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Hermits Rest

Saturday June 4, 2011
Grand Canyon National Park

Went running along the many paths that wind
through the employee housing area which is
beautiful.  The Grand Canyon is clearly
a very nice place to work and live.

Came back and had a nice breakfast of sausage, eggs and toast.

We thought we would go out on
the West End of the South Rim trail today.
The blue bus basically stops at every
important point within the central part of the park.
Then there are two other buses which
will take you out on the East and West far ends
of the park.  You really do not have to drive
anywhere if you are willing
to be patient and use the bus system.
I don't even think it takes that much
patience since they run every 10 to 15 minutes.
 I guess you can see I'm a fan of the bus.  :-)


We got on the Blue bus thinking to
take it to the Hermit’s Rest Transfer stop
and change to red to go out  on that trail

But then we realized we hadn’t brought
our binoculars and after spending some time
yesterday watching the condors, we decided
we wanted to go back for them.
So off of one blue bus going West at the visitor’s center
and on to one going East.

We picked up the binocs, got back on Blue
since it stopped  at the train station
before it got to the Transfer stop,
we hopped off for a look.

It is the original train station build by the Santa Fe Railroad
in the early 1900’s to make it much easier than
stagecoach for tourists to get to the canyon

We had been told an early steam engine was
coming up from Williams today.  One of only
a very few times a year it comes.
So we wanted to see it.

But no steam engine in sight.
Seems it had gone out for water
and would be back a couple of hours from now.

So we took a substitute picture of
the train that comes in daily from
Williams bringing passengers to
the canyon in fine style.


We decided to walk on down the rim
trail from the Train Station to the
Transfer stop and along the way
ran into an interesting ranger talk
about the birds in the canyon
and other interesting “canyon stories”


We did finally hop on the red bus for
our hike.  A little later than we’d planned
but who cares.

Grand Canyon Day 3 481 (22)

You see the most interesting things
here.  Including this belt method of
keeping your hat from blowing away.

Grand Canyon Day 3 481 (47)

The bus makes 8 stops on the way to Hermit’s Rest and
three on the way back.  So if you are hiking the trail in
the afternoon and want to bus it home for dinner,
Be Aware.

We hopped off at Monument Creek Vista.
#6 out 8 of stops and hiked toward Hermit’s Rest.
We figured at our pace, that’s about all we could
for sure do in the time we had.   Hoping
to come back another time and do the
nearer 5 but wanted to make sure
we got to see Hermit’s Rest.  You may have
to click on the map to make it large enough to see
the trail and "You are Here"


Although I didn’t see Monument Creek,
I did see this.


On to Pima Point.


where we could see the Colorado below.
Can you?  It’s the strip of green with
white caps in middle of the lower 3rd of the photo.


The white caps are Granite Rapids.
They are at the point where Monument Creek
flows into the Colorado.

Check out David's zoom lens.
Can you see better now?


How about now?


On down to Hermit’s Rest looking
for the Colorado all the way.

It’s in both of these pictures.
Can you spot it?



Hermit’s Rest is another of
Mary EJ Colter’s Buildings
designed for the Santa Fe Railway Traveler.

After arriving at the Grand Canyon Railway Station,
visitors then traveled the 9 miles to Hermits Rest
by open topped touring stage and arrive here.


They then could rest and have refeshments at
"Hermits Rest"

Grand Canyon Day 3 481 (19)C

Just as in days past, there are “refreshments”
available for today’s visitors.

Grand Canyon Day 3 481 (18) 

This picture is taken just inside to the left of the door.
As with othe Colter National Historic Register buildings,
this one is now an information center and
gift shop.

The arched doorway leads into what once was
a “guest” room.


The enormous fireplace is the focal point.
Notice the furniture.

Grand Canyon Day 3 481 (17)

Very typical of Colter’s choices




As you can see from the pictures above, the
sun was sinking low in the west.
It was time for dinner.
So we grabbed the bus back
after another GRAND day.


  1. I think I need a zoom like David, but I want it on my little point and shoot camera that fits in my back pocket :)

    Love the belt hat holder. They say that necessity is the motherhood of invention :)

  2. Love your tours, Sherry! If I may ask a question, you know we travel with our dogs; is the bus the only way around, are the dogs allowed on it, or, for that matter, are they even allowed on the hiking trails there? We've so far found that National Parks are very unfriendly to our canine pals.


  3. Colter's buildings really are fascinating. And your photos of the Grand Canyon continue to be spectacular!

  4. Great Photos again!!

    I will never tire of seeing the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River. It is spectacular.

    They had just introduced the bus to Hermits Rest in 2000 when we visited. Now the entire system is in...fantastic. I think it improves the visit for everyone. Zion NP will only allow the busses, no cars, on its roads!!

    Like the bikes on the front of the bus. Need to get back there and take our bikes out and then ride them back......

    Keep having fun...we are enjoying our virtual visit:o))

  5. Gail & Rick: David's camera is a point/shoot sort of. It's very small and takes great pictures IF you can see in the LCD screen and don't need a view finder. In the sunlight, I can't see a thing without my little eye piece. FYI his is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH20.

    Karen & Al: Since we don't travel with pets I'm not SURE. But I didn't see any dogs on the buses. I did see dogs on all the trails along the rim. But, not in the ones going into the canyon though. They do allow pets in trailer village, the RV campground.
    Hope that helps.

    Thanks all for the compliments on the blog and pictures.

  6. Next time we go to the Canyon, we're doing it by car and not by train. When you do the train, they have a 3 or 4 hour layover before it departs, so you can't get around and see too much.

    Your adventures show us how much we missed, good excuse to go back soon!

  7. They use veggie oil for the train. If you go to there website it has a great video about the process. just google grand canyon train.

    Thanks for the pics, the canyon is just wonderful to see.

  8. Thanks Pat. I totally forgot to mention that they use the Grand Canyon restaurants' vegetable oil to run the train. Thanks for pointing that out.

  9. Love the belt to keep the hat on - hilarious. Never knew dad's camera (and mine since I have the same!) were quite that good - the colorado is WAY down there!!


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