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A short visit to the Gulf of Mexico

Tuesday April 9, 2013
Site 9, Ochlockonee River State Park
Sopchoppy, Florida


A day at the beach is a fitting close to Carrie’s visit with us.

This past Friday we had driven down down to the Gulf to visit our friends Gin and Syl who were camped right on the shore.  But the weather didn’t permit us to enjoy the area or the water, just their friendship. And that was grand! They have had to move on but we wanted to spent some time at the gulf before Carrie leaves to return home.   Since that happens tomorrow, today is the day.

We decide to drive over to where we will be moving after Carrie leaves, St. George Island State Park right on the Gulf of Mexico.  The park is 41 miles from Ochlockonee, a drive mostly all long St. George Sound, Apalachicola Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.  We pack our lunch as usual and off we go.

It is an easy trip, only two turns.  No chance getting lost.  The park is on the far southern end of the Island.  The beach resort homes and businesses are on the other end.


CCB visits St. George 003

We check out the campground and our site for 5 days next week and then park the car and head for the beach.  There are very few people on the white sand.  The waves are white capped, the skies blue and the clouds puffy white. Even the wind is just right.  Simply a PERFECT day!!










of course everyone else on the beach is enjoying it too.

Each his own way, napping, splashing.  A novice kite flyer struggles to get his kite air born but finally learns that he really must give the kite enough rope to fly itself.


CCB visits St. George 035CCB visits St. George 013 

CCB visits St. George 007

CCB visits St. George 006



The willets, killdeer, royal terns and laughing gulls are all here.


CCB visits St. George 009    


CCB visits St. George 049


CCB visits St. George 056   


CCB visits St. George 032




 CCB visits St. George 092CCB visits St. George 094



CCB visits St. George 060



We really don’t do a thing other than sit and enjoy these natural wonders. 

Then, after lunch, while David naps, Carrie and I take a long walk down the beach to enjoy it from other vantage points.  What amazing clouds!


CCB visits St. George 033



What’s going on here we wonder?


CCB visits St. George 069

As we are walking along, an ATV comes by and we think it must be some sort of park shore patrol.  I take a picture to see.  It stops up ahead of us quite a ways and the driver gets out and walks up to and into the dunes.  These are pristine sand dunes like none you ever see on a gulf shore anywhere else that I’ve been.  We wouldn’t dare walk on them or through them or even near them other than on a boardwalk.  We are really wondering now.  When he comes back out, Carrie tries to take a zoomed up picture to see what he’s doing since I neglected to bring the binoculars with us.   She can’t tell.  By the time we reach him, he’s driven further on but when she takes her pictures off the camera, we think he must have seen her taking his picture even from that distance and is having fun with us.   Or??????????   What do you think??




Our interest in this human activity wanes as quickly as it came.


We slip back into that reverie that is a walk on the beach between two people who know and love each other well.  The clouds are spectacular. The shells are beautiful.  The temperature is perfect.


 CCB visits St. George 038


CCB visits St. George 077A


CCB visits St. George 039A 


This is our place, Carrie’s and mine.  We are at home like two shells in the sand.



There are few places we are happier.

CCB visits St. George 081


So glad we came and spent this wonderful day at St.George Island beach.



  1. A beautiful place to spend the day. Hey, did you see me waving to you from across the Gulf, lol.

  2. The clouds look like music. What a treat.

  3. Loved all your family photos!!! So glad you had such a beautiful day together:o)))

  4. A wonderful day indeed as a family. The gulls were yacking at you to stay away.... the elusive cart guy telling you to back off. Yep a day just for family. Great weather, great company, great fun!!

  5. That is my idea of a perfect day! So glad you got to spend that special time with Carrie.

  6. Those cloud were very unusual and beautiful.

    How was the water clarity at St. George? We were there once and it was murky and brown, and we never went back. I've heard they have pretty green clear water, but we never found it that way.

    It looks like you had a nice visit with Carrie.

  7. Shore bird nesting season is right now. I'd guess he was checking on nests. I'm so glad Carrie was able to join you! It's much cleaner on the beach now than when we were there, days after a tropical storm. Still a beautiful place!

  8. Loved your day! So happy you and Carrie have been able to visit the place you love most. But, listen, don't quit your day jobs, detectives you'll never make. :)))

  9. Semaphore. You caught him signing "I have to pee."

  10. Geez, there's a great documentary about Manatees on. Amazing. I bet it will be on, again. It's called Ocean Mysteries.

  11. Beautiful photos of the beaches, sky and clouds!

    Glad you are able to enjoy some family time with Carrie too.

  12. Another lovely Gulf beach. Great pictures of you and David and you and Carrie..nice memories!

  13. Best beach ever...I heart St. George Island! Sweet picture of you and Carrie! I can feel that magic white sand betwen my toes!

  14. I'm impressed that you had only two turns and didn't get lost. I've been known to get lost without any turns! :cO

    It's so nice that Carrie can visit you during your travels. Wonderful picture of the two of you. :c)

  15. We went on such a long walk and didn't even realize how long it was til Dad told us - the beach is really an amazing place - the sights, sounds, smells - all of it! Gorgeous shell pictures, great bird pictures and lovely pictures of me and you and Dad. So wonderful to be down there with you :)

  16. Beautiful beach ... we're missing those fine white sand beaches ... and the clear blue waters of the gulf. Those clouds are amazing.

  17. Don't you just love those perfect weather days?! We're enjoying some really nice temps here and are trying to savor them before the heat sets in.

  18. See...I just knew that you would love the beach there. :-)

  19. You should frame the photo of the two shells. What a beautiful tribute to your daughter. Glad you had such an idyllic day at the beach.


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