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BEWARE the IDES ( and other things)

Thursday March 15, 2012
Lithia Springs Site #23
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It’s The Ides of March.  Don’t you just love that?

We’ve got no Caesar or Brutus here but tomorrow David does go for his last shot of Treatment Round #2.  This disease seems like one of those back stabbing things but we’re hoping to get the upper hand with even more improved numbers.  Sounds great but beware  unfortunately he also has to have a CT Scan for a mass of some sort that has shown up below his ribs on the right side.  And just when we are feeling good about how things are going.  We know how Caesar felt.  No results until Monday.


If you’ll remember when we first got here, we commented on how quiet the park was.  We showed empty parking lots and campsites.  The solitary river.  The spring when David went for a swim with only a few others in it and many of them with fins.  Wonder where the fish go to hide when the masses descend??  Must be rough all summer long. 


No cars - N-O-N-E

Empty campsites 

No one on the water

Empty Spring











This week everything changed.  Beware The Spring Break!


Thank goodness we had a site to renew on Monday since the Spring Break hoards have descended.  We were very lucky since we’d forgotten all about spring break.  Long time since college or school children.  But note to self:  wherever you are in March, make sure you check to see when the local spring break is.  Actually you’ll probably know because everything will be reserved for that week unless you hit a walk in a few days or weeks early. 


Today I went out with my camera to record the change.  The park is full, the parking lot, the river, the spring and the campground.   The music is up and the quiet is gone.   The party is on.  And I’m not talking college kids.  I’m talking families.  Kids screaming and adults screaming at them until long into the dark.  And my beloved DST has given them a later sunset to keep it up.


Parking today

5 boats on the spring

See closer shots of the spring full of people below. 

All sites occupied


So we haven’t been to the spring or taken the kayaks out at all this week.  Since we don’t have to fit all our fun into one week of the spring we’ve just waited it out.  We know we can out last them.  They all have to go back to work and school on Monday.  So by Sunday night they’ll all be gone. 


But we will too.  We’ll be ON VACATION!!   Heading out to Manatee Springs for a week to try to play and get these drugs out of his system.

A few last shots of the Spring Breakers having a good time.

Just a FEW more folks than last week


Latest in spring hat attire


Nap time?


Now that's some look 

Should boys be allowed to net the poor little fishies in the spring?  What do yout think?


friends having fun


Sure looks like a SUMMER day not a winter one even here in Florida.
Still almost a week before the start of SPRING!   Everyone here (well almost everyone) seems to be very happy about Climate Chaos.


  1. Yep, that is quite a change. Don't think I would enjoy that so much. Nice that you can sit it out and be patient until you get your solitude back.

    Hoping the news won't be bad on Monday. We're thinking of you two.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. Goodness, that certainly is a change!! LOTS of people, having a GOOD TIME!!!

  3. Wow! What a difference a few hundred people make.
    Our thoughts are with you both in the coming days.

  4. What a difference! I think I'd lay low as well, and just wait for them to all go home.

  5. praying for good results on the ct scan...enjoy your vacation..its good you can wait out the crowd...wow the place is full..thinking of you both

  6. Wow !! What a change !! Wishing all the best for Davids testing !!!

  7. I shudder to think of the trash all those spring breakers are going to leave behind.

    Sending prayers for David that all will go well.

  8. How rude of them to intrude on your solitude;o( Oh well, they get a week, you get the rest;o))

    Positive thoughts about the CT scan and hope it is just a minor hiccup.

    Have fun at Manatee Spring!!

  9. Keeping fingers crossed for good news from the CT scan. I have to admit that spring break and summer months aren't my favorite for the reason you documented in your pictures.

  10. Yeegads! Look at all those people! The nerve of them intruding on your solitude! Thoughts are with you as you await your results. Hope to see you soon

  11. Hoping and praying that the results turn out ok on the scan. Eldy had been enjoying the spring breakers at the beach. He doesn't mind all the people when tons of them are bikni clad girls! :-)

  12. That is how we ended up wedged next to a tree in a park full of long pull through sites, but that is OK. We have managed to avoid most of the crowds and they should leave this weekend.

  13. We feel like you. We can outlast them! Weekends and Spring break times are our least favorites, but we have all the other times to ourselves :)

    Will be thinking about you on Monday. Hope all goes well and that your vacation will be a celebration.

  14. We don't enjoy hanging out with a few HUNDRED people either. Luckily they'll all be gone soon.

    Our prayers remain with you.

  15. It is a luxury indeed to be able to just lie low until the crowds dissipate... then enjoy! Of course... we will eagerly await the results of David's CT scan on Monday... hoping it is just a blip with the medications. I know all will breathe easier when the results come back! Spring has sprung in Maryland... they are saying things are a month ahead of time. I can hardly wait to plant some pretty annuals.. alas.. but I know "tis too soon. Amy seems to love Big Bend Natoinal Park in West Texas... perhaps you should put that place on your list!! She just celebrated her 40th there. Always in our thoughts and prayers.. both of you....

  16. HOO boy. I wonder why Quartzsite doesn't get that? No one wants to scream into the desert?

  17. Geez..spring break was only fun in my teens. Glad they'll be gone soon.

    More fervent prayers being sent up!

  18. Hopefully all the spring breakers are gone by now. Fingers crossed on good news on the Ct scan.

  19. WOW - what a difference - I know you like the quieter weeks better - but what fun!! :)


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