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More Beach Days :-)

Thursday March 1 & Friday March 2
Sebastian Inlet State Park, Florida


Thursday was the PREMIER day.


David has been off all the medicine since Monday morning and is beginning to feel fine again.  So he wanted to get some things done.  I of course wanted to be at the water.  So we did.  Each of us that is, did what we wanted.


Red Flag means High Hazard but not to surfers



It was a red flag day at the beach which means pretty good waves. I got my spot set up to watch the action

Don't you wish you were here?

This skim boarder was pacing up and down the shore looking for just the right wave.  When he saw it, quick as a flash he would sprint at top speed out, throw down the board, jump on, ride right into the wave, turn on the board, ride over top of it and back in onto the shore.   It was amazing to watch.  He was very good and seldom misjudged or wiped out.

Skim boarder looking for the right one


riding the top


coming back in to shore



Another gorgeous day!!



Got these beach lovers in motion too.

top flight



out for a stroll


and they were this big crashing over me




The waves were GREAT!!






This is the BEST! 

Time for me to get in motion so I ran out and played in the waves until I was worn out.   WHAT FUN!!






a very FAVORITE occupation-reading on the beach


Back on shore, I relaxed, did some reading and watched the waves, the people in them and the clouds.






a great cloud day


so puffy 

you can boogie


 Surfer Girl

wipe out on the way




he's feeling very fine



David made it down about 2:30 and took up his spot as a beach watcher.






Bring on those waves He declined to join me in the water at first but took some pictures of me having fun getting smacked by the waves.

one good smack



Come on in, the water's FINE!

David’s not so much a water person as I am.  But when he saw Just how much fun I was having and I said COME ON IN!!!  He finally did and had a great time.  Unfortunately I was in the water with him and didn’t get any pictures of him playing in the waves.  But he is feeling much better and wasn’t worn out by it all.  Good News!

Swimming in the ocean on March the 1st. 
It doesn’t get much better than this!!




Clouds from the north

The clouds began to thicken and the beach cleared out as the temperatures dropped and the flies showed up out of nowhere.

and more

and most


None of it seemed to bother this water lover. 

watch out for that wave


he's not even paying attention


But soon he and we decided to pack up and head out.

guess you don't have to if you can fly


But we’ll all be back again tomorrow for another fantastic day!!

It really doesn't get better than this!!



Sure enough, FRIDAY we were out early again for an even better sunrise.

6:15 AM


color is lightening 


more yellow


here comes the sun


here comes the sun


and I say it's ALL RIGHT



Sun was pretty far up in the sky when we decided it was time to head back and get some breakfast.   As we left, we saw this up in the sky too.

I wonder if this is the personal transportation method of the future?
He’s got a big bladed engine on the back.  Can you see it?   Does he wear ear muffs for the noise??


magnificient flying machine


how does he get down?


We went back to the rig and had pancakes for breakfast and were
back at the beach by 10:30.  Yippeee!!

Today’s warning flag was yellow meaning medium hazard but really meaning waves not quite as big.


or does it just mean less wind??



But that’s OK, we staked out our spot and put up the world’s finest beach umbrella. 

Thanks for this picture David



There was some serious bullying going on today.  I’d say he’s picking on someone a LOT smaller than he is.   What a meanie!

we're all getting along fine


so what's up with that?



David thought this was a great place for a nap with waves for lullabies.




I kept waiting for it to warm up enough to get in the water but the
sun kept sneaking behind those clouds.  At one point the ranger came zipping by on his ATV and although he went behind everyone else, he drove right in front of us and we were closer to the water than the others.    So I decided, I didn’t want tire tracks in my view and set out to stomp them out.


stompin' out those tracks


I’ve put so many other pictures of waves and surfers and skim boarders on the other posts from Sebastian Inlet that I think you get the picture of what our day was like.  Sadly we never did get back in the water but then it is only March.   Just being here was joy enough!


By 3:30 it was too cool and windy to stay any longer so we left
with pretty much everyone else.  The beach was deserted.  Only die hard fisherman on the pier and the winged folks who call the beach home were left.


David whipped up a great looking baked potato for dinner.  I didn’t miss the sour cream or butter at all.

mmmmm  good


After dinner we walked up to the top of the street and settled in to watch the sun set.

there goes the sun


sunset over the inlet


sea oats at sunset


almost gone


The color spread over the skies to the north east. 


Small tug at the pier

We started the day with sunrise over the ocean and ended it with sunset over the inlet.  Sadly we’ll be leaving tomorrow but it was a fabulous time!!


Full circle - sunrise to sunset


  1. Beautiful colors in your sunrises and sunsets.

  2. You looked great having fun in the water, but where was your board surfer girl???

  3. Sunrise!! Waves!! Water!! Sea Breeze!! Shore Birds!! Naps!! Great Food!! Sunset!!

    Enjoy life together...It doesn't get ANY better!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nice blue skies & puffy clouds. Healing ocean waves..you guys picked a great spot!

  5. Sunrise, sunset, waves, quiet beach ... sounds like heaven to me.

  6. It's so wonderful to hear David is feeling better! We love it that you guys are at the beach and enjoying yourselves..beautiful photos!

  7. Glad David is feeling better. And oh what a great way to spend the day! Great pics! Thanks for taking us to the beach with you!

  8. Love your posts and pictures! Having lived almost 50 years on the east end of Long Island, we have a deep attachment to the seashore. We have never stayed at Sebastion Inlet, but did visit for a day a couple of years ago while in Vero Beach. Its a lovely area. So glad you had a great week, you deserve it.

  9. Wonderful post. Cherish those good days and hold on to each other through the bad one. Each day is a gift.

    Just BS!(Bob and Sue)

  10. You are tougher than me...that Atlantic water in March is nippy!

    Glad to see you had such nice days at the beach.

  11. So glad to hear David is feeling better. I know that makes you feel better too.
    A wonderful time at the beach is hard to beat!

  12. I'm not one for swimming in the ocean, but your post made me want to jump in with you. :)

  13. So jealous......AND that baked potato does look good!

  14. When it comes to the ocean, you truly are a kid at heart. Hope David has many more good days.

  15. So glad to see that you both had a couple of excellent days. Hold on to the memories so when you have some rough days, you can remember that you'll get to play in the water again soon. How amazing to be able to be in the water on March 1st. Beautiful pictures of the sun rise and set.

  16. Gorgeous photos! Almost makes me feel like I was there. Actually, wish I was! Glad Uncle Dave was feeling well enough to enjoy the day. Keep the pics coming please!

  17. Gorgeous sunrise and sunset pics!

    I'm with David and think the beach is a great place for a snooze. The nice warm sun, and the roar of the waves -- my eyes are getting heavy just thinking about it.

  18. The water looks great and very relaxing. Looks like you really enjoy tha wet stuff. It will be a great place to be when the temps start going up. Glad to see Dave if feeling better and got to enjoy the water with you!

  19. So glad you are feeling a little better Uncle Dave!! Happy to hear you both had fun in the ocean :) Makes me crave the Outer Banks!

  20. Beauteous photos! You were at the beach March 1st while, back home, we had 4-6" of snow on March 4th, followed by upper 60s today, March 7th. Bizarre!

  21. I loved this post. Gorgeous all the way around. Wish I could be there - lucky you! :)


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