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Birthday Party continues

Wednesday January 9, 2012
Site 330 Fort Wilderness Campground
Walt Disney World
Hi 81 Lo 64


Why not a birthday week…….considering


Disney Day 3 148


The birthDAY went so well so why not have a birthday week instead of just one day?  Heck Disney World gives you a Birthday Button if you have a birthday anytime during the entire month.   We forgot to tell them it was his birthday when we checked in but then after I saw people with buttons saying First Time visitor, Anniversary Visit and Happy Birthday, I went over and told them it was a VERY special birthday and with this pin, everybody in the park is wishing him a Happy Birthday.


We go back to the Magic Kingdom for a full day today for Birthday Day 2.


You can’t walk down Main Street without characters and dancers and party atmosphere even at 9:00 in the morning.


Disney Day 2 015

She’s practically perfect in every way.

Disney Day 2 003



This looks like a more fun way to make a living than what I did.


Makes me wonder if these are college kids on some sort of break or full time employees with pension plans and health care or ???   As I get older I look back on the choices I made and wonder if I was far too conservative and should have taken many many more chances and tried many more things in life. 

Disney Day 2 009


First thing up on the birthday boy’s agenda is…….pastry. 


I guess he’s taking real advantage of this birthday thing to have a year’s worth of sugar in the first two days.   I tried to take a long arm shot of us and the food which turned into a hilarious piece of fun with pictures of half of one of our faces, bug eyed looks, closed eyed looks, and I never could get anything with both of us and all the food.  If it weren’t so much trouble I’d have turned it into a quick slide show for your entertainment.  We were finally rescued by a sympathetic Disney worker.  Yes that’s a chocolate croissant already consumed while I was trying to get a picture.  The cheese Danish is mine and the GIANT cinnamon roll is up for grabs.  That is the healthy day after birthday breakfast.

It’s a great bakery of course just like you’d find on the Main Street of your imagination.  But they are closing it down after Friday and turning it into a Starbucks…………..really???   Sure hope they don’t change the building itself inside or out.

Disney Day 2 029

Here’s the plate about one second after the picture above

Disney Day 2 031



After pastries there is a totally unexpected and unpredicted rain storm. 


Everyone is rushing to get those cheap rain ponchos which, because they have Disney World on them, cost $9 for adults. 

Not in our budget so we just start strolling through the stores which seem to start on the corner and run the entire block toward the castle all connected inside.  Someone must have been planning for rain.  :-) The result is this fine parade of hats.

Disney Day 2 040Disney Day 2 036

Disney Day 2 039

Disney Day 2 116


Next on his list is the Walt Disney Railroad. 

Just put a vintage train of any size any where and David is all over it.  As you would expect, the train station is the one you imagine in your small town America dreams.


Disney Day 2 043

Disney Day 2 046


You see all kinds of things from the train including Woody, one of David’s favorites.

Disney Day 2 060


Disney Day 2 062


After seeing the Thunder Mountain Rail Road from the Disney Train David concludes that we need to get off in Adventure land and head over there.  I’m not so sure about this.  Judging from the tilt of the car there on your left with the folks’ hands in the air, this does not look to be the tame ride that Carrie, who like me does not care much for roller coasters, liked so much when she was here at age 8.

Disney Day 2 064

But in my efforts to make this birthday extraordinaire, I figure if I could make it through Space Mountain yesterday, just barely, I should be able to do this.  Right?   Well all I have to say is that if you did this at age 8 Carrie I have seriously underestimated your roller coaster tolerance.  You went back again and again.  Not a chance I’ll do this again.  My stomach is talking to me about all the back and forth.


But as we leave Thunder Mountain I see something much more my speed.


Disney Day 2 074 


Not sure this was on David’s list but it turns out to have been a good idea since you get to see a lot of the things you cannot see any other way plus you can see out over the top of the World.


Disney Day 2 118

Disney Day 2 141


Disney Day 2 147


Disney Day 2 157


One thing leads easily to another in the Magic Kingdom.

From the top deck, we see the Haunted Mansion and decide that’s next.

Disney Day 2 159


After the Steam Boat ride and on the way to the Haunted Mansion we notice the perfect lunch spot across from the steam boat dock. 


Disney Day 2 089

But it’s not time for lunch.  It’s time for the mansion.  Nice touch with the hearse outside.


Disney Day 2 101


Disney Day 2 097


After the solemn Haunted Mansion we can hear the brass band beginning as they lead the afternoon parade which has  nearly all of the characters from the Disney Films.


Disney Day 2 174A


Leave it to David to notice the tires on the lead car.

Disney Day 2 178

Disney Day 2 179


Disney Day 2 185


Disney Day 2 191


Disney Day 2 200


By this time we are starving. 


Remember that nice round deck in the river.  Turns out it is a Great spot for lunch.

Disney Day 2 216


This time the steamboat comes by and sees us eating.

Disney Day 2 219


Disney Day 2 224



Disney World has its share of birds including these interesting beggars at the nearby food stand.

Disney Day 2 087


We walk off our lunch on Tom Sawyer’s Island.


Disney Day 2 081


Disney Day 2 085


The raft Huck Finn takes us over.

Disney Day 2 131A


Disney Day 2 231


Disney Day 2 133


Disney Day 2 239

We do a lot more things before picking out what is getting to be a habit, the desert spot. But this post is too long already so I’m skipping to the end.

Here I had the same trouble with the one armed shot  that I did this morning as you can see.  Why doesn’t David with the longer arm take these???


Disney Day 2 248

I give up and just take the birthday boy and the cakes.

That’s one slice of double chocolate and one of carrot cake.  Carrot cake is a vegan dessert right?  :-))

Disney Day 2 250



When we come back outside, the town is lit up for the finale performance of the day.

Disney Day 1 (23)


Disney Day 1 (22)


Disney Day 1 (66) 


Disney Day 1 (65)


Disney Day 1 (35)


Disney Day 1 (82)


Disney Day 1 (99)


Disney Day 1 (117)


These guys really know how to throw a party!


  1. David is smiling ear to ear for this funtasical birthday week. With all those sweets no wonder you have to run and walk so much. ;) I love Disney! What a great day and light show.

  2. Magical way of "Making Memories!!" Absolutely...Carrot Cake and Lobsta' Rolls are both vegan;o))) Well....not so sure about that Double Chocolate!!! Actually, I believe when you are at Disney World, everything is whatever you want it to be:o)))

  3. I'm so glad to see that David is having such a good time. I love those tires!

    You're making me want to go to Disneyworld again.

  4. You pictures are so much better than mine. I loved the old truck / limo car also and thought how much does a tire like that cost. What kind of camera do you you use. I must have a Fuzz Master 100, that and my lack of photo skills do not leave me with much. It appears David is having a super Birthday. We do the Birthday pins also as it is fun to have all the cast members wishing you a Happy Birthday!

  5. Gosh now we can't wait to get back to Disney. We love it there. What a wonderful place to spend David's birthday week! They are full time employees with very good benefits- the pay is not good but the benefits are excellent. If you get to the Animal Kingdom- see the lion king show- really good. There is also a wonderful buffet with all kinds of interesting food at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

  6. All the Disney ears hidden in details like the tires are so fun to find. Looks like you really enjoyed a great day. I did Space Mountain once. I was with friends -- I was an adult by the way -- and shared a car with a stranger. By the time the ride was over, he had nail marks on his arms from where I instinctively grabbed it at one point. Never again ... and not another roller coaster, unless it's a kiddie coaster ;-) My favorite rides ... Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan.

  7. What a fun birthday! So wish I had been there too! Ah Disney - sweets, lights, colors, music, lots of neat things to see and fun things to do :) Loved the hats and the lights on the castle are gorgeous! Looks like Thunder Mountain Railroad is more macho than it used to be!

    1. Carrie wrote the above comment...not Unknown!! :)

  8. I felt like I was right there with you...fantastic post! I've never been but I can see how it would be easy to just become a part of the fairy tale and never want to leave. That is, until exhaustion took over :)
    David, thanks for sharing your birthday with us.

  9. In my family, we've always referred to birthdays as "birthday festivals," because they seem to last a week or more. (You know, by the time you see everyone, receive all of the gifts & cards, etc.) Enjoy!

  10. Oh my! Can't be a better place to spend a birthday week than Disney.

  11. What a wonderful way to spend a birthday celebration... being a kid again! Good food and great fun!!!

  12. Happy Birthday Week to David! It is nice to see you both having so much fun.

  13. Nice to see you're having a great time, it's hard not to at Disney. You haven't done Splash Mountain? My all time favorite ride. You need to get over to the Animal Kingdom, completely different and wonderful in its own right.

    We try to go to Disney every year, especially with the grandkids. Nice catch by David on those hidden Mickeys on the car tires.

  14. So glad you are celebrating in a big way, you guys deserve it! A birthday week, now that's my idea of a great birthday celebration!

  15. You two look mighty chic in those hats. Gosh, that looks like so much fun!!

  16. Looks like you two are having a great time. I love that you included photos of all your pastry eating. It's been almost forty years since I've been to Disney World-- may be time to consider adding it to our Florida experience.

  17. How fun !! Happy Birthday week David. Well, I am sure that carrot cake could be a vegan desert, but at Disney?? Maybe not.

  18. Happy Birthday to David what a way to spend a birthday week....!!!!! such fun..and so good to see you two having a great time....you make me want to go back to Disney while in this area..haven't been for a few years....hugs to you both..carry on celebrating!!!!!

  19. What a fun read! I agree that the Lion King show is not to be missed too. Space Mountain scared the beejesus out of me-teeth clenched all the way. By contrast, Thunder Mountain RR was much easier-maybe because it wasn't dark! We'd love to go back, but the walking is too much now. It's so exciting to follow someone else around and a very Happy Birthday David-all week!

  20. Happy Birthday David! you sure know how to do up your birthday.
    I worked with a lady who celebrated for the entire month so go for it.

  21. WHAT FUN! I just gained 27 pounds just looking at all your pastries! not fair... you and David are so trim and slim... boo freakin hiss...

    The begging birds! oh, wow! look at that big guy! egret? how cute cute cute ... well, what fun you guys are having...

    wanna go ... wanna take my g'children ... got no money ... they're too young right now anyway... one just omg .. he's now 29 hours old... yeah... too young

    I think a week's birthday celebration is the cat's meow! yay David! and Sherry... hahaaa ... wanna go

  22. Oh my goodness! What fun !!!
    Happy, Happy Birthday Week, David.
    Tz has a "Happy Birthday MONTH"
    (Seriously, he does ;)


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