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Kayaking the Lakes

Saturday August 6, 2011
Gros Ventre Campground Site B104
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Today was a day for kayaking String and Leigh Lakes.
So we took off in the car, kayaks atop.
Along the road to the put IN we stopped
at a pull OUT with a good view of the Teton range.
Here they are with their names from the information
sign.  From left to right:
Static Peak, Buck Mt, Mt Wister,
South Teton, Middle Teton, Grand Teton,
Mt Owen, Treewinot Mountain.
Since I don’t have a wide angle lens, the only real
mountains visible
in this photo are the last 5.

Kayaking the lakes 003

This is a GREAT place for all you bikers.
There are many “back roads” and dirt roads
in addition to a separate bike path that runs
along the park road and is being extended
to run from Jackson to the Moose Visitor Center
and beyond.   Biking is definitely on the agenda.
Stay Tuned!

Kayaking the lakes 020

We pulled into the String Lake parking lot,
found the put in
(not too shabby)


and got launched.

Kayaking the lakes 023


A cowboy is confident he’s not going to
fall off his horse or his paddle board
and lose his hat.  :-)


Off we went around the bend toward
the portage to Leigh Lake.
Kayaking the lakes 040

Leigh Lake feeds into String lake via the short
rock filled rapids with the bridge over it.
The portage is on the right.

We felt pretty smug as we pulled out our carts
to pull our kayaks the 1/4 mile up the portage path
while everyone else struggled to carry theirs by the
handles or canoes over their heads.
Strap em’ on and off we go.

Here’s a not so smart guy riding his kayak
down the stepped ramp into Leigh Lake.  When he hit
the water, of course, it splashed up into his kayak
which he then had to bail.   I admit it – we warned
them, they didn’t listen, we laughed.

These folks were getting out just as David
was getting into Leigh.   You can see the ramp
from the Leigh Lake side.

Kayaking the lakes 046A

Leigh Lake is at the very foot of the
mountains and is a spectacular paddle

on another gorgeous day.
Kayaking the lakes 054

Just look how close we were to their feet.


We paddled around the shore line for a bit

Kayaking the lakes 057

Put this on my bucket list.
What a terrific kayak camping site.
And a great place to be for sunrise,
sunset and dark night skies.


We went around the bend to get a straight on
shot of the canyon.

Kayaking the lakes 074

And then it was time to head back
as the afternoon winds picked up


We toted both the boats up the
portage steps and David stopped to walk over
and get a look at the stream connecting the two lakes.
It’s clear from this why we had to portage.


Happy as clams to be pulling not carrying our kayaks.

Back into String Lake, Duckie and I went
by some swimmers on a big rock.
You can walk out the lake is so shallow.

He jumped off and went for a swim.


He was getting a pretty big lead.


But here’s where we finally caught up with him.


Admiring the lilies.


They really are lovely.


We hadn’t seen them when we put in on String Lake
too focused on getting to Leigh I guess.


A couple last shots of String Lake
and it was time to get the boat backs on
the car.
Guess who took this one!

Actually he took this one too since
I had forgotten to put my freshly charged
camera batteries in the case and
my batteries died at the end of Leigh Lake.


YUP stopped again by the gang moving across the road


from the river to the glacial moraine.

Just before we got to the campground we stopped
along side the Gros Ventre River
which borders the campground

sure enough…..

Mom and teen??



Another case of fabulous zoom lens.
Here’s where they actually were from
where we were standing.
Can you see them?  Brown dots on the
middle of the far shore?
Nellie, how do you put those arrows on
your blog pictures????


What a DAY – life is


  1. Wow Sherry, you are definitely having a fantastic trip! Life is pretty good for us right now, but yours IS grand!

  2. Love the bike paths...another TODOS!!

    Beautiful Kayak trip...another TODOS!!

    A Grand Life in The Grand Tetons:o))

    How about a pictue of your kayak carriers without the kayaks on them. What a great piece of equipment. I just can't imagine where you store them on the kayak;o))

  3. Getting more & more jealous every day I see more pics. I wanna go NOW!
    Btw - I edit my pictures in Picnik, (www.picnik.com)and you can put arrows, text, etc..just an FYI :)
    Keep those pictures coming!!

  4. What a spectacular day. Thanks for sharing. Now I know why I am carrying that Kayak cart in the back of my truck :). Even the Sea Eagle gets heavy, when you have to portage very far.

  5. A terrific location! How are you going to top this place?

    Amazing that guy didn't do more damage to his kyack sliding down the stairs. You can't fix stupid.

    Did you have a long talk with Ducky about swimming off on his own? ;c)

  6. Paul,
    This is definitely a Great location. I should have mentioned that Sir Stupid was renting the kayak and it had painted in big letters on the top of the front of the hull DO NOT DRAG.

    Nancy, will get pics of the carts and post them. We put them in the cargo areas in the rear of the kayaks. You might be able to see their covers in one of the photos.
    One of several reasons our kayaks are 12.5 and 13.5 feet long.

    Jo Beth & Catherine, We have never used ours with our Sea Eagle. Glad to know it works.
    Where do you put the cart while you paddle???

  7. fantastic! i really hope to join you two one day for some of your adventures. right up my alley, and i LOVE reading your reports and looking at all of your photos.

  8. Exquisite pictures. The guy riding the kayak down the steps is lucky he didn't end up really hurting himself and the kayak. You're right, you can't fix stupid!

  9. Wow -- love the photo of the mountains mirrored in the lake. Life IS grand!


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