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Gold in Utah

Friday June 10, 2011
Kanab RV Corral
Kanab, Utah

As you can imagine, we high tailed it
out of Cameron and were off down the
road toward Utah and Zion National Park.
We pulled up right in front of the National Park Service
visitors center Navajo Bridge.  Well they had
no RV parking.  :-)  And no one complained.
At least not out loud.

Navajo Bridge (13)

The bridge was  built in 1929.
to replace Lee’s ferry across the Colorado. 
Lee’s landing, just down a side road, is now
the place where most of the trips rafting the
Colorado begin.

When the bridge opened it was the only
bridge across the Colorado River for some 600 miles
and a vital link on the first highway
between Arizona and Utah.

This sign greets you just before you walk
across the bridge which is now a pedestrian bridge


Navajo Bridge (20)

having been replaced by a duplicate of itself,
partially seen to the right in this picture,
that would bear heavier traffic.


The temperature had gone up 20 degrees
since we left the Grand Canyon and I was
thrilled to see water again.
The Colorado River up much closer.

Navajo Bridge (21)

Those are the Vermillion Cliffs in the background.
We'll be driving through there next.


And we did, drive right through the Vermillion
Cliffs National Monument. 


They were outstanding.

To Utah (6) 

On to Utah and then……
Kaibab National Forest.
What a surprise.

To Utah (20) 

Up on top of the mountain we stopped
and took some pictures of the fabulous


Utah was down the other side.

To Utah (37)

We rolled into Kanab and into the
Kanab RV Corral
where this lovely couple
Ian and Sandra set us up
in a pull through site for 3 nights.
When our Progressive Industries
power protection device gave us an
error after we plugged in to the electricity,
they very cheerfully moved us to another site
two spots down.

In Kanab-Sandra & Ian 

Ian and Sandra are from Sheffield England.
They came to the US 14 years ago for Ian’s job
and have been full time RVers for the past 4 years.
They work part time here at the RV Corral and the
owners are VERY lucky to have them.
We paid $30.57 per night with our Good Sam discount
for a site with full hook ups.  It looked like paradise
compared to last night.  :-)

In Kanab (13)

The first thing we did after getting set up
was to set out for The Three Bears.
My friend Pam is well acquainted with
this establishment and told me I HAD to go there.


Hmmmm, I thought I was the Mama Bear.
But the chair’s too BIG.  And this one is
JUST right.



David forced himself to come along
and have LICORICE ice cream.
Have you ever heard of that before???
And a good time was had by all!!

In Kanab-3 Bears

And then I had to get the red dust from
Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona
off the car so there would be room for Utah’s.

In Kanab-Car wash


And then a grocery run.


Can’t imagine a grocery in my hometown named
Honey’s.  You gotta love it!

On the way home it started to sprinkle.
That of course was because we’d washed the car
for the first time in months.  But we were thrilled
to see it anyway.  Haven’t seen rain since the
floods in Arkansas and Tennessee.

And were we surprised to find this when
we got back to Winnona.  Looks like a
good omen for being in Kanab. 
Now where’s that pot of gold???

In Kanab (39)A


  1. The #1 question on my mind is "how was the licorice ice cream"? I LOVE licorice and that sounds heavenly to me :)

  2. Gail - the licorice ice cream was the first I remember ever seeing and it did not disappoint. It was charcoal gray, smooth & creamy, tasted like ice cream and licorice at the same time! I was in heaven, again!

  3. What a great drive today!!

    The photos are beautiful. Love the rainbow and Winnona photo. She's never looked better ;o))

  4. David and Gail, now that I know you like licorice I'll save the black jelly beans for you. Normally I throw them away.

    Love the rainbow picture.


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