you are tethered to the area. Loved the final pic. Turks are soooo funny! I would be interested to see a pic of your kayak cart. I need to get something to help tote a new kayak. Loved the final pic. It is just begging for a caption. Turks are soooo funny!

  11. Sherry, your pictures are great!!! David looks like he is doing well. Glad site15 will share with you...lol

  12. We were at Juniper SPrings. It was beautiful, but not suitable for our Sea Eagle...hard kayaks only!!

  13. If I remember correctly, just around the corner from the the kayak put in there is a small spring that bubbles up to the surface. It's fun to play in.

  14. I prefer the natural springs as well. I think it was just the "style" back in the day to cement the springs. Thankfully they're not doing that any longer.

    That picture of David looks like he has a little paunch on him? That couldn't be, could it???

    You will enjoy Juniper Springs Run, but it definitely has some challenges with low hanging branches, gators, currents.

    Before you go try tonread my blog post about our trip there. It was one of our very first kayak trips and what a trip it was!


    We had a couple gator encounters.

  15. I love the springs in Florida. Thanks for the great pictures.

  16. Looks like you had a wonderful day. what beautiful pictures for us to feast our eyes on.

  17. Those pictures of Juniper Springs look like they're right out of a story book. Just beautiful!

  18. What a beautiful spot. Your pictures are fantastic, clear and colourful.

  19. Looks like your systems are "go" for the meantime... and you are both up and out kayaking and enjoying the warm sunshine. I am looking out at near-naked trees as I write this... it has been raining "leaves" in Maryland for a few days now... with a cold, windy front coming in to take the rest of them down. I do love the changing of the seasons, even the falling of the leaves... and the first snow..... However, those beautiful photos of springs and exotic visitors in the camp grounds look intriguing. Yoda has a young human visitor today.. and he was sooo excited. Alas, however, the young visitor had no interest in him at all. He was disappointed. Always sending positive thoughts to both... and hoping you continue to find such joy in nature.

  20. think those turkeys are safe next week? YUM!!! They probably are tuff anyway. Really pretty, and I bet a lot warmer than here.--- I love the water, glad your enjoying yourselves.- Say hi to David

  21. I agree, the govt. should bring back the CCC. We've been to so many parks that could use some help but don't have the funding.
    Juniper Springs looks lovely.

  22. Oh, but the look on that turkey in your last shot. Have laughed until I cried. Wonderful wishes for both of you!

    Nina In Florida

  23. You should invite the folks at site 15 to Thanksgiving ... they're mostly vegitatian ... I think. Grin
    You do take remarkable photos. You have a great eye for the beauty around you. Thanks for sharing it.

  24. wow! all the pictures are wonderful but that mill wheel?! looks like from a fairy tale... and love the last turkey picture... HAHaaaa... looking right at ya... hope he survives Thanksgiving... awfully cute

  25. Gee, Sherry, you are one popular lady! I had to crawl down through 25 comments just to say how much I love Juniper Springs! I have always wanted to do that 7 mile run. Someday I am going to get there with my kayak, although this trip will be another one coming on an airplane with no boat. Of course, I will hopefully take Bel out to Juniper Springs for a little picnic if she can handle the car ride.

  26. I like Natural Pet's comment about the turkeys! Also, I agree with Nina that the last turkey picture is pretty hilarious - what a face :) The pictures of the Springs are great and I like the idea of swimming in every one possible in Florida. As you know, I agree about the CCC - they should bring something like it back; I really don't see that happening, but it would be nice if it would.


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