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Great last day at the Beach

Monday January 1, 2012
Site 6 Oscar Scherer State Park
Osprey, Florida
Hi 78 Low 54



I miss my chance to swim on New Year’s Day.


We wake to a beautiful day. I go running, David does his walking and stretching, we take down the holiday decorations and then we pack a lunch and go down to the beach.



Last day at Nokomis Beach 007


LOTS of people are out on New Years Day and no wonder. 


It was  a GREAT day.  I was totally unprepared for the warmth and didn’t bring my swimming suit so I missed my opportunity to swim in the gulf on New Year’s Day.  Boo Hoo!!


Last day at Nokomis Beach 001


But other people came totally prepared including this couple whom I met.  They were from Sweden and said this weather and water temperature was like their summers. 


Last day at Nokomis Beach 016 


The stats at the life guard station say the water is 62 degrees.

It feels a lot warmer to me.  More like the water at the springs.  And with the sun shining down people are acting like it is summer.


Last day at Nokomis Beach 027


David decides to get in on the action.

After walking along the beach, seeing other people out looking for shark’s teeth and talking to someone who when asked if he’d found any said “O yeah”. (I don’t believe it myself).  David decided to look for shark’s teeth here but had no luck.  Appears he missed his chance at Caspersen. 


Last day at Nokomis Beach 035

Ok dig deep, get big handfuls and bring it ashore.

Last day at Nokomis Beach 034


Still can’t find anything.

Last day at Nokomis Beach 036



I am really really wishing I had my suit. 

Swimming on New Year’s Day.  And I miss it.  And on my last day near a beach for a long time.  Real bummer.   Oh well……… it is a beautiful day even if all I can do is wade.  We stay all afternoon.  It gets cooler later in the day. The clouds start rolling in. 


A good book helps.  Barbara Kingsolver’s Flight Behavior is a good book.Last day at Nokomis Beach 067

Last day at Nokomis Beach 062



It’s getting too cool for David.

Unlike me, he has very little meat on his bones to keep him warm.  He’s getting hungry and doesn’t want to stay for sunset so he leaves and I spend over an hour there on the water by myself watching the antics of the birds and clouds.  Watching the clouds come in and gobble up the sunset.



Last day at Nokomis Beach 079

Last day at Nokomis Beach 096


Last day at Nokomis Beach 102


I watch the sun try to burn away the clouds and try not to get squeezed out at the horizon.



Last day at Nokomis Beach 100


Last day at Nokomis Beach 105


Last day at Nokomis Beach 106



What a wonderful last day here. 

The weather persons predict 4 more days in a row just like this one.  SIGH…..   We’ll be leaving for Kissimmee Prairie in the morning.  The park is a LONG way from any where which I know I will  love.  BUT I may not have an internet connection to blog about it.  Guess we’ll see.


  1. The water sure is clear... sigh - love all the pictures but especially the sailboat and birds - I'm there...

    hahaaa sun gobblers... clouds. I like that

  2. what a gorgeous last day there you couldn't ask for anything better....

  3. I'm sure you'll find some great adventures at Kissimmee Prairie, you have that knack. Your sunset pictures were sheer poetry!

  4. What a perfect way to greet the new year. Looking forward to your posts from Kissimmee Prairie.

  5. Nice way to start off the new year on a warm beach even if not bathing suit. Heck, what's wrong with swimming in your shorts. Gorgeous sunset. I'll bet you'll find some fun places to visit near your next destination.

  6. What a beautiful last day at the beach you had.

  7. Great way to spend New Years Day!! I have a feeling you will find another swimming hole (maybe not quite so big) along your travels;o)). We're headed to Kissimmee Prairie later this winter so be sure to give us all the details!!!

  8. Glad to hear your last day (for a while) at the beach was so nice.

    It was lovely here yesterday as well and Al mentioned all the people up north in the snow and ice. I just have never understood why people insist on living up there!

  9. Spending a warm day on the beach sure sounds like a nice way to bring in 2013!

  10. Gorgeous day to ring in the new year even if you couldn't take a dip! Beautiful sunset pictures - sometimes the clouds can make a beach sunset even more amazing. Now on to a new adventure!!

  11. Glad to know the Kingsolver book is good. Great first day of the year.

  12. I'm getting to read Flight Behavior myself! Looks like a fabulous day at the beach even if you didn't get to swim. I know it's hard to leave the ocean, we're going to really really miss it when we go...Guess that's why we've been sticking around longer than we planned. :-)

  13. Who needs a suit ;)
    You should've dived in. Have fun in Kissimmee!

  14. You should have taken a page from Mui's book, and just go swimming in your clothes (like he did last September). ;-))

  15. Swimming on New Year's Day... a novel idea for those of us in the northeast. Our snow cover is hanging on because it just wont warm up enough. I am with the others saying you should have just gone swimming in your shorts. You must refresh my memory about why you are going to Kissimmee... back and forth treatment for David? David is looking good in the photos... still hoping he can put a little more meat on his bones. Ah yes... your Christmas lights are down... ours are almost down... and the new year begins.... Happy New Year to both!!


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