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Wednesday May 2, 2012
Oscar Scherer State Park Site 95



After our South Creek kayak trip in the morning we come back, have a little lunch and take off for the beach.


We get David’s big chair and our two little ones settled under the TIBU.

South Creek Kayak & Casey Key Beach 029


The beach is looking fine.   The clouds are looking a little disconcerting.

South Creek Kayak & Casey Key Beach 030


2 - good gulf pic


I take a walk along the beach going North and check out some of the cute little rentals on the Gulf shore front.  I’m surprised they haven’t been bought up and torn down for bigger more elaborate digs as happens in most beach front communities.  I really like the little old places myself.


South Creek Kayak & Casey Key Beach 035


South Creek Kayak & Casey Key Beach 044

South Creek Kayak & Casey Key Beach 047



The paddle boarders are out today. 

Sorry you weren’t here Eldy.
I’ve never done paddle boarding and don’t actually know anyone who has so if you have, what’s it like?

South Creek Kayak & Casey Key Beach 033


David is enjoying it too.
I think he’s looking thin having lost about 15 pounds
but there’s still a smile on his face.
Hmmmm  does paddle boarding have something to do with this?


2- david on the gulf



As the day wanes a lone sailboat looks picturesque far out on the water

South Creek Kayak & Casey Key Beach 065


This is my kind of watercraft for BIG waters.
If anyone has one and wants a passenger,  I’m SO there.
Just let me know!

South Creek Kayak & Casey Key Beach 066


About 6:00 the drummers of all ages and persuasions start setting up.  


South Creek Kayak & Casey Key Beach 070

South Creek Kayak & Casey Key Beach 071

South Creek Kayak & Casey Key Beach 072



We move our chairs just behind the circle that the main man has drawn in the sand.  Lots of others circle up too.  

DGB drum circle Nokomis 005


Inside that circle he draws a medicine wheel in the sand and an alter is erected in its middle. 


South Creek Kayak & Casey Key Beach 122


Since this is the second time we’ve been to the Wednesday drumming we recognize that there seems to be a core cast of characters.   Here are a couple of them.

We call these two the Main Man and the Big Woman.
They aren’t together but clearly know each other.

South Creek Kayak & Casey Key Beach 075


Then we all have to move.

Things are just getting underway when the thunder starts. 
Then rain drops, then more drops and someone makes the decision to “move it into the pavilion”.  So all the equipment and all the people and all their chairs move.


Now the pavilion is very nice but not anywhere near as nice an atmosphere for the drumming and dancing and of course by the time everyone gets there, the rain lightens up and eventually stops.  But the drummers, the dancers-everyone make the best of it.  They even move the alter in to around one of the poles.  But the dancing area and the spectators areas are both too small.

South Creek Kayak & Casey Key Beach 083


Main Man and Big Woman  in action.

South Creek Kayak & Casey Key Beach 084


South Creek Kayak & Casey Key Beach 076


There is a lot of mumbling about “why did we come in here for those little sprinkles.  Everything is fine now”  And about then comes the downpour that shuts everyone up and justifies the move. 

And then we move again.

With about 30 minutes to go before sunset, the skies lightened up and they move it BACK out onto the beach.   So we all traipse out again.  At that point, things really get underway.


DGB drum circle Nokomis 006


DGB drum circle Nokomis 028


South Creek Kayak & Casey Key Beach 126


South Creek Kayak & Casey Key Beach 109


South Creek Kayak & Casey Key Beach 110


This guy is SO intent on his rattles as the drumming went on and on and on.  Such concentration.  Look at that tongue.

South Creek Kayak & Casey Key Beach 118


And of course the fans love it all.

South Creek Kayak & Casey Key Beach 104


The rhythms intensify as the sun dips lower in the sky


South Creek Kayak & Casey Key Beach 129


South Creek Kayak & Casey Key Beach 150A


A BIG cheer goes up as the sun slips into the Gulf. 
The drumming and dancing go on into the dark but we are tired puppies and headed for home. 

If you are ever near Venice on a Wednesday or a Saturday, don’t miss this fun.  Tell the Main Man and the Big Woman that those folks with the cameras said HI!


  1. Looks like an interesting way to spend an evening on the beach.

  2. We've never paddle boarded, but we can stand up paddle in our Sea Eagles, so we may try it one day. It looks like fun.

    You've lost 12 pounds, David has lost 15...I need to follow your diet maybe!

    David is looking good, glad to see him awake :)

    1. David was a great weight before the diet and the cancer. I was the one with extra pounds. Seems it's the latter not the former that has taken too much weight off of him. Glad it doesn't show in the picture quite as clearly. I would definintely recommend Vegan as a healthy weight lifestyle. Cancer not so much.

  3. That looks like a very cool way to celebrate the sun going down! Would definitely like to see it!

  4. Fun stuff- we have never done that but it goes on the list. I am a firm believer in celebrating every sunrise and sunset

  5. Thanks for taking us back to see the drumming. Also, thanks for sticking with all the moving about to share it with us. Definitely something I would love to see in person:o))

    Both you and David are looking good.
    Remember LLL - Lean Lives Longer!!!

    1. One more drumming to come for those who like it. :-)
      Agree LLL - but, there is such a thing as too lean.
      Good thing cameras put weight on folks since he isn't looking as good in person as he looks in the photo.

  6. Uh, Sherry, Eldy's never been on a paddleboard, just a boogie board. He's THOUGHT about it, but that's about it! But I sure would like to try it! And I'd also love to see the drumming, hope we get to do that sometime. Celebrating every sunrise and sunset, now that's the life!

    1. Uh Jeannie, I can't really see Eldy paddle boarding but I think I recall that when on the beach Eldy is watching the bikinis. That's what made that shot for him. LOL

  7. would love to see that when we are next in Venice...

  8. I don't think the smile on David's face has anything to do with paddle boarding ... but perhaps it's who's doing the paddleboarding :-)))

  9. Would love to see that sometime. Very cool.
    I agree with you about the little beach houses. I love them and would be very happy living in one, no matter how small. That is once I get my fill of fulltime RVing :)

  10. Nice seeing that big smile on David's face no matter what put it there! Awesome picture of the sailboat against the sparkling water.

  11. Now where is the picture of YOU dancing? Inquiring minds want to know!

    PS: Did you get the info on the investment guy? I sent it to you via email.

  12. Fun! I do like drumming circles, although I'm just spectating. I was wondering if it was a Beltane celebration, but you say it's a twice a week thing?

  13. I thought Main Man we called Show Man ;) He certainly was one...and I do think the guy with the shakers was in a trance through all that - he certainly was fully concentrated!

  14. Lots to smile about on the beach with a blue sky, sparkling water and pelicans gliding by, and my two favorite women in all the world. Bikinis make me smile too, a few, but for sure not all. ;)


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