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Hidden Falls & Inspiration Point

Thursday August 11, 2011
Gros Ventre Campground Site 104
Grand Teton National Park Wyoming

Carrie had selected two things she wanted to be sure
and do while in the Tetons and this hike was one of them.

The hike itself is not long, about 1.5 miles
and most folks take the ferry across Jenny Lake
to get to it rather than hike the 2 miles around
the south end of Jenny Lake.   But not us of course.


We were expecting quite a few people given
that these two spots are among the most popular
in the park. 


We got to beautiful Jenny Lake and
everyone had to get pictures.


Hidden Falls & Inspiration Point 036


We  started the hike around.
Tetons straight ahead Jenny Lake on the right.
Very nice trail.





Big views and small






On the way we were checking out
the spruces and furs.
Spruce needles are spiky,
Fur needles are friendly.
They don’t often grow right side by side.
But they did here.
Guess who grabbed which one.


Hidden Falls & Inspiration Point 046


We came to the base of the falls which flow into
Cascade Creek.


Hidden Falls & Inspiration Point 060






In a comment, Gail asked,
Is it genetic or learned about tree hugging. 
This next picture is behavior
you may have seen before.
I think both are learned.


Hidden Falls & Inspiration Point 067


We came to the “unsafe bridge” and
stayed a while before turning back to
walk the 10 minutes up stream to continue the hike.






We had nice views of the peaks from here.


And look what David’s camera took.

the glacier



and the climbers on that mountain.



We made it to the falls or rather
where we could see the top and asked
someone to take a picture of the 3 of us
since Gorilla wasn’t up to it.
But our faces are in the shadow.
But it’s proof that we were here.  :-)




These pictures give absolutely no sense
of the gigantic size of this waterfall or
the noise over which you could hardly hear
yourself speak.
It definitely lived up to its billing.
It was spectacular.




On up the trail to Inspiration Point.

We are definitely getting closer to those peaks.



This section of the trail was carved out
of the rock by the CCC in the 1930’s.




And there we are at Inspiration Point,
overlooking Jenny Lake
7200 feet above sea level.




These little beggars were all over the place.


Hidden Falls & Inspiration Point 109


And unfortunately, in spite of signs
all over the park not to feed the animals,
some people don’t seem to understand
that their “kindness” isn’t kind.





How about this spot for our lunch?

The view in front……



the view behind….




After lunch it was back down the trail.








Hidden Falls & Inspiration Point 124


We had thought we might take the trail
to Moose Lake and see if we could find those
illusive moose but by the time we got
to the turn off on our way back,
we were all having second thoughts about
lengthening the hike.






Carrie found a nice overlook


Hidden Falls & Inspiration Point 132


Here’s today’s wildlife picture.


Hidden Falls & Inspiration Point 122


Just before going back to Winnona,
we went by the Jenny Lake Visitors Center
and saw this NPS hybrid vehicle.
Way to go Grand Teton!!



We took a load off while we debated
buying ice cream bars at the General Store.






Back at the ranch,
Carrie had her favorite beverage while
waiting for dinner.
For the beer fans out there,
which include David and Carrie but not me,
this is a brown ale from Big Sky Brewing Company
in Missoula Montana.
I do have to laugh at the name.

Hidden Falls & Inspiration Point 142


  1. Looks like you are having a great time! Carrie seems to enjoy everything you two do :)
    Loved the clever beer name. Made me chuckle but I'd try one too :)

  2. How do they get close enough to a Moose to catch all that drool?

    At least it's Moose Drool and not Moose Poop beer...I'm sure that would be much easier to find! ;c)

  3. What a beautiful hike!! You have some great family photos with gorgeous backgrounds now:o)) My favorite is the 3 of you with the peaks in the background!!!!

    We can tell you are having the best time. So much fun to share wonderful places with people you love!!!

  4. Those are some beautiful pictures, yet I realize how poor even a good photo can depict a spectacular view. It makes me want to see these mountains myself even more. Do you ever get tired of having breath-taking views everyday? Can you still breathe?

  5. Love brown ale. I will have to try the "moose drool" funny. What a great hike.

  6. Moose Drool - now that is a beer on my wishlist...


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