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Meeting Missoula

Saturday August 28, 2011
Jim & Mary’s RV Park  Site A7
Missoula, Montana


We set out for the Missoula Farmer’s Market this morning.
Found out they actually have two of them on either end of
Higgins Street named after one of the men who built a saw mill
there on the Clark Fork River in 1864.


Missoula isn’t a huge town but it sure has
huge Farmer’s Markets.

Here we are UPtown.

Farmer's Market Missoula 009




Farmer's Market Missoula 014


Farmer's Market Missoula 017


Farmer's Market Missoula 021


Farmer's Market Missoula 022


We bought too many delicious looking veggies to fit
in our little refrigerator.  I had a fabulously delicious
Pecan Roll from under the Black Cat Bake Shop’s Umbrella where
I stood in line for some time to get it and
yet with all that standing never thought to
get their picture or one of me stuffing it in my face.
David bought what turned out to be the most
expensive melons I’ve ever heard of from
one of the two Dixon trucks at the upper market.
They had a truck everywhere we went today.
But we did not buy any $60 a pound huckleberries.
I don’t think gold is priced that high any more is it??


Both Markets had ample music.  Some
were scheduled

Farmer's Market Missoula 037



like this father/son duo who sang some
very FINE country music


Farmer's Market Missoula 048


and had the boots
to prove it.


Farmer's Market Missoula 038


Some were not scheduled


Farmer's Market Missoula 003


Farmer's Market Missoula 007


Old Rockers never die.
This one was singing “Johnny Be Good”.


Farmer's Market Missoula 023


We wandered from the “UP”town market
to the “Down” by the river Clark’s Fork Market.

Farmer's Market Missoula 045



Farmer's Market Missoula 052


Farmer's Market Missoula 051

Now here’s a vendor after my own heart.

Farmer's Market Missoula 044


We had a sausage on a stick from Bugoni’s
”Montana’s Best”.  Sorry, we ate it
before it could get phographed.

Farmer's Market Missoula 058


But bought nothing from Mr. Beef
although he was a good ad for his product.


Farmer's Market Missoula 059


Along the way we were very impressed with
what a bicycle friendly town Missoula is.
The bike lanes are between the sidewalk
and the parking spaces all along Higgins Street.


Farmer's Market Missoula 026


Farmer's Market Missoula 027


And bicyclists of all sorts.

4 Wheel biker Missoula


They have plenty of places to park bikes
And lots of people taking advantage of this friendliness

Check out this “bike rack”


Farmer's Market Missoula 034


And this bike




Farmer's Market Missoula 089




Missoula is so classy, they put out a
call to artists to decorate their
utility boxes along the street.
Look what happened.


Farmer's Market Missoula 025



Farmer's Market Missoula 029


We topped off this part of our day with a
visit to the Uptown Diner.




Best milkshake for 14 consecutive years!
AND they make malts. 
All righty then!!
Time’s a wastin’ !




Looks just like a 50’s diner inside.


Farmer's Market Missoula 061


Farmer's Market Missoula 062


 Farmer's Market Missoula 068


Peanut butter malt for me
REAL soda fountain cherry coke for David.
10 STARS for both!!!


Farmer's Market Missoula 067A


Missoula was also having their 6th Annual
River City Roots Festival.
So after “lunch” we wandered over
and run into our Blog and current neighbor friends,
Jeanne and Eldy.


Farmer's Market Missoula 071


Why is this man smiling so broadly?
Maybe he’s as happy as I was to see all
the recycling Missoula does.
Check that out in the background,
in the middle of the street,
in two separate places.

Farmer's Market Missoula 070


Not sure exactly what roots they were celebrating
but they had a small arts and crafts fair,
a live music stage, with a tall fan,
many food choices and a couple of convenient tent ATMS
so you’d be sure to have enough money to spend.
Those were new to me.


Farmer's Market Missoula 069A


Farmer's Market Missoula 075


Farmer's Market Missoula 077A


Farmer's Market Missoula 072



The boys went over for a brew while Jeannie and
I cruised the festival.


Later we ended up at
Missoula’s Iron Horse Brew Pub
for dinner.


Eldy & Jeanne 001


Eldy & Jeanne 003


We had a great time and
everyone’s food was delicious

Eldy & Jeanne 006


I think we would all highly recommend this
version of “pub food”.
Check out Jeannie’s dessert.


Eldy & Jeanne 007


It looked SO yummy but I’d already
had my dessert for the day!

Thanks Missoula for a fabulous time!!!


  1. That was a spectacular day!! The farmers markets were wonderful and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bike lanes. Missoula looks like a great place to spend a little time:o))

  2. What fun! Looks like a place to put on the list. We are looking forward to places like that on our journey.

  3. Missoula looks like our kind of town.
    Love a farmers market and a good brew pub.

  4. Fun at the farmer's markets ... sometimes, though, their prices are a bit on the outrageous side.

  5. I've been looking for a Farmer's Market like that! Love the utility box art. What a neat town!
    I'll definitely put this one on our list.

  6. With all those great foods, I'd be rolling home by the time I reached the end, unless I ate some of that fresh broccoli, then I could blow myself home. ;c)

    Nice to see a great effort to recycle. Many places need to learn that lesson.

  7. Love farmers markets, love retro-themed diners, and LOVE peanut butter malts!

  8. Good food, good people, good recycling, lots of biking - wow - Missoula sounds like quite the place. And coke got 10 stars from you - impressive! :)


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