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Tuesday February 7 2012

I think it’s my turn to find those manatee.

Today is my daughter’s birthday. 
I don’t seem to be able to adjust to not seeing her on her birthday
and having cake and presents.
So I needed something to do that would celebrate the
wonder that is her in my life.

After lunch, I set out to paddle around to the other side
of the campground mangroves in search of the manatee.
David said “maybe” he’d join me later.
It was kind of a gray day, but that didn’t matter.
I just love being on, in or beside the water.

I’m trying out a new trick thanks to RVSue. 
Hover your mouse over the pictures. 

Main Channel from our campsite  to the bay

I struck it rich and found them again
at the same place although in fewer numbers.


They went Thataway

I thought I saw their dark shadows near the top of the water.

Am I being followed??? 

I AM being followed!

A stalker you can love

The only way I knew where they were was
by listening for their loud breathing in.

Some nose!

They are camera shy for sure. 
Very hard to photograph.

 You hear them,
QUICK try to locate them,
QUICK point the camera,
QUICK press the shutter button
opps they are gone.

What's that stuff on her back??

David did show up as you can see from the pictures of me.
Out of about 70 pictures we took together,
we got a few fairly good ones.

We see each other 

Can you see his eye???

Heads up!

I was out over an hour before David came and
I don’t think they noticed him so I was never able
to get any pictures of him with them.   But I’m
sure thrilled with the ones he got of me and the manatee.

So much fun I almost lost my hat!

It was simply magical.

I felt like I was in a dream world floating in the kayak
not a sound but their breath.
Watching them rise to breathe and slide back under the water.
Just the manatee and we in the waters of the mangrove.

This one's my favorite!



  1. Great opportunity. I need to do that someday.

  2. Good pictures of the manatee party. Those snorts sure do get your attention. Glad they stayed around so that both of you could paddle with them.

  3. What a wonderful personal birthday card. Happy Birthday to your daughter

    Just BS!(Bob and Sue)

  4. I love their beautiful noses! They were waiting for you.

  5. How cool! What a great day to spend on the water with the Manatees.

    If it was me, I'd be looing for manatees and end up being lunch for a big gator... ;c)

  6. Glad the manatee waited around for you. Love that last picture!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Carrie!!! Hope to meet you one of these days:o)))

    So glad you and David got out to meet the Manatees... Nature sure is theraputic!! Maybe you could introduce us to them in March;o))

  8. A nice birthday celebration with the manatees. From your description, it sounds like the experience of photographing them is similar to trying to capture photos of whales. I'll make sure to have my DSLR with me when we go out to enjoy the manatees (perhaps next winter); the shutter lag on the G12 will otherwise drive me nuts.

  9. they have a face only mothers could love... but are a blast to observe in the wild...

  10. Happy Birthday to Carrie. What a great way to celebrate and honor her! Glad you guys got to see the manatees up close! Nature is amazing!

  11. Beautiful! Isn't it funny how they are as curious about us as we are about them. If you sit really still in the water and let your hand hang over the side, they will come and nuzzle your hand. You are not supposed to pet them but they can pet you!

  12. I can't wait to see a Manatee in the wild. So much waiting for us!

  13. Perfect birthday present for you, Carrie - and thanks for sharing the pics with us.

    Almost 60 degrees here at "home," but supposed to get 3-6" of snow tomorrow! I'l let you know if it happens.

  14. Lovely birthday card for our lovely daughter. Beautifully done! I enjoyed the mouse-over captions too - they are fun and add another dimension

  15. How very sweet, Mama. Thank you! Looks like you had a beautiful day - I wish I could have been there with you - most assuredly. How beautiful - definitely dreamlike out there :) Love you!


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