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Sunset Dinner

Tuesday January 31, 2001


Can you see the sunset in a mangrove?


I want to try to find this out. 
So we figure out where is West
and set off with our beach cart
to take chairs and our dinner for a sunset picnic.

E.G. Simmona Ruskin, FL Site #65 001


We get there just in time. 
About 6:00. 
We set up our chairs right on the water.


E.G. Simmona Ruskin, FL Site #65 003

E.G. Simmona Ruskin, FL Site #65 006

David dishes out the meal into
our “chili cook off” trays with multiple compartments
to keep the chili entries separate. :-)


This is not a picnic with sandwiches

or cold barbequed chicken.
This is a hot dinner.

E.G. Simmona Ruskin, FL Site #65 010


The show begins and it is a beauty

E.G. Simmona Ruskin, FL Site #65 008


E.G. Simmona Ruskin, FL Site #65 007




What was that?

Dinner finished, we are relaxing
enjoying the fading light
when off to my left in the mangrove,
say 15 feet away,
comes a growling noise
and then some big time rustling about.

What was that?

Feral hogs?


Bigger Growling Noise
sounds like a fight going on.

We decide that
we are the only folks out here
this thing seems pretty big
and pretty serious

we probably don’t want to get involved.

So we quickly pack up food, chairs,
binoculars, cameras,
put them in the cart and pedal on our way.
Leaving the participants to their evening show.

The following day we mention this to Gin & Syl.
They mention it to their neighbor the campground host
who says “ well we haven’t had any hogs for a few years
and raccoons don’t growl like that,
so it was probably the bobcat”.
Well then…….

Last time I saw a bobcat I did something really stupid
and ended up with a broken ankle.
Glad this time I opted for smarter.

I’ve heard you can’t fix stupid.


  1. What a lovely thing to do..watch the sunset while having a nice dinner. Glad that the bobcat didn't join you :)

  2. Sherry, you crack me up :)
    What a beautiful dinner/sunset though. Sure glad you decided to go home!

  3. Holy smokes! What a lousy way to end a perfect dinner.

    Glad your ankle held up or you might have been dinner for a: bobcat? Florida Panther? A hungry mouse?

  4. It could be the Bobcat was upset that you didn't invite him for dinner.

    It's about time.


  5. That is a great way to enjoy a beautiful sunset!

  6. And I was worried about y'all and the alligators!

    Love the sunset!

  7. Nice to just take the time to enjoy life.

  8. What a great way to see the sunset!! Your photos are beautiful.

    Nature can be a mystery. Glad you didn't hang around to solve this one;o))

    Love your little bike trailer. Need to learn more about that!?!?!

  9. At least the bobcat had 'manners' and waited until dinner was over and the sun had set before it disrupted your evening. Lovely spot for an al fresco meal.

  10. Great idea -sunset dinner. Beautiful pictures.

  11. Never thought about having a picnic dinner to watch the sunset. May have to add that to our list! Nice pics!

  12. Lovely sunset pics. Still curious but my bet is bobcat. Good idea to leave though.

  13. Add that to the adventure list - what a beautiful sunset and meal!! But, glad you made it home safely :)

  14. Sounds like you had a wonderful sunset show. Just like being at your own private showing with dinner included.


  15. Boy, that would have tempted me to hang around, but then again, I'm not the smartest one in the bunch!

  16. What gorgeous pics! Glad you were able to enjoy dinner and a show. . . and the growling noise wasn't able to enjoy YOU for dinner and a show.


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