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Henry David Thoreau

Marching to Zion

Monday June 13, 2001
Zion National Park
Watchman Campground B-3

Up and Cherry Pie for Breakfast!!!
Isn’t it great to be a grown up so your
mother can’t say
“You can’t have PIE for breakfast”.

With freshly whipped real cream no less!
AH so decedent!!
This is really living!


Then we got out our departure lists,
checked everything off.
Stopped by Honey’s for a grocery run
and were on our way to Zion.
Still SO excited about having gotten a reservation
for SIX days in Watchman with electricity.

Since David showed you all the views on the way up,
I’ll just show you some of
the drive in.  For those of you who might drive
this way.  Route 89 out of Kanab to Route 9
into the park.

Because the tunnel has a 50’ limit and
with the car on the dolly we are longer than that,
I drove the car and David drove Winnona.
Here’s what it looked like on the East side of the tunnel.

Going to Zion (1)

Not much of a shoulder but pretty nice wide lanes.

Going to Zion (3)

Notice the almost U turn.

Going to Zion (9)
Going to Zion (12)

Waiting just in front of the tunnel
and paying the $15 to be able to go
right down the middle coming in and going out
of the park.

Going to Zion (19)

Notice the 11’ 4” sign.
Sorry for the dangling kayak strap.

Going to Zion (21)

Remember this tunnel is 1.1 miles long.

Going to Zion (22)

There were quite a few of these signs along the way.

Going to Zion (34)

Going to Zion (24) 

Finally down in the valley, Winnona
shared the road with the park bus.

Going to Zion (37)

And parked happily in her site B-3
in Watchman campground

Zion Site B-3 (1)

Duckie’s GREAT view!

Zion Site B-3 (5)

And the view from the picnic table.

Zion Site B-3 (7)

Once we got all set up, we had
tostadas for dinner
(this is becoming MORE of a habit)
and PIE for dessert.
Yes, that’s right two pieces in less than 12 hours!

We sure were glad we are in Watchman when the
thermometer hit 102 degrees in the late afternoon

We attended the Ranger Talk about the plants
and animals in Zion at different elevations.
Very interesting but we were plenty tired
by 10:00 when it was over.

Off to bed, gotta get up in the morning
for hiking before that 100+ degrees sets in.
See you then.


  1. A beautiful site!

    Love the idea you can pay $15 to be able to drive down the middle. Wish that were available in a few other places :) I'd gladly pay sometimes :)

  2. Glad y'all got a site with electricity. Timing is everything!
    That cherry pie has made me hungry.

  3. Beautiful Pie, Beautiful Ride, Beautiful Site!!!

    So glad you were able to get a site with electricity and spend some time at Zion.

    We can't wait to get started ;o)))

  4. Congrats on getting an e site. I was a lucky kid in that respect. My mother would have said "pie for breakfast, cut me a slice" :)


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