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Days at Manatee Springs

Friday March 23, 2012
Manatee Springs State Park Site #84


The pace of our life has slowed down considerably in the past couple of months.  This is difficult for us both but  especially for David who is used to being able to do anything he wants whenever he wants. 
Now his energy wanes and limits his activities.


But Manatee Springs has been a great place to “vacation” at whatever pace you like.  Here is a sampling of what’s been going on for the past 3 days.


Morning Walk (20)






Morning hikes….












Wednesday 047





Playing on Toys






Wednesday 048





Great Breakfasts





Daily Swims



Notice the other folks including the one in the tree in the first shot above and the first shot below.



And we almost saw scuba divers in the pickerel weed covered spring.
Those are their bubbles and that’s not “green slime”.
There are caves down there…….how cool!

Manatee Springs 007


Great Place Manatee Springs!


  1. What a great place to restore body and soul!

    You can't do any better than that.

  2. Very nice post. I do understand and sympathize your situation more than you can know. Life has a way of throwing those curve balls when we least expect them. Life is all about what we do with those curve balls. My thoughts are with you daily.

    Just BS!(Bob and Sue)

  3. Spectacular nature shots! The spring water looks so crisp and clear.

    Continuing to send positive thoughts and virtual hugs your way.

  4. Nice to see you guys enjoying your vacation from "treatment." You're certainly in a great place to have some good times.

  5. the swimming looks great! But with that "THING" in the tree i would not have been anywhere around there!!! OMG!!!

  6. So glad that we were able to experience our first "spring" swim with you two! Thanks for sharing your "peace" of paradise! (and yes, that's how I wanted to spell it!!!)

  7. Nice pictures..peaceful, restful..and healing.

  8. If it's not "green slime" are you telling me it's algae, or some such thing? It's probably nutritious ...

    Hey, I was reading at the last minute last night and saw a post of yours I had missed, with the icing recipe! Sorry I didn't respond; you must have thought I was crazy-rude. Thanks for typing that out.


  9. Glad to see you both enjoying the beautiful springs. It is so good that you take advantage of the times when David is feeling well. It is so nice that you are able to go to these beautiful places and enjoy some time away from treatment. If you were in the sticks and bricks, these vacations probably would not happen.

    Hope to see you in the next day or so:o))))

  10. Likes green frogs and snakes in trees - that's my kinda gal! ;)

  11. Excellent snake picture-love it. Glad you enjoyed your time at manatee springs.

  12. That's so true about having beautiful places to rest and rejuvenate since you are in an RV when having to deal with serious illness. We think and pray for you guys every day....beautiful photos and love to see where you are, you pick such terrific places to go!

  13. Nice to see David swimming. Guess that snake stays in the tree? I hope. Glad the weather is cooperating to allow these happy daily activities. Love the blog.. and being able to keep up. Thank you! Keep pushing forward.. two steps forward.. and maybe only a half step back!

  14. What a peaceful place. It looks like the perfect place for a vacation. Hope both your souls and your bodies are responding well to the rest.

  15. Nice pictures :) Glad to see Dad swimming - those good breakfasts probably help keep him afloat!


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