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Birthday goes to Epcot

Thursday January 10, 2013
Site 330 Fort Wilderness
Walt Disney World




Does this look like a giant golf ball to anyone else but me? 

At least from a distance. 

Wonder if its diamond pattern might improve golf games.  Not having played anything but miniature golf I’ll have to rely on real golfers to consider that possibility.  Might be good for putting huh?


Disney Day 3 002

Disney Day 3 003 


Today we do a combination of Sherry’s version called ‘just wander around and do whatever appeals’ and David’s version of ‘go directly to the thing that might have the longest line and get a fast pass and then proceed to see things in order of their importance’.  The former method gives many fewer steps than the latter.

First we head directly over to the new attraction Soarin’ in order to get a Fast Pass.  At this point, the wait is 45 minutes.  Fast pass gives us a time 3 hours away.  So now we can wander other parts of The Land.




Luckily the first two things we wander into are on David’s list.  Yes he has a list.


At The Land we take a boat ride tour showing new ways of growing food in areas where the soil has been exhausted.  I’m wondering why we aren’t working harder on ways not to exhaust our soil rather than the chemical heavy alternatives but they certainly had large vegetables which would look particularly  fine if you lived in a desert.


Disney Day 3 004


I’m going to read up and see what kind of miracles this plant performs.


Disney Day 3 010


Here’s one I’d like to have in my backyard.

Disney Day 3 011 


Hanging tomatoes


Disney Day 3 016


Disney Day 3 013



Disney Day 3 014

Disney Day 3 015



This woman is sitting in front of me on the boat traveling through this large greenhouse.  I imagine the shirt to be one provided for all Disney employees but I never get to see the shirt’s front to find out.



 Disney Day 3 018



Ellen DeGeneres is very funny!   And Epcot has her.


Next up on ‘the list’ is the Universe of Energy where we spent 45 minutes in the mind of Ellen DeGeneres as she has dreams and nightmares while learning about all types of energy so she can compete on Jeopardy.  She’s very funny and the program is excellent although it has some  interesting omissions of the negative aspects of “clean” coal and of oil.   No mention at all of the nuclear waste that will be left for our great grandchildren’s great grandchildren to deal with.   But if you’ve ever wanted to get back at a High School smarty pants, you’ll love this.


Disney Day 3 022



Another interesting job at Disney.

What do they put on their resume?


Disney Day 3 027



World Showcase is a perfect place to wander.. 

In a small space the designers have done an excellent job of rendering the native architecture of all the countries.  We see many tourists from  each country here looking very proud of this representation of their homeland.  It seems as though many of the Disney employees in each country are natives of that country.  This gives a very authentic flavor to each area.   Each Disney worker has a badge with name and place of birth so you can see who is from Paris or Oslo or Madrid or Newbiggin-by-the-Sea (that’s a real town in England).


Disney Day 3 033


Disney Day 3 034



This little burro in Mexico reminds  me of our Freddy.  The painting on his cart is beautiful

Disney Day 3 038


Disney Day 3 039



I have to laugh at the Americanization of statuary in Italy.
Such a carefully placed drape.


Disney Day 3 040


Disney Day 3 041




Disney Day 3 049



Hey Bill, I made it to Beaches and Cream. 

Except for one bite, I eat it all myself.
I’m not sure I’d be willing to trade it in for part of The Kitchen Sink.
THREE scoops of ice cream, hot fudge, hot peanut butter, chocolate and peanut butter chips, REAL whipped cream and of course a cherry on top.

Disney Day 3 051



Beaches and Cream is inside Disney’s Yacht Club Resort.  What a gorgeous place inside and out with a sandy beach and an amazing water slide into the pool.  There are 29 “resorts” you can stay in on the Disney Property.  Let’s see, if I’d started spending my birthday at a different one each year, I’d have just finished trying them all!

 Disney Day 3 056




Quick trip back to Merry Ole England

  Disney Day 3 064

Guess why?

Disney Day 3 062



Is this Jane and Michael and John and Nana’s house??

Disney Day 3 068



It must be.  Look who shows up to wish David a Happy Birthday!!

Disney Day 3 081



 Disney Day 3 071




We wander in Morocco in the dark.  It feels like Casablanca.


Disney Day 3 095


 Disney Day 3 091


Wish I had somewhere to wear accessories like these.

Disney Day 3 093


 Disney Day 3 089A


Of course even in a very full day, we only scratch the surface of Epcot and see only half of the 6 country specific attractions so we have three more to come back for as well as all the food we didn’t sample.  :-))




Epcot’s salute to the Earth is a spectacular closing to a wonderful Birthday Party.


I think I have all the Continents here.   Don’t want to leave anyone out.

Disney Day 3 102 


Disney Day 3 106


Disney Day 3 107 


Disney Day 3 108 



Disney Day 3 140



Disney Day 3 127 


Disney Day 3 131 


Disney Day 3 132



Happy Birthday David, your birthday was AGAIN today!!!


  1. If that's a golf ball, I'd hate to see the club! EPCOT is a neat place, my goal is to have a meal in every country. It's taken me years and I'm only about 3/4 done. Plus it's a good excuse to keep going back. He, he, he. ;c)

    Those accessories, they'd look great on you for your morning runs.

  2. Look at that smile on your face. You look like it truly is the happiest place on earth

  3. Another great tour. Looks like a fabulous finale for David's birthday celebration. Did you ever end up going to the Soarin' attraction?

  4. Are you holding out for a whole week of birthdays? Not only have I not been there, I had no idea what it was all about.... Now if we talk horses or the old wild west or ghost towns, I know something about that. Boy I have a lot of traveling to do!

  5. You did good at Beaches and Cream!!! Wonderful day in a wonderful place:o)))

  6. How fantastic! That ice cream was seriously BIG! Impressive :) I really like the lit up continents. Great picture of Dad with Poppins. Looking good!! Sounds like there's so much more to do - I'll be there next time :)

  7. Jealous! Used to go to Disneyland every year when I was a kid. Never have made it to Disney World. I think you should wear those accessories at the drum circle. That would have been perfect!

  8. Isn't Illuminations such a good show? I wish you would have known, the new Boulangerie in France opened on Thursday! We went to Downtown Disney tonight, you were right, it was a ZOO! I think being marathon weekend contributed to that. So glad you stopped by yesterday :-).

  9. There's something that's just not right about your eating that whole HUGE bunch of ice cream stuff... you're beginning to make me mad...

    Birthday for David aside and an adorable picture with Mary ~ I mean seriously ... there's a limit ~ THREE scoops of ice cream, hot fudge, hot peanut butter, chocolate and peanut butter chips, REAL whipped cream and of course a cherry on top.!

    Wear those accessories eating that Huge bowl of ice cream ... pffft

  10. Yes,it looks like a golf ball. Not too sure about those gardens. Was hoping Disney might promote Green. I can't believe you ate that whole Sunday. I see more running in your future. And more days of fun at Disney!

  11. Oh my! That sundae looks as big as your head! And sounds sinfully delicious!

    Nice picture of David with Mary Poppins. That's one of my favorite Disney movies.

  12. it makes my heart smile to see you both having so much fun!!! Happy Birthday again David..

  13. 45 min standby at Soaring is good, I get a fast pass and then get in line, if it is less than 50 minutes. It is a great ride. Mission to Mars orange is fun once, as is test track.
    The Norway ride is funny and we ride it every time we go there. China has amazing day shows and the movie is very good. Canada has a good movie also.

    Happy to see you guys are enjoying the Birthday Season.

  14. That night time thing was the neatest thing ever!!! went on & on as i remember. AND a person could fell the heat from the gasoline or whatever exploding!!!
    Happy birthday David!!!

  15. What a great birthday week David had. Now, what is he going to do for your birthday? It might be hard to top Disney.

    Did you happen to read the blog Our Trip Around the Sun? She posted about a good book they bought that helped them get around Disney World with fewer steps and shorter lines. I'm wondering if it might be worthwhile before we go.

  16. Fun!!! Sounds like David had the perfect birthday celebration. We love Epcot. Staying at the Yacht Club later this year for our 30th. And it is possible to eat quite well as a vegan at WDW!

  17. Nice of EPCOT to put on such a dazzling finale to the day to celebrate David's birthday -- wink, wink! The smiles say it all -- you're having a grand time.

  18. My friend works at Disneyland, a lifelong dream of hers. She's just been there a year, and for her one-year anniversary she got a picture with Mickey Mouse! How many jobs can you say that about?


  19. the month is not yet over. I bet David can think of more great fun things to do.
    I sure would love to go there someday. Keep on Keepin on


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