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Ochlockonee River State Park

Wednesday April 3 - Friday April 5, 2013
Site 9 Ochlockonee River State Park
Sopchoppy, Florida


Wednesday April 3



Today we move further  North West into what is referred to as the Forgotten Coast on our way up the Panhandle.





Ochlockonee 017

We are staying for 11 days at Ochlockonee (O Clock Nee) River State Park.  It is a 543 acre river park along the river of the same name.  The campground has only 30 sites and one bath house.  Sites are sort of higgledy piggledy on the sandy roads next to the river.  Some have excellent river views, others have partial views and most are one row back from the view sites.  The main activities are fishing, swimming and canoeing/kayaking.   The park is about 10 miles from the Gulf of Mexico and next door to St. Mark’s National Wildlife Refuge.  Wakulla Springs State Park and Bald Point State Park are also nearby.

We pull Winnona into a fairly secluded site on  a circle off the main campground road with 5 other sites.  We have a partial water view out the side window.  But it’s raining when we get here so our set up is minimal.


Thursday  April 4

Today we drive 28 miles north to pick up Carrie at the Tallahassee Airport.  She’s come from Baltimore to stay with us for 5 days hoping to get some of the warmer Florida weather.  We are excited to see her even though the weather man has not cooperated very well giving us rain today and cooler temperatures tomorrow.  But it’s supposed to warm up for the week-end.

On the way home we stop to pick up some produce at an interesting roadside stand.  We get some of the very last of the Plant City Strawberries.  YUM!!


Ochlockonee 008


Ochlockonee 009 

Ochlockonee 011


Ochlockonee 014


Don’t you just love the names down here?  Ochlockonee, Wakulla, and Sopchoppy.  The address for the Ochlockonee State Park is in Sopchoppy Florida where we will very sadly have to leave the day of the Worm Grunting Festival.  Yes you heard me right.  The welcome sign says The Worms are coming, The Worms are coming.   Here’s the web page if you’d like to know all about what we’ll be missing  Sopchoppy Worm Grunting Festival.  Cash prizes for a hula hoop contest would be very interesting


Ochlockonee 015  


In the evening, we take a walk down to the river at sundown.  It’s looking very beautiful in the changing light.  There will definitely have to be some paddling done here.


Ochlockonee 018 


Ochlockonee 019


Ochlockonee 021


Ochlockonee 023



Friday April 5


Overnight we have a huge rain storm which wakes us all up it is so loud on the roof.  David discovers to his dismay that he has forgotten to close the roof vents so it’s a middle of the night clean up.

After breakfast we drive down to the gulf to visit with our friends Gin and Syl who are camped at the Ho Hum RV Park.  It’s right on the gulf but sadly today is a cool and windy day so we can’t sit outside and enjoy the views.   But we do enjoy their great company by the warmth of their coach Tawanda’s gas fireplace.


Ochlockonee 024

   Ochlockonee 025


  Ochlockonee 026


They are off to Pensacola tomorrow.  I hope we’ll be able to meet up with them on the road again soon.  We have a lot of similar views and the conversations are easy.

When we come back, the temperatures are still chilly but the threat of rain seems gone.  We set up the mat and other things on the site so that IF the no-see-ums that we have encountered here for the first time in Florida allow us to be outside when the weather warms up, we’ll be ready.  Vanna helps me.  

The site is nicely secluded from all sides.


Ochlockonee 029


Ochlockonee 030


Ochlockonee 035 


In the evening David makes us some delicious wraps for dinner.  These two are a real pair aren’t they??

I make the buttery chocolate with butter cream icing belated Equinox Cake.  We’ve waited nearly two weeks for this tradition so Carrie can share it with us.  I’m not sure anything is in balance around here.  :-))   But we sure are eating a lot!!


Ochlockonee Friday & Saturday 001


Ochlockonee Friday & Saturday 004


Ochlockonee Friday & Saturday 011


Ochlockonee Friday & Saturday 012   


The End


Ochlockonee 020


  1. ah... a giggling baby girl... you all sure do have fun together... great place!

  2. You have a very nice campsite, and it looks like there will be endless things to do and places to see. hope the weather improves for Carrie's visit.

  3. So glad Carrie can spend some time with you.

  4. Oh boy, fun with Carrie visiting.

  5. Nice that Carrie can get down to visit...she sure can brighten any day!! Glad to see you caught up with Gin and Syl also:o))

    Looks like another nice river to kayak...we'll be watching;o)

  6. Even rainy days are bright when "kids" come to visit. Nice that she has five days... free days are precious few to the young working crowd. You are good at finding the "tucked in" camping spots...they always look cozy. Roger is going down to Robin and Ernie's to see if he can give them a little help this week. Maybe he will get a peek at that beautiful new baby of Justin's Elise! Continue to enjoy your adventures!

  7. If the rains you got were half as strong as what we got, it would still have been a strong storm. Hopefully the weather improved for Carrie's visit ... she's going to have some warm temps back home this week.

  8. Where are you off to next? I will be spending one night at Pine Lake RV which is 15 miles south of I-10 from exit #130. Any chance our paths might cross on April 15?

  9. Glad 'Vanna' got some time for a visit. I'm sure you will find plenty to do no matter what the weather does...I know it will involve lots of good food and fun!!

  10. So nice to have family near & dear... I so enjoyed my time on 'the panhandle' and hope you get to my fav beach near Navarre. Know you don't spend time in a park like I was in, BUT.. the Gulf Shore is GREAT!!!

  11. Nice site. Good to see Gyn and Syl again. That worm grunting thing is supposed to be quite a skill. I think you should stay and give us the report.

  12. We like that park and the St. Mark's trail is a nice place to bike. Hope the no-see-ums stay away. They can ruin a lovely spot.

  13. Happy for you to have time with your daughter. Thank you for including the map. I think we may be in visiting distance from you this weekend! We will be in Carrabelle Thursday through Sunday. Let us know if you are available.

  14. Great blog - the pictures made me laugh :) And, the ones of the River are beautiful. It is wonderful being here with you and sharing in all these adventures!! I know you love comments and hope that everyone who reads will comment so I am commenting even though I'm sitting across the table from you right now ;)

  15. I'm finally catching up on my reading. I like having good internet here in Pensacola.
    It was great meeting Carrie and we enjoyed the visit with y'all. We enjoyed the "Forgotten Coast" area too. I know that you will like St George Island and all that beach.
    Syl and Gin

  16. If you look closely at the "Thunder Road BBQ Sauce" bottle, it features a 1950 Ford Tudor Custom Coupe - my very first car. Readers may remember seeing shots of me driving it last year with my friend and restorer Bob Matheny. Should have bought a bottle.

  17. YAY!!! Carrie's here!! Or I guess I should say she WAS there, if I counted correctly.

    Too bad you had to leave before the Worm Gruntin' Festival. Gotta say I've never heard of that festival before. :-)


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